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You naturally want to know how your guy feels about you and want him to see you as a big deal in his life. Kissing is the best way to determine if your guy sees you the same way you see him. Here are important signs that the kiss meant something to him and that you are on the same page about your romance.

1. He looked a bit nervous

When something is important, feeling scared about how things will turn out is natural. When a guy kisses a girl who he feels might be the right person for him, he will view the first kiss as a big deal.

It is a good sign when you sense that your guy is nervous about your first kiss together. His treating the kiss with seriousness means that he is attracted to you and wants more than just a friendship.

Kissing is a way to share the biggest secret you can with your sweetheart: that you have developed deep feelings for him. It is a clear sign that he wants to be more than friends, and if your guy looks nervous, it could be because kissing you means as much to him as it does to you.

2. The kiss was preceded by eye contact

The song lyrics about the look of love in your eyes are so true! The eyes and mouth are the most expressive features of each person’s face. A sure sign of your guy’s feelings is that he wants to lock eyes with you before and after your lips meet.

When a man kisses you with love, he focuses on connecting with all of you. Through how he gazes at you, it becomes crystal clear that this kiss means something special to him, and your lips meeting is not just an accident. The way that he makes eye contact indicates that he is smitten.

A close look at his face shows that he likes you and wants to kiss you more. His feelings are expressed with every gaze the two of you exchange. Love is definitely in the air!

3. It was a slow kiss

When two people are serious about expressing feelings of romance toward each other, slow and steady often wins the race. Real chemistry shines through a slow kiss because it is more intense and caring. The whole world seems to stop turning, and you only notice each other.

The way your fingers caress each other as you pause and smile before your lips meet again to enjoy more slow kisses lets you know that the whole situation leads to a deeper connection. When your man kisses you slowly, you can tell there is real meaning in the kisses you share. His slow kisses indicate that this is more than a fling in his mind.

You were excited when he stroked your cheek and looked intently into your eyes. The slowness of the kiss made his interest in you very obvious. These are all signs that the kiss meant something important to him.

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4. You felt a strong connection

Are you new at love and dating? If you are, it is okay. Rome was not built in a day, and it can be tough to figure out if you have a future with someone when you do not know which signs to look for. A kiss provides a strong clue as to whether your guy is attracted to you and feels a bond with you.

A man who wants to be your partner will try to treat you with respect during your kisses. He could be the most shy guy in the world, but it will not stop him from focusing on pursuing a deeper emotional relationship with you.

When you think of this man, you are contented and serene. It feels like an unexplainable connection. Your intuition reminds you that he has always come through for you with the small things and will likely do so with the big things.

5. He was sober when he kissed you

Enjoying a glass of wine together is fine, but it is not a compliment when a man kisses you only after a few drinks. He wants to be sober during the kiss to remember what happened between you.

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You realize that his smitten expression of excitement is authentic. Being in complete control of his emotions assures you that the kiss did not result from a drunken accident. The best way to experience deep emotions is without being influenced by a few drinks.

There is nothing worse than feeling doubt and insecurity. Knowing that he was sober when he kissed you eliminates your fears. You know the kiss did not result from a drunken accident, and you look forward to what happens next.

6. He was smiling after the kiss

It is a clear sign that your special guy is falling for you when he flashes a sweet grin after your lips lock. He could not stop smiling even if he tried because he feels real chemistry when you are together. And when you smile at him, it is as if the entire energy shifts.

All that matters is what you both feel. Regardless of who else is in the same room, the adorable grin your guy gives you after you kiss leaves such an epic memory in your mind, and he is the only person you can focus on. He feels the same way!

Eyes and lips are the most expressive features on a person’s face. The smile he gives you instantly makes you feel connected to him and confident that you have captured his heart.

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7. You both got quiet afterward

When your kisses have left you both speechless, you can get excited! You finally know the true meaning of a comfortable silence. Instead of feeling pressured to keep talking, you both dare to cherish this intense and wonderful feeling.

The first kiss you two share is a big deal, and it is a good sign when you are not afraid that he’ll shy away from enjoying a quiet moment with you. Your body language as you wrap your arms around each other after the kiss is the only conversation you need. Eventually, you forget the silence in your partner’s arms and cherish the moment.

When love is in the air, you can feel it. There is no need to say a word. All you need to do is be present with your emotions.

8. He didn’t brag about the kiss to his friends

Some things are better left untold. Your man wants to treasure the passion for the kiss you shared by keeping the sweet memory of the moment to himself. Your man does not view your kisses as a scandalous secret. He sees you as a priceless treasure that he wants to protect.

