This guy I am hooking up with hates to wear condoms during sex. Every time I ask him to he has a different excuse. We have had unprotected sex a few times, so he doesn't understand why I still want him to wear one. I feel bad when I ask him to and he seems annoyed. I know I'm not the only person he is hooking up with so I'm worried what can happen as well as fearful of getting pregnant. How can I make him wear a condom without feeling bad?
Leah, 23
Answered by:
Clinical Sexologist, Psychotherapist & Certified Sex Therapist
Leah, what you are experiencing is common for many women. Guys don’t like to wear condoms during sex for many different reasons. However, there is no excuse he can use that is good enough to skip wearing protection. This is your body and you have complete control over it. Don’t feel bad because you want to stay healthy and prevent an unwanted pregnancy. There is no guilt or shame in asking for what you need. If he isn’t willing to listen to what you need he doesn’t deserve to have sex with you. This is your responsibility because you care about your body, health, and future. I bet if you told him that you aren’t having sex with him unless he uses protection, he would grab the closest condom he can find. You are an assertive and powerful woman that deserves protection, so don’t move forward without it. If he isn’t on board, he can hit the road. You’ve got this!