Falling in love

One of the greatest experiences of a human’s lifetime is the sensation of falling in love. Love is so important to people. Songs are created about it, poetry is written, romantic love is present emotionally in movies, written about in captivating novels, and love ultimately creates new life and existence on this planet. The sensation of romantic love is like a drug — you get a dopamine rush to your brain, and it transforms you instantly. When you fall in love, you become romantically obsessed, you feel out of control emotionally, and it triggers the pleasure center in your brain that says, “That feels good!” Lustful thoughts and loving thoughts control you — you think about your future together. You want to be involved with your lover, and you don’t want to be apart from them. Their presence in your life makes you feel happy, content, and pleasant.

How do you know that you’re falling in love with a person, and how does it make you feel? Better yet, what are you supposed to do when you feel ‘in it’? I think that romantic love hits you fast. It’s a rush, and after you feel the pleasant emotions and excitement, it’s up to you as a couple to keep the spark alive. The fire is lit within you — you feel intoxicated in love, and you are feeling out of control emotionally. No one has ever affected you like this, nor made you feel such strong feelings and emotions! Let’s analyze the sensation of falling and love, and how it affects you, your thoughts, decisions, and actions.

You don’t think straight

The pleasure center in your brain, and your love ‘arousal’ (high interest level) doesn’t allow you to think straight in reality. In other words, love is completely irrational. The irrational emotions take over, and this is why love can feel like a rollercoaster. Your emotions are out of control, and while you are close with your new lover, you feel content and complete, while disagreements, arguments, or setbacks may cause you to feel agony and sickness. The strong bipolar emotions while you are in love ultimately make you feel alive, however it’s a powerful connection that takes control of you.

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Normal routines and reality may be cloudy or foggy to you, as you long to be close to your partner, and feel that dopamine rush in your brain. It’s really a sensation, and you are stimulated by your newfound love. It makes your heart beat faster, it gives you anxiety, you feel a rush. It usually begins with simple and strong eye contact, then getting to know each other, after your pupils have dilated and you felt the powerful connection. Your senses are profound, and you feel strange and different. This is how powerful romantic love can affect and change you.

You feel addicted

A powerful love connection can make you addicted and it feels like a drug. You have an irrational impulse to be closer to your lover, and you chase that powerful feeling that first hooked you to begin with. The initial love stage makes you feel a little out of control, yet you enjoy the rush. You want to gaze into her eyes, you want to feel the powerful connection. It’s a heavy dose of romantic and sexual chemistry, and it’s a natural law of attraction. It’s like a powerful drug that you pursue and try to control.

Your interest level is extremely high, and the passion is also explosive. You find that your personal infatuation with your love is currently off of the charts. The best thing to do is to try to control your interest level, and simply ‘go with the flow’ of things with your love. It’s very difficult in the beginning stages of romantic love, however, you are so wrapped-up with your emotions that you are not thinking rationally.

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You are happy and smile a lot

When you are immersed in a powerful love connection, it doesn’t matter if it’s a rainy Monday morning — you are feeling happy. Why are you feeling happy? Because someone has lit the uncontrollable fire within you, and you feel like a tiger. When you’re attracted to someone who also has high interest in you, you tend to smile a lot. The normal miseries of life are trapped in a dense fog, because you are mentally connected to your flame, and you want more!

The sensation of falling in love is ultimately high interest level, and it’s mutual. You both feel the strong connection and chemistry around you. It’s a fast and sudden burst of energy, and it can be maintained over time, or you may get burned. So… Good news, you can feel happy and optimistic about your future, as long as it works out for you. Keep smiling!

The spark is alive

The spark between you becomes a fire, and that fire becomes a powerful urge to make stupid decisions together, like get married. (I’m kidding about that… There are many people who love each other deeply who are married). Inevitably, with a powerful love spark alive, you can look forward to many happy times and moments together in your future. Having a natural powerful chemistry together, you will reap the benefits and rewards in life together.

The powerful love sensation is an intuitive feeling that you have with your love. You feel loved, you want to give love, you want to have happy and fulfilling moments together. It’s a rich and rewarding feeling that can last years or decades. You want these moments — because they are rare, and the sensation of falling in love is the ultimate rush. Enjoy and treasure the experience while it lasts.

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William is a graphic designer and creative writer. One of his favourite interests is reading books about relationships. He recommends ‘How to Succeed with Women’ and Doc Love’s ‘The System’. He has two adorable children that he enjoys spending time with. William is currently single and is preparing for his next relationship. You can follow him on Twitter.

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