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I am curious. Always been. I was told the Hungarian version of “Curiosity killed the cat!” countless times: “Curios people will get old real quick!”.

Well, here I am, a 26 year old woman and I’ve been dating for quite a few years now. Have met a lot of guys; a lot of different guys. I’m always on the hunt for the new and exciting, I get bored extremely quickly and I always want to experience more. Although I met a lot of different men, I found there are still things I found irresistible in all of them. Want to know what are the most attractive men qualities? Keep on reading to find out.


Scents are the most subtle way to attract someone. They work “under the radar” as they are scientifically proven to provoke memories and feelings subconsciously. That’s one of the reasons someone might find you attractive without being able to point out what exactly they like so much about you. From scents socially and traditionally believed to be more ‘masculine’ – such as tobacco and patchouli or cedarwood – to something as simple and fresh as mint there’s someone subconsciously drawn to that specific scent.

However, there’s one scent no woman can resist: the fresh-out-of-the-shower scent of a clean body. There’s something pure about one’s clean body that provokes deep desire. (Although, I’ve met quite a few women who were just as aroused by a perspired man’s scent right after hard physical work.)


Eyes are the windows to the soul. And they are truly beautiful windows. Every iris is different, unique to their owners, just as fingerprints. Did you know that? You should go to a mirror and check out yours; just look yourself deep in the eye for a few minutes. I’ll wait here.

See? They are unbelievably beautiful. Told you. You have beautiful eyes.

Have you ever looked someone else deep in the eye for a period of time before breaking eye contact? It’s a deeply spiritual, almost magical feeling to see someone’s bare soul. Davey Wavey posted a video on YouTube explaining how an orgasmic experience eye contact by itself is. It’s one of the most intimate things you can do… with clothes on.


Confidence earns sexy-points. You don’t need to be a nine-out-of-ten; if you’re confident, you are good to go. I’ve dated a guy I didn’t find physically attractive only because he was so confident in himself that it impressed me.

One of the most obvious signs of confidence is your posture: straight back, shoulders back, head high. It shows you are sure of yourself and what you do and your attitude towards life and what may come is positive.

Another sign is keeping eye contact. As I mentioned above, eyes are windows to the soul. And you are not afraid to show yours. It’s unique and it’s beautiful. Don’t lose your partner’s eye contact, let your personality shine through your eyes and remember to smile.


Be yourself. You are unique as there’s no one like you and she is talking to you because they want to get to know you. So be true to yourself. There’s no point in faking to be someone else as you want them to love you, don’t you?

Be yourself: say what you mean, do what you want to, feel comfortable in you own skin. Show your personality – via your style as well. Clothes don’t make the man, but they sure show their personality. So dress in your favourite clothes; they are a great indicator of your lifestyle, choices and what you like, plus will not only look great on you, but will incredibly boost your confidence as well.


There’s no denying, most people have a ‘type’. A body type they are most drawn to. And that’s perfectly okay. You have a type too, don’t you? Good news is, there’s someone to admire each: whether you are tall, short, lean, bulky, skinny, have a six-pack or more like a dadbod there’s a lady out there looking for just that. And she won’t be able to resist you once she sees you.


This one is a “classic”. I don’t think there’d be anyone not mentioning it. That’s understandable as it is very important at first contact as it is later on at any point of a relationship. A similar humour makes both of you laugh and laughs are like little orgasms and who wouldn’t want to have little orgasms with you? Making the other laugh makes them feel good and in return you too. Laughing together, finding the same things funny creates a special bond and trust; for some reason there’s only a very thin line between finding something humorous and liking the person you are laughing with.


Uuugh, don’t even get me started on this one. Having a “hot” voice is a huge bonus! It is so much so that I have found myself multiple times in that very confusing situation when I wasn’t attracted to the man’s physique not even his personality but his voice was just soooo incredibly hot… I just couldn’t resist. Hormones such as testosterone and oestrogen are believed to have an influence over one’s physical development as well as their voice: hence we believe people with hot voices are more attractive as well.

Voice is a sign of confidence as well; you can get a hint of what they think of themselves from their voice as well as how and what they speak.

I’ve tried to think of and collect the non-traditional – like “successful”, “intelligent”, “masculine”, “has hair” – kind of qualities we, women, find appealing. I’m sure you could find some you absolutely agree with and some must have been new to you, but that’s my shortlist of traits that define attractive men.

If you know of other things a man can be, can have or can do that are just irresistible, please share them in the comment below!

Teo is a freelance writer and illustrator. She's been writing stories that touch people's hearts and makes you think - and she loves what she does. On her current blog she writes about Scotland where she moved a while ago, the beautiful sites and the everyday stories with a uniquely captivating witty style.

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