how to get a guy to like you

It’s so difficult when you like someone and you don’t know if the feeling is mutual, isn’t it? You’ve got your eye on that guy from the coffee shop or the guy from the gym. But how to get a guy to like you?

Here’s my personal advice on how to act around that one person you might like, step by step. Be confident in your abilities but don’t forget to be confident that you have fulfilled each phase before thinking about moving to the next. You don’t want to scare anyone away by making physical contact without having looked them in their eyes or said the first hello!

Wear something nice

They say real beauty comes from the inside but looking good on the outside can really help when you’re trying to catch someone’s eye. Granted, this may be difficult if you’re trying to look good for someone where you have to wear certain clothes, maybe you’re in job with a uniform or at the gym. But on the whole, and even then, choose your sharpest suit, your best workout clothes and be confident in it.


Nothing is more attractive than a smile. It’s the sexiest thing someone can wear. Let me clarify that when I say smile, I don’t mean a grin that’s got “I’m a scary psychopath” written all over it. You’re trying to be natural but memorable so use your eyes to encourage those pearly whites to twinkle a little. Once he’s seen your smile, he’ll want to talk.

Humour is hot

The ability to make someone laugh is, in my opinion, extremely attractive. A successful joke shows your incredible wit, sense of humour and potential for fun. Tease him, but make sure he knows you’re joking otherwise this could go horribly wrong and you’ll achieve the opposite effect. Relationships are give and take, so if you joke with him, be ready to take one back.

Say compliments

You always remember the person who says nice things or compliments. So be that person, full of positive energy – again, watch out for ‘crazy psychopath’ signals here. Tell him he’s a good PT and if he tells you how well you’re doing, then maybe he likes what he sees.

Maintain eye contact

If you don’t catch his eye when he passes you in the street or look at him when he orders his latte, you’re giving yourself very little chance. Think of the potential when you look into the eyes of your crush. See the twinkle in the corner of their eye as you laugh at the accidental spill of coffee or the accidental trip over the edge of the treadmill. As hard as it might be, laugh it off and take the joke. Be easy-going and fun, not embarrassed and stressed.

Show interest in him

Everyone likes to talk about themselves, so be the one who takes an interest. It’s natural once it’s started. Ask something about him and he will probably ask you something back. Before you know it, you’ll have two wonderfully positive things to work with. Firstly, a conversation with multiple paths and secondly, brand new information for even more conversations next time. You might feel a little nervous or even awkward the first time, but we often do our best with a little pressure.

Subtle physical touch

If you reach this stage, you’re definitely interpreting the right signs here. You’ve wooed him in with your impeccable sense of humour, ability to maintain eye contact for longer than an awkward millisecond and you look amazing. Now you’re really talking. During those key interactions, choose a moment where he makes a joke and gently budge his arm, laughing. Making little physical touches like these means sitting on a very precarious and dangerous fence, but if it works, you will know.

Let him see you in a group

Now the both of you are really progressing. If you happen to find yourself in an environment with a group of friends and that guy walks past and takes a glance, make him look twice. If your head’s down and you’re not ‘with it’, the chances are slim. This is where it helps, ladies, to have a codeword with your girlfriends, where they know to make you centre of attention. If that someone sees all your friends laughing with you, they’ll want a part of it.

I honestly believe if you test these out, you’ll figure out on how to get a guy to like you in no time. Remember good things take time, so start with the first smile and work through the process. But don’t give up if no success on your first cheeky grin. He might have been having a bad day. It’s tough trying to catch one person’s attention so don’t change anything about yourself, just be the best you that you can.

Katie is a fitness loving blogger, going by the name of Life of a Miss Fit as well as a full time student in Birmingham. She also writes for Redbrick Life&Style. Follow Her on Instagram and Twitter and stay updated on her Facebook page.


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