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Most of us have been there. We start to question if he loves us or for those of us old marrieds if he still loves us. Having been force fed a diet of Hollywood movies and advertising we can sometimes be led into believing that Prince Charming is just around the corner and good old Tom, Dick or Kevin doesn’t quite seem to cut the mustard.

Our little fairy-tale never quite comes to fruition because in the real world life just doesn’t seem to pan out that way. Trust me it’s a life lesson we all end up going through! So here are 7 real life signs that he loves you, it’s what happens when Prince Charming has to feature in chapter two or what he does after the credits roll.

1. He makes you dinner

And we are not talking about all bells and whistles, candles and roses (although we wouldn’t complain). It’s more about the little things and the realisation that after a long day you’re tired, your idiot manager’s been mean to you again, you have a presentation in the morning, you have family to look after, it’s your friend’s birthday and you haven’t brought a present yet, aaagh! Or sometimes just because it’s a Wednesday as occasionally life can all become a bit overwhelming. This is when he steps up to the plate and sits you down whilst he rustles you up some food helping you to recharge and tick another thing of your ever increasing to do list. He cares.

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2. He listens

Sounds obvious, but he’ll listen without trying to sort you out because sometimes we really don’t need him to go all Alpha Male and offer practical advice, we mostly want someone to listen to us rant and hold our hand whilst agreeing calmly at appropriate moments. The practical stuff can come later and if he helps with that as well, he’s a keeper. It’s all about him wanting to relieve some of your burden and that’s a gift.

3. He talks about you

In positive terms of course! He’s proud of you and respects you. It may not be the most exciting bit of news he chooses to share with the world, but the fact that he has taken in what you are doing, how wonderful or kind you undoubtedly are is a great sign. You are on his mind and who you are matters to him. Extra bonus points if he defends you or feels he has to stick up for you in some way. This chap has your back.

4. He teases you

Now let’s be clear, we are not talking about him being abusive, we’re talking about affectionate little comments that make you giggle, so this one comes with a bit of a health warning. It’s the way we often roll and it’s not that different from him bantering with his mates. It’s a sign of him feeling comfortable and playful, plus you get to have some fun back. Often one of the most worrying signs in a relationship can be if he ignores you, so a bit of light banter can be a positive. It also means he loves watching your reaction and if that’s lots of laughing, what’s not to love. He’s interested.

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5. He doesn’t roll his eyes

He doesn’t object at whatever new scheme you’ve cooked up. If you are anything like me, there is always some new hobby to try, person to meet or adventure to be had. If you manage to find someone who is not only along for the ride but supportive too then it can be fabulous. This is especially true if it’s something he wouldn’t do himself. He likes you enough to be brave and help you roll through life’s punches.

6. He lets you choose a movie

Now whilst this can seem completely innocuous, letting choose you a movie to watch in the cinema is a sign that he’s not simply thinking of his own gratification and that can be helpful in all sorts of ways – right ladies. Just sitting in a darkened room with you for a couple of  hours is enough for him and if he’s even prepared to sit through the latest romantic drama or sci-fi flick – whatever floats your boat, you are winning on all sorts of levels. Throw in some popcorn and its relationship gold. This also applies to a night on the sofa binging on a box set. If you are really lucky he may even get into it and one of the sweetest things he can do is watch something on repeat just to spend an hour in your company.

7. He holds back your hair whilst you’re being sick

This also applies to other real life bodily functions, or when you’re red in the face, makeup streaming and crying your eyes out. Because honestly, this is the stuff of life and a brave soul that can be part of your sometimes less obvious charms is someone to cherish. He loves you and that includes snot, sick and everything else. There is a lot of truth in ‘in sickness and in health’: if he’s there for the trickier moments, he sees you as a team and that’s very reassuring.

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So, if he helps with the little things it’s a good sign that he loves you and he’s in it for the long haul. And as is often in life, it’s actually the little things that go a long way.

Cherry is a freelance writer, blogger, and editor. She lives with her partner of 15 years and two adopted rescue cats. Fond of an adventure or two, Cherry is often on her travels but loves nothing more than coming home and spending time with her squad.

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