dealing with relationship anxiety

Nearly five years ago, a careless and stupid one-night-stand spelled the end of my long-term (and, up until then, committed) relationship. And no, it was not my boyfriend who ended it, although he should have. It was me. Because, for all his willingness to work through it, I couldn’t trust myself anymore. By extension, I […]

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from dating to relationship

Ladies, I’m talking to you! If you’ve ever had a crush, gone on a date, or have even survived any kind of long-term relationship, then I’m sure you know that the dating world can be a rather tumultuous and confusing one! It’s filled with hormones, fast-beating hearts, and spiraling thoughts – and probably the biggest […]

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long distance relationship ideas

While your family and friends tell you that long-distance relationship will never work out, they probably try to protect you in case you get heart-broken. Long distance makes everything more complicated, but one of the best things about being apart is that it helps you put your relationship into perspective and appreciate it more. Even […]

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