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My girlfriend doesn’t want sex

My girlfriend doesn't want sex as much as I do. She never seems like she is in the mood and rarely initiates. We have been together for two years and I'm worried things won't change the longer we are together. I can't stay in a relationship where I am the only one wanting to have sex. I don't know what to do.

Elliot, 27
Answered by:
Clinical Sexologist, Psychotherapist & Certified Sex Therapist

Elliot, thank you for sending in this because lack of sex in a relationship can cause issues. Couples who are in long-term relationships sometimes see a change in sex and intimacy and your situation when a girlfriend doesn’t want to have sex is rather common. Pick a good time to talk to your girlfriend about […]

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Is he serious about me?

I have been dating my boyfriend for 1 year and he has not introduced me to his family yet. Do you think that is a sign that he is not serious about me? We don’t live together, and I am 37 years old and my boyfriend is ten years older than I am.

Charlotte, 37
Answered by:
Dating, Commitment Issues & Romance Adviser

Each relationship is unique, and every relationship advances at its own pace. When two people within a relationship are on the same page, they communicate with each other clearly and they decide when and how they want to advance their relationship. That being said, a year of dating is certainly enough time to figure out […]

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