You mean something to him, and he wants to cherish that feeling. He knows that pretending you are a casual fling in front of his mates is a bad idea. You made him realize that the best way to prove his interest in you is to be subdued and quiet as you two get to know each other through dating.

Even if your guy feels extremely giddy about the kiss, he does not want to boast. Instead, he is slowly processing what happened, and he would rather gaze into your eyes and share smiles with you than brag about you to his friends.

9. He asked you out again

A man who is serious about you will not question how much you mean to him. He’ll make it clear to you immediately by suggesting that you choose when your next date will be. He is not afraid to start a relationship with you. Quite the contrary, he is excited to see what will happen next.

Guys who feel strong signs of a deeper connection and dare to listen to their hearts know they must do what is right. It is important to give the relationship a real chance. The power of the kiss between you sealed the deal.

You will not need to constantly ask him to take you to your favorite restaurant or remind him of your birthday. That amazing kiss made him sit up and notice, and he has no trouble memorizing everything important to you.

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10. He’s become more caring since the kiss

Physical intimacy is one way to show love and care, but it is not the only way to prove that a bond exists between you. However, how he treats you has only intensified since you shared that true love kiss. He feels he is experiencing perfection whenever he is blessed to be in your company.

It is not as if he is unaware that it is impossible to find a perfect person. He knows. But all he can think about is how giddy you make him feel and how lucky he is to gaze into your eyes and press his cheek against yours.

He lets you know that even having a real chance to talk with you is enough to make him happy. He also wants to connect with you every chance he can, be it a sweet good morning message to wake up to or a heartfelt paragraph that will make you cry. You are in his heart, and he wants you to feel how much he cares for you.

11. You felt it in your gut that it meant something

Many people rely on their intuition to determine the answers to the most pressing questions. That first kiss produced positive signs for you, such as a real chance to build a future with your partner. That wonderful feeling tells you this is the right time and partner.

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You notice an undeniable energy that never existed in your previous relationship. This relationship seems to be the real deal, and each romantic moment spent together feels safe and thrilling.

It is no coincidence that your intuition about your partner’s feelings is growing strong. Your intuition tells you that the kiss impacted him, and he’ll ponder over it for a long time.

12. He leaned in closer

The energy between you two is so off the charts, and being with you makes him feel warm and fuzzy. Your guy will never want to be distant from you for too long because he feels this magnetic pull toward you.

When your lips are in front of him, he only wants to kiss them. The taste of your lips fuels his passion for all things related to you. He is eager to be closer to you, the woman who makes his heart flutter.

Also, he wants to eliminate distractions when he leans in closer. When he maintains consistent eye contact and holds your hand, your man’s mind is clearly on you and only you. That is especially true when no one else is around you.

man holding womans hand on a date

13. He has been transparent with you

You will not need to stress yourself out expecting the unexpected. Your guy has practically been an open book with you from the moment you two kissed. The funny thing is that you have also been more open with him.

It is almost as if that first kiss answered your brain’s questions about compatibility. Both of your feelings instantly grew. You feel comfortable sharing your biggest secret with him because you realize he is trustworthy.

14. He made room for you in his life

That first kiss woke him up and caused him to realize how much he wanted to be with you. The kissing technique you showed your guy through your tender smooch automatically led to him asking you when the next date would be. But it was more than just the passion and fun kissing technique that you treated him to when your body and mouth were pressed against his.

From that very first kiss, he knew you were not the usual person he would happen to come across in his past. What he feels for you is different. The chemistry between you is so strong, and he knows he must jump at the chance to show you that he feels you are worth waiting for. He has made room for you in his life, and he makes it clear that he wants to include you in his social and family plans.

15. There was no holding back

Does the man who kissed you seem to be opening up more? He does not get secretive when you ask personal questions to get to know him better and shares personal details about his life. You can tell whether or not you have a future with a man you are dating based on how connected you feel when you are together.

Ever since sharing loving smiles and kisses with you, you notice that his behavior is different. He does not treat you like a crush anymore. Instead, he treats you like a romantic partner and aims to let you into his private world. There is no more talk about playing the field because he aims to build a genuine friendship based on passion and trust.

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16. He asked you how you feel

Asking how you feel is a pretty obvious way to tell if a guy wants to be with you. The way he checks in with you makes it clear that the kiss meant something important to him. He is not afraid to show you that he cares. He will demonstrate that he’ll protect you if you share your hurts.

