sexual questions to ask a guy

One of the most enjoyable and fascinating aspects of dating someone is learning everything you can about them as a person. One area that you probably want to know about is what makes a guy tick in the bedroom. Perhaps you are trying to work out if a new partner is likely to be a good match for you in the long run. Or maybe you’ve been together a while and are looking to spice things up or discover a sexual side to him he may not have revealed to you before. If you wonder what kind of sexual questions to ask a guy, here is a big list for you to try out!

Intimate questions to ask a guy

It can be challenging to know what a guy expects in the bedroom or what you can expect from him. Some might think these questions are a little forward. However, it can be useful for both of you to put your cards on the table before committing to anything serious. After all, you don’t want to get months into a relationship to discover that you are just not sexually compatible. These questions are good to ask at some point during the first few dates or over text if you have met him on a dating app.

  1. How important do you think sex is in a relationship?
  2. What is your opinion on condoms?
  3. Do you have to get to know someone well before having sex with them?
  4. Do you like receiving sexting messages?
  5. Do you think sex should only be in a serious relationship, or do you think casual sex is fine?
  6. Do you prefer to make the first move, or would you rather the girl does it?
  7. Do you think you are good at sex?
  8. Do you think foreplay is always essential?
  9. What do you wear in bed, or do you sleep naked?
  10. How much do you like sex?
  11. Do you ever get nervous before having sex?
  12. Are you sexually attracted to me?
  13. Be honest—have you ever fantasized about me?
  14. How high would you say your sex drive is?
  15. They say men think about sex every 7 seconds. Do you think that this is true?
  16. Are you a virgin?
  17. Do you think sex is necessary before marriage?
  18. How many people have you had sex with?
  19. Do you believe there is a difference between having sex and making love, and if so, what is it?
  20. How many times do you think it is ideal to have sex in a week?

Sexy would you rather questions

sexy would you rather questions

Once the basics are out of the way, and you have confirmed that you have similar opinions, needs, and expectations, you can get a little more fun and playful. The classic game of “Would You Rather” is a surprisingly effective way of doing this. If you are looking for some dirty questions to ask him to turn him on or just questions to make him laugh while being flirty, there are plenty of choices here.

  1. Would you rather only be able to kiss and cuddle but share a bed with a woman every night, or would you rather have sex every day but always sleep alone?
  2. Would you rather have mediocre sex every day, or only have sex once a week, but it’s incredible?
  3. Would you rather a girl has slept with 100 people or is a virgin?
  4. Would you rather only ever give or receive oral?
  5. Would you rather have sex with me in the morning or at night?
  6. Would you rather be romantic or kinky tonight?
  7. Would you rather take me to dinner and then sleep with me, or skip the dinner and get straight down to it?
  8. Would you rather see me spit or swallow?
  9. Would you rather be on top or have me go on top?
  10. Would you rather be able to have sex but unable to orgasm or only masturbate, but you can orgasm?
  11. Would you rather never watch porn again, or have a sex tape of you uploaded to a porn site?
  12. Would you rather be called “Daddy” or “Bro” during sex?
  13. Would you rather be with a partner who can’t finish or with a partner who can’t make you finish?
  14. Would you rather walk in on me masturbating or have me walk in on you masturbating?
  15. Would you rather hear your neighbors having sex every night or have them hear you every time you have sex?
  16. Would you rather be blindfolded or blindfold me?
  17. Would you rather fart loudly every time you orgasm or shout your ex’s name every time?
  18. Would you rather your parents walked in on you doing the deed, or you walk in on them?
  19. Would you rather always only last a minute in bed or always have it take an hour for you to finish?
  20. Would you rather have me up against the wall or on the floor?

Dirty questions about his past sexcapades

woman whispering something

Some people don’t really want to know anything about the sexual past of the person they are dating. If this is the case, that is perfectly fine! However, others are curious about any steamy adventures their guy may have had in a past life. You may even find it turns you on to hear his stories and picture the scenes he shares with you.

  1. Have you ever had a sex dream about someone unexpected?
  2. What was the first thing you ever had an orgasm?
  3. When was the last time you masturbated, and what was it to?
  4. What is the weirdest kink you’ve ever fantasized about?
  5. If you had to guess how many times you have had sex in your life, what would you think?
  6. Where were you when you first had sex?
  7. How long did you last the first time you had sex?
  8. Do you have any embarrassing sex stories?
  9. Have you ever slept with someone and regretted it in the morning?
  10. Have you ever slept with a coworker?
  11. Have you ever slept with a friend’s sibling?
  12. If everyone who you’ve ever had sex with left a review of the experience, what do you think your average mark out of 10 would be?
  13. Have you ever done anything sexual with another guy?
  14. What was the most public place you’ve ever had sex?
  15. Have you ever been caught masturbating?
  16. Have you ever been caught having sex?
  17. Have you ever had sex with someone you really shouldn’t have?
  18. What was the best sex you’ve ever had, and what made it so good?
  19. Have you ever had a one-night stand?
  20. Have you ever had sex with more than one person at the same time?
  21. Have you ever had oral sex?
  22. Have you ever had anal sex?
  23. Have you ever starred in a sex tape?
  24. What’s your favorite thing we have ever done in the bedroom?
  25. If you could relive one sexual experience all over again, what would it be?

