I keep ending up with Mr. Wrong. How do I find Mr. Right?
Audrey, 35
Answered by:
Relationship Advisor & Emotional Healer

I am so glad you asked me that question as I truly understand you. There are so many dating rules and advice on how to find Mr. Right, it can become daunting. We have been led down the wrong path as we search outside of ourselves for love. What everyone is searching for is the love of themselves because of the Law Of Attraction we can only attract to us a person who loves us as much as we love ourselves. I suggest you first work on yourself. Love yourself unconditionally first. Once you are in that position all fear and worry leaves your space and you start seeing things from a different view point.

Write a list of all the qualifications you would like. Just make sure you don’t add in looks and materialism. You can write things like adventurous, affectionate, sensitive, likes to hold hands, whatever you prefer. We are able to manifest whatever we want so write your list and then let it go. Do not put anymore energy into it. When we beg or plead we get the opposite results. Writing this list sends it to your guides to find this person for you and put him on your path.

The key is trust that it will happen and it will. We also create our future by our thoughts so to create him act is if he already exists. If anyone asks you if you have a boyfriend say, “yes”. Talk to him everyday on how grateful you are that he sends you flowers, or whatever it is you appreciate. Then he will appear. It happens like magic. Remember it’s not about if you are right for him; the question should always be “Are you right for me?” Believe, trust, receive is a good motto to live by.

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