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A majority of couples make love in traditional spaces such as the home or a hotel, and maybe the backseat of a car when they’re looking to spice things up. Although getting frisky inside a vehicle sounds thrilling at first, once you get started you’ll quickly realize that it’s damn nearly impossible to maneuver two bodies in such a tiny space and you could get popped for indecent exposure in a public place. Ouch!

So striking those ideas off the naughty list, are there any alternative spots where people can get hot & heavy with their boo without a fuss? Yes, there are! Here’s a list of the best sex locations for adventurous couples to get down and naughty that you’ve probably never considered until now.

1. Wilderness camping

For those desiring a weekend getaway chock full of sensory indulgences, camping in the wild is certainly a way to go when one (or two) wishes to commune with nature. Whether you prefer to rough it with traditional camping gear or upgrade your experience by going glamping with your partner, wooded areas provide excellent cover for darn near anything. Thanks to the internet it’s super easy to go online and book outdoor rental spaces such as a retro airstream wagon, a cozy cabin, teepee, or tree house even, set in the middle of nowhere with lots of privacy and breathtaking views. Prepare some food and chilled drinks for a romantic picnic that will set the mood for the evening. Just imagine how wild and crazy you and your partner could get under a bright starry night in the middle of the woods? If glamping isn’t your thing, no sweat, get back to basics by pitching a tent further away from a busy hiking trail for titillating tussles under the moonlight. The great thing about outdoor spaces is the freedom (of all kinds) it allows so take advantage of that when planning a sexy excursion. Just keep in mind you run the same risk of being busted for indecent exposure if seen by strangers so remember to be thoughtful!

Just imagine how wild and crazy you and your partner could get under a bright starry night in the middle of the woods? Click To Tweet

2. Adult clubs and dungeons

Believe it or not, there are public locations where guests are encouraged to lose their inhibitions and put their love on public display. If you’re a couple that’s not afraid of seeing others have sex and possibly having others watch or join your festivities, join a members-only adult club. All across the country, larger cities host upscale private adult and swinger clubs and erotica dungeons where patrons share the erotic side of life with others year-round. To ease your mind, many of these clubs have strict joining policies, provide excellent customer service to their guests, and safety, and consent remains their top priority. The typical club is set up to provide a nightclub atmosphere in the main areas of the club, and the fantasy rooms and semi-private or private playrooms are located elsewhere with staffed “room monitors” floating around to make sure everyone is having a safe, good time. This idea is bold and one that a couple may never forget or leave behind once they see what all the fuss is about. Go on, be bold!

3. Romantic Airbnb homes

Reserve a romantic Airbnb home for the weekend. Choose a secluded home with a private backyard, completely obstructed from neighboring views. Sex locations such as these are perfect. Couples can allow their passionate pleasures to unfold without losing the usual comfort of being at home. In addition to the home of your choice having a private backyard, selecting a house with a pool for nude sunbathing and naked nighttime swimming takes the romance up several additional notches. Since the popularity of renting Airbnb homes over traditional hotel rooms has grown each year, the types of properties available for guests are endless. Ever made love in front of a one-way mirror window in a high-rise building in the heart of a bustling city? Get online with your partner today and find rental homes all around the world that will certainly get your imagination engines running.

4. Erotic cruise ships

Remember when I said there are actual places that encourage “public” sexuality? Well, taking an erotic cruise ship vacation is possible now! If you hop online and research  “erotic cruise ship” a handful of international cruise ship lines will populate that offer couples a playful mingle of sailing, sex, and the seas rolled into one. These ships are similar to others, visiting numerous exotic locations all around the world, with the added twist of hosting adult-themed entertainment options for guests. Imagine nude sunbathing on the ship deck, naughty costume nights, and uncensored playdates? That’s what you can expect from an erotic cruise. The atmosphere in erotic cruise ships is casual and friendly while maintaining a judgment-free open-air policy that allows people to be their true sexual selves. So, who’s ready for a destination sexcation next year?

Imagine nude sunbathing on the ship deck, naughty costume nights and uncensored playdates? That's what you can expect from an erotic cruise. Click To Tweet

5. Alternative lifestyle resorts

Alternative lifestyle resorts offer the same romance opportunities as the erotic cruise ships with the added advantage of being on land at a five-star all-inclusive resort. Couples can enjoy everything one would normally enjoy at a resort: beautiful beaches, good food, great drinks, and relaxation with a hedonistic vibe. Many of the guests tend to be repeat visitors given the nature of the resort, so the places tend to feel like tight, but welcoming, secluded communities that share like-minded views and interests. Like all other places, there are specific rules guests follow to ensure all residents feel comfortable but the overall atmosphere tends to be chill. In alternative lifestyle resorts, you and your partner could both lose and find yourselves in a matter of minutes, creating lifelong memories.

6. BDSM hotels and rooms

If standard bed and breakfast places are too tame for your liking, couples can search online for BDSM houses or hotels that have adult-themed rooms and punishment equipment where couples can live out their dark fantasies. Most of these BDSM places rent by the room, or one can splurge and reserve the entire home so kinky play isn’t limited to a single space. These hotels and homes often include unique sets like hospital rooms for naughty doctor or nurse fantasies, dental office setups, and even full-on dungeons with suspension devices. Once couples are done having their fun, they can hop on down to the main common areas and dine with others guests.

Whichever of these best sex locations you choose, each offers unique opportunities to step outside of the box (and bedroom) and put a whole new spin on your intimate life!

Amanda is a professional adult novelties reviewer of the latest sex toys to hit the market who is dedicated to openly discussing the realities of sex & kink. She plans to continue in her career as a sex-positive blogger, vlogger, and advocate.

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