Questions about his biggest turn-ons

frisky couple

If you want to get to know what really gets him going, these questions about his turn-ons will give you an insight into his mind. Many people think that men all share the same sexual interests and find the same things and women hot. However, a study has shown that this is not the case. The psychology behind his attraction and arousal could be just as complex as yours. Understanding your man’s sexuality in detail can help both of you to have a more fulfilling sexual relationship. Here are some sexual questions to ask your boyfriend or potential boyfriend to find out what he is into.

  1. What thing do you find sexy that most people would find strange?
  2. Do you prefer blondes, brunettes, or redheads?
  3. What could I wear that would turn you on the most?
  4. Do you prefer yoga pants or short skirts on a woman?
  5. What non-sexual body part do you find the most attractive?
  6. Are you a boob or a butt man?
  7. Do you think tattoos are sexy?
  8. Do you prefer girls shaved or natural?
  9. Do you like the way I taste?
  10. Do you like a bad girl?
  11. If I told you I was wearing lingerie right now, what would you think?
  12. What thing have I done that turned you on the most?
  13. Have I ever done anything that turned you on that you kept a secret?
  14. If I saw your porn history, do you think I’d be freaked out or turned on?
  15. What is your favorite sex position?
  16. Do you like eye contact?
  17. What is your favorite part of my body to look at?
  18. What is your favorite part of my body to touch?
  19. What is your favorite part of my body to taste?
  20. What is the dirtiest fantasy you’ve ever had about me?
  21. Do you prefer to be in control or surrender control?
  22. Is there anything you fantasize about but aren’t sure if you would actually do in real life?
  23. Does it turn you on to hear me moan?
  24. Do you prefer the view when you take me from behind, or when I’m riding you?

Sexual questions to make him use his imagination

beautiful girl

Whether you want to try sexting or you are together physically, it can be a lot of fun to ask your boyfriend questions that tickle his imagination. Men are visual creatures, so he will most likely picture any scenarios you describe to him. Some of these questions also invite him to think about your turn-ons.

  1. If you had to guess what kind of porn I like, what would you think?
  2. If you had to guess how many people I’ve had sex with, what would you think?
  3. If you had to have sex with any celebrity, which one would you choose?
  4. If you had to choose one pickup line that you think would get me into bed, what would it be?
  5. Which place above the belt would turn you on the fastest if I touched it?
  6. If you had to masturbate now using just your imagination and no porn, what would you think about?
  7. If I sent you a nude photo while you were at work, what would you do?
  8. If I walked into the room now naked, what would you do with me?
  9. If you walked in on me masturbating and I didn’t stop, what would you do?
  10. How would you react if I just started taking your clothes off right now without saying anything?
  11. What could I say to you that would get you hard the fastest?
  12. What would your perfect sexual experience look like?
  13. If we were in a fancy hotel room together for the night, what kind of things would we get up to?
  14. If we had to make a porno with a theme, what theme do you think it would be?
  15. If we could have sex anywhere, where would you choose?
  16. What would your go-to foreplay techniques be if you really wanted to treat me?
  17. If you were in an important work meeting and you got a text from me saying I needed you inside me straight away, what would you do?
  18. If you had to use one thing in this room that isn’t part of your body to give me an orgasm, which item would you choose?
  19. If you had to whisper something in my ear to drive me wild, what would you say?
  20. If you had to make me scream loud enough to get a complaint from the neighbors, how would you do this?

Sexual questions about his secret desires

couple on the grass

Many people keep sexual fantasies to themselves because they are too shy or unsure how their partner would react to them. Allowing your boyfriend to share them without feeling embarrassed can be seriously hot and help you trust each other more. There are plenty of sex questions to ask your boyfriend to find out if he has any kinks and how you might be able to satisfy them.

  1. Is there something that you have always wanted to try in the bedroom but never had the chance?
  2. Have you ever been turned on by a cartoon character, and if so, which one?
  3. Do you ever like to play a little rough?
  4. Have you ever fantasized about two girls in bed?
  5. Do you like the idea of spanking?
  6. Have you ever wanted to film us in the bedroom?
  7. Have you ever thought about buying me a toy and watching me use it?
  8. What’s your opinion on food in the bedroom (and I’m not talking about eating a bag of chips in bed!)?
  9. What is the kinkiest thing that you would consider trying?
  10. If I needed punishment, how would you like to discipline me?
  11. If I tied you up and did a striptease in front of you, would that frustrate you?
  12. Would you like it if I went down on you while you were driving?
  13. Do you like the idea of pulling my hair?
  14. Would you like it if I grabbed you by your hair?
  15. Do you like feet at all?
  16. If I brought a friend into the bedroom, how would you react?
  17. Would you be turned on by watching me play with another woman?
  18. If we wore costumes in the bedroom, who would you like us to dress up as?
  19. Have you ever thought about being handcuffed?
  20. What would you say if I asked you to use a riding crop on me?
  21. If one of us was the master and one of us their slave, which way round would you like it to be?

There are many kinds of sexy questions to ask a guy, and some will be better suited to different guys. The most important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t make him feel uncomfortable. If he doesn’t want to answer a personal question, you shouldn’t pressure him to. Dirty questions are only fun if both of you enjoy that kind of conversation. Asking the right sexy question at the right time can lead to a whole world of pleasure.

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