Instead of being self-centered, he eagerly shares his romantic side with you. Your passion for him is reciprocated whether his friends are around or not. You are on this man’s mind, and he openly demonstrates that he is interested in more than just a fling.

He values your insights, reactions, and feelings. The fact that he cares so much about you should give him major bonus points in your mind.

17. The gifts he gave you were amazing

The kiss you shared with this man has motivated him to interact differently with you in a way that surprises you and everyone else in his life. From the moment your lips met, your guy was forced to admit that he did not want to hold back on creating more chances for you two to be together. He had to get honest with himself and admit that you captured his heart.

He demonstrates his affection in various ways. He may write romantic cards, buy flowers, or slowly massage your neck. Money is not necessarily required to prove that your partnership has real meaning because he shows it lovingly.

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His gestures and thoughtful gifts indicate that the kiss meant something to him. You are thrilled about your next date with him because he always seems to say and do something special to express his feelings.

18. He caressed your skin

He wants you to know that he is interested in more than your gorgeous lips. Dancing with you cheek to cheek and caressing your skin and hair excites him. Nuzzling his nose against your nose in a sweet Eskimo-style kiss makes you and your guy feel giddy.

It does not matter to him if your hair is a mess. He adores you so much that it hurts. His aim is not to experience perfection from you. He loves holding you, caressing your neck, nuzzling your neck with sweet kisses, and treasuring every moment he spends with you.

He is attracted to you when he draws you closer to him. His behavior clearly shows that he sees you differently than anyone else. That is why he cherishes every feature that makes you who you are.

Young man touching womans hair

19. He talked about what comes next

When he tells you about his favorite vacation destination, he is not afraid to make it clear that he would be happy to go on a holiday together. Those kisses you two shared made his soul open up. He’ll freely admit that he struggled to be honest about his intentions with previous women he dated.

His usual behavior in the past was to keep what he felt in his head, never revealing his honest intentions. But with you, he feels differently about expressing himself. He can fully admit that he is smitten with you and has been waiting for someone like you to enter his life for a long time.

The kiss you shared with him opened his eyes and helped him see that you both have a deeper connection that money and outside circumstances cannot interfere with.

20. His interest was on full display

He’ll tell his friends about how you are more than just someone he wants to share a few drinks with. When the first French kiss happened, he knew that you were a big deal in his life. When you shared your first butterfly kiss, he knew he wanted to let his eyelashes touch your eyelashes daily for the rest of your lives.

Each moment has grown into you two, drawing closer together. He cannot keep quiet about how much you mean to him. He will pridefully brag about your beauty and intelligence to his friends and family. His entire social circle is aware of his interest in you.

The signs that the kiss meant something to him indicate what kind of life he wants to build and where he wants to be. Those aren’t details that he would tell anyone. He is letting you know about his goals and showing that you are his priority. And you know how they say: if a man wants you, he will make it happen.

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21. He spoke about the kiss with you

The man who kissed you is fully proud of where your relationship is going. From the moment he held you in his arms, he felt his heart rush with love. He cares about how you feel about the kisses you shared and wants to know if anyone else has ever kissed you in the same way.

Your guy never wants to assume he has the wrong idea about your feelings. He wants to know that you view him as more than just a crush. He’ll talk with you about what you want from this situation and if the kiss you shared means as much to you as it does to him.

22. He created more chances to kiss you

Have you noticed that he constantly creates romantic opportunities for you two to talk? He likes to point out your pull on his heart, and he enjoys hearing you say he has a pull on your heart, too.

He does not need alcohol to toast and celebrate you. This man does things differently. He will kiss and praise you without any occasion, whether alcohol is involved or not. He does not need stimulants to show you he is attracted to you.

These are all positive signs that the entire energy surrounding your relationship is good. Each kiss you share with this guy on a date means a lot to him, and he is not dreading to show it. He is not afraid to interact differently with you than he ever has with anyone else. That is a wonderful sign that you can be happy about. Whether you share a French kiss, a butterfly kiss, a peck on the cheek, or an Eskimo kiss, each kiss means something special to him.

It is fine to let your guy know that you crave his kisses, especially when you see these clear signs to determine that your kisses are valuable to him. Each date with you is important to him. He is not playing games with your heart. The unexpected way your guy’s attitude has warmed up towards you makes you realize the important sign that you two share real chemistry.

Akua is a Canadian born and raised girl with Caribbean roots. She is a journalist, actress, music teacher, performer, owner and marketer of 3 worldwide dating websites, as well as an independent Pure Romance business owner selling passion products for singles and couples.

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