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When you want to meet a new man, you need to put yourself in places where you will most likely meet them. There are many ways to meet other single people, and if you have no clue about the best places to meet single men, you will have plenty of inspiration by the time you finish reading this article.

You probably do not have a crystal ball that reveals where and when you are going to meet the next love of your life. However, what you do have are options. If you are willing to explore your options, then you will increase your chances of meeting single men. So if you’ve been struggling with finding good places where to meet men, here are some locations that you should consider.

1. Sports bars and karaoke bars

Surprise, surprise: many men like sports! Watching sports is more fun when people congregate as a group and watch the much anticipated game together. You can scour the sports networks to find out when the games will be showing, and go to a sports bar to watch the game and mingle with patrons. Be sure to sit at the bar instead of at a table; the bar is where most men who are there on their own sit to watch the game.

You don’t need to have an amazing voice to sing at karaoke events. As long as you have the gumption to belt out your favourite tunes, you’ll be exposing yourself to new friends and fans. Your performances might also lead to new romance! There might be a cute guy eyeing you perform, and if you engage in conversation with him, the two of you might sing a duet together at the end of the night and exchange phone numbers.

2. On buses and trains

I have noticed that I don’t meet as many people now as I did when I was taking the bus to get from place to place. Ever since I started driving, my habits changed and my patterns changed. Instead of walking to the bus stop, waiting at the bus stop, and making small talk with other people who were taking the same bus that I was taking, I am usually riding solo in my vehicle and not engaging in conversations with a variety of people like I did before.

I occasionally take public transportation, and when I do take buses and trains, I find myself interacting with more people and exchanging business cards with those who I engage in conversation with. When you vary your routine and take public transportation once in a while, you will be exposed to more people who are either single or they know someone who is single and might be a good match for you.

3. At the beach or at the pool

If you feel self-conscious about being seen in a swimsuit, now is a good time to make a resolution to get over that feeling. Get in your swimsuit and head to the beach. If you can’t go to the beach due to weather or proximity, then go to the indoor pool at a community center.  Pools and beaches are fabulous places to meet single men.

There is so much that you can do in the water! You can float, wade, swim, dive, and play water games. When potential love interests see you having fun frolicking in the water, they will be more attracted to you because you will seem approachable and lively. Remember to always keep a notepad and a pen in your beach bag for when you want to write down telephone numbers.

4. Movie theatres and concerts

It isn’t unusual to see people sitting by themselves in a near empty movie theatre, especially during matinee shows. You can strike up conversations during the previews with guys who you see sitting by themselves in the theatre. If you would rather not talk in the theatre, you can approach and engage others in conversation while you are in line to purchase snacks at the concession stand.

I have gone to a few concerts where I have seen people enjoying the show on their own with no one else seated beside them. While you may not be able to hear each other speak at normal audible tones when the loud music plays, you can always take time to get to know each other a bit better during the intermission. At least you know that you share similar taste in music with a man when you are both at the same concert.

5. Car shows and mechanics

I have yet to meet a man who does not like cars. Whenever I have gone to car shows, there were more males in attendance than females. Car shows are great places to meet men. You don’t need to be in the market for buying a new car to attend a car show; many people go to car shows just to be spectators.

Men who have a passion for cars will spare no expense to properly maintain their cars. Mechanic shops are places where you will definitely find men. While you are seated in the waiting area, start making small talk about cars and life with other men who are seated there. It’s okay if you don’t know much about how cars run; just focus on keeping the conversation going and seeing where things can lead.

When you are making an effort to meet someone, try to be approachable. Smile, make eye contact, and ask friendly non-intrusive questions.  There is no need to immediately blurt out that you are looking for partner; that information will come out in time. Simply present yourself as a single woman who is looking to make new friends and connections. Always strive to look and be your best every day because you never know who you will meet and when you will meet your ideal match. You might not have a crystal ball to tell you where to meet men and direct your steps, but you will see results when you are consistent and committed to your goal.

Akua is a Canadian born and raised girl with Caribbean roots. She is a journalist, actress, music teacher, performer, owner and marketer of 3 worldwide dating websites, as well as an independent Pure Romance business owner selling passion products for singles and couples.

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