how do I know if he likes me

Falling in love with someone is so much more rewarding when you know without a doubt that the object of your affection feels the same way about you that you feel towards him. “But how do I know if he likes me?” I hear you asking. To me, I can tell pretty quickly if a man is interested. If you’re confused about how to decipher the signs that a man likes you, it might actually be the set up of the world that we live in that could be causing you to second guess your love’s intentions.

Courtship today is very different than how it was in previous centuries. In this day and age of Internet and technology, men can now hide behind their telephones and computers when they communicate. Text messages and emails can reveal a lot about what a person is thinking, but face to face communication is the best way to truly get to know someone. True love really does still exist, and here are some obvious signs that the guy you’ve got your eye on is serious about being with you:

He shares information about himself

Men tend to be very tight lipped about sharing their life experiences. But if a man likes you, he’ll waste no time inviting you to be part of his life. He will be upfront with you and tell you about his goals, his family, and his past disappointments and triumphs.

Your guy will not want to give you any reason to doubt that he’s being sincere, and that is why he would be willing to open the door into his thoughts, feelings, and insights. That’s not to say that a man who takes his time revealing information about himself is not interested in you. However, a man who wants to make things official with you will make the effort to overcome his fears of rejection, and he will overcome this fear by being emotionally vulnerable with you.

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You’re not a secret to his loved ones

Beware of a man who goes out of his way to make sure that his family members and friends never find out about who you are. Your mate would introduce you to the people in his life who are important to him. Even if he didn’t get a chance to introduce you to his parents, your man would have mentioned your name to them and shown them your picture.

When you do get the chance to meet your guy’s relatives, they won’t be surprised to learn about you and they will quickly let you know that they have heard many good things about you and are happy that you are in each other’s lives. A man who makes excuses as to why you can’t meet his close friends and parents is a man who isn’t truly interested in building a meaningful relationship with you. If he’s proud to be with you, it’s a sign that he likes you a lot.

He gives you many compliments

It’s truly sad how many couples stay together for years even though they privately and publicly express to each other that they can’t stand each other. The television show characters Al and Peggy Bundy are a perfect example of this madness. I still think Married With Children was a funny show, and I still laugh at the show’s funny moments when I watch rerun episodes. However, the show’s fictitious married couple Al and Peggy Bundy are not a positive example of a couple who show each other love and affection. Peggy constantly ridiculed Al to his face and behind his back for his less than stellar hygiene, his low paying job, and his underwhelming love making skills. Al regularly mocked his wife’s terrible cooking skills, he routinely called her lazy, and he rarely if ever said that his wife was attractive. In fact, Al usually avoided being intimate with his wife and engaged in anti-feminist groups while gleefully antagonizing his neighbour Marcy who was a feminist and Peggy’s close friend.

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A man who wants to be with you should be complimenting you and looking for ways to spend time with you. He wouldn’t be avoiding you and turning you into a joke’s punch line. In addition, he would be taking care of himself physically so that he could look and feel his best for himself, and for you. You would be showered with compliments and affection on a daily basis.

He asks about your life

What do you look for in a relationship? Do you have a boyfriend? Do you want a boyfriend? What is most important to you? These are all questions that a guy would be asking you when he first gets to know you. He would show genuine interest in who you are and what you want from a partnership. When a man focuses only on what he wants and doesn’t ask you about yourself, he’s making it clear that you’re not a true priority to him.

If you’ve ever dated a man who is completely selfish when he’s with you, it gets pretty tiring. Pretty soon, you’ll resent him and you’ll question why he spends time with you if he doesn’t want to get to know who you are. When he likes you, you will know it because he took the time to discover your quirks, your likes and dislikes, and what drives you to be the person you are today.

He makes note of what you talk about

Your guy would mentally file away important details of your conversations with each other so that he can use those memories to create new moments between the two of you. If you’ve gone on more than five dates with a guy and he hasn’t asked about or doesn’t remember your birthday, your career goals, and your favourite types of food, then he wasn’t paying attention.

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When he truly likes you, your guy will savour what you talk about. He might even replay your conversations in his mind many times. Or, he’ll make notes while you talk and he’ll pretend he’s sending a text in his cell phone when he’s really typing a memo to himself to remember that your favourite colour is blue. When you receive a gift from him and the gift is the colour of your favourite shade, you will know that he was paying attention and he wants to please you.

Watch out for these signs when you’re dating and the next time when the question “How do I know if he likes me?” pops up in your mind, have a look through this list. And remember, the relationship shouldn’t solely be focused on you. Just like your guy, you also have a responsibility to cultivate a bond between you two. Make every effort to get to know him and show him that you care. Ask him questions about his goals, and don’t act aloof and uncaring towards your man if you want to secure his heart. Show him how you feel about him, and compliment his positive qualities. If your display of emotion is too intense for the man you want, then he’s not the right person for you and you’re better off finding someone who is a more appropriate match.

Akua is a Canadian born and raised girl with Caribbean roots. She is a journalist, actress, music teacher, performer, owner and marketer of 3 worldwide dating websites, as well as an independent Pure Romance business owner selling passion products for singles and couples.

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