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There is a saying that men are simple and women are complicated. Simple? Hmm, if they are so simple why is it so hard to keep them interested longer than a few weeks or months?

So how do you keep a guy interested in you and what qualities make him fall in love with a woman?

1. Attractive personality

As superficial as it may sound, for a man to be interested in a woman he needs to be attracted to her. Men are visual creatures and they need to feel physical attraction. When you go on the first date, it will be your look that grabs their attention first.  However, it is not the most important quality that will keep their interest in you. Believe it or not, the most important quality is your personality. When they truly fall in love with you, everything about you becomes beautiful and cute. They stop noticing that you are not wearing makeup or that you have put on a few extra pounds.

2. Independence and ambitiousness

It is very important to have a ‘life’ when you are dating. Have your personal goals, ambitions and reach for your dreams. Have a loving circle of family and friends who care about you and who will be there for you when you want to have some fun or just need a good shoulder to lean on. It is very important to love yourself and your life and not to look for a man to make you happy. In order to have a happy relationship you must be happy with your life and if he is a guy for you, share your happiness with him. The guy needs to come into your life and be a part of your already wonderful life. A healthy relationship is when you don’t need a man to make you happy, it is when the guy you are dating is just a cherry on your already delicious cake.

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3. Emotional stability

Emotional stability is one of the essential factors for a happy and lasting relationship but is the most difficult quality to maintain as most women are controlled by their emotions. Men categorize women as crazy when they are controlling, needy, possessive, jealous, insecure, or clingy. When a man labels you as ‘crazy’, the relationship is pretty much doomed. If you can’t control your emotions and don’t value nor respect yourself you will fall into that category.

4. Acknowledgement of his needs

Men have a lot of testosterone hormone and women have a lot of estrogen. Due to this men enjoy watching sports games, exercising, or pursuing their goals. Men even enjoy stress. Women, on the other hand, enjoy caring, nurturing, talking about their feelings and emotions. The problem occurs when an estrogen-driven woman starts caring for a man that she likes and makes him feel loved and safe while this is not what a testosterone-driven man enjoys! So here is the trick: let him chase you, don’t always be available, and make him feel like sitting on the edge of his seat. As crazy as it sounds, it will keep him interested and he will love it.

5. The balance of giving and receiving

The foundation of love is power balance. If you are the one who gives too much the balance will be lost and he will start losing his interest in you pretty quickly. It is very important to learn how to keep the balance right. If you feel that you are giving more than you are receiving, try to hold back so your partner gets a chance to take his turn and give something to you.

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These are the key factors that make a man fall in love with a woman. It is very important to pay attention to all of them if you want to have a happy and lasting relationship.

Greta is a dating and relationship coach who helps women to bring out the best in their men so they cherish and adore them. If you have a dating or relationship problem and would like to get Greta's advice, visit her website Ladies' Relationship Coach and contact her to get your first question answered completely free.

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