couple feeling unexplainable connection to each other

That flutter in your heart when you think about someone you are strongly attracted to is not part of your imagination. There are many signs that what you feel for each other is accurate and that a deep spiritual connection is developing between you. A genuine, intense relationship sometimes forms when we least expect it, but it can and does exist.

Let’s explore the signs of an unexplainable connection with someone that may indicate you have found your karmic soulmate.

1. You experience an instant pull

When you meet the right person, you will know it right away. The instant connection with that special someone will be strong, and you cannot explain why it is happening. You cannot even compare what you feel for that person with anyone you have previously met.

In your whole life, you have never felt what you are experiencing now. This connection is more profound than anything you have ever believed in; not everyone will understand this. But you will know what you are feeling, and so will the object of your desire.

You are both experiencing the same intensity of emotions, and your body language toward each other makes it evident that you are happy to be together in a room, staring into each other’s eyes, sitting close, and keeping the conversation going.

2. Your values are in sync

Isn’t it a wonderful thing when your values align? There is no need to explain yourself too much when you are with your true soulmate. There is this strong feeling of understanding each other. This is the type of relationship you have been searching for your entire life.

It is almost as if you can sigh in relief when you share your hopes and dreams with your partner and discover that he shares the same views. People with the same values as their partners tend to have more successful relationships, especially when they sense that they share a spiritual connection.

3. You feel secure about each other

What a blessing it is to be in a relationship in which you feel safe! Sadly, not everyone feels that way in their relationships. A true sign that you are with the right person is when you realize that the two of you do not need drama to spice up the relationship. You feel at ease in your partner’s presence, and your conversations with each other lead to greater love and understanding.

Your special someone will go out of their way to make you feel protected and comfortable. You feel good with your mate and want him to feel good, too. You accept one another, and you care about each other’s goals and dreams.

Silly, inappropriate actions like name-calling and provoking jealousy do not even factor into your partnership. You both realize that you have finally found the right person and do not want to destroy what you have.

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4. You can talk for hours with each other

Proper communication is essential for every successful relationship. Without communication, there are no dreams, goals, plans, and perspectives to consider about the relationship. Some people run out of things to discuss together, but not you and your partner!

The karmic connection you share inspires you to listen and understand each other, even if one of you is silent. The special bond that the two of you share is one that you treasure and choose to honor by ensuring you always feel connected to each other.

5. A comfortable silence exists between you

While it is true that consistent communication is critical to building a meaningful relationship, silence is gold. When you are with “The One,” your soul recognizes that you do not need to chat all day long to express your comfort with each other.

The comfortable silence when you are silently sipping your favorite beverages as you sit beside each other gives each of you the same sense of relief. That sense is that the special bond you share can rest easy.

You can give each other time to sit in your thoughts and feel supported as you have your independent time. A twin flame knows that the energy connection speaks multiple words through your body language with each other.

6. Starting over isn’t scary

Have you ever picked up and moved forward in a different direction than planned? Re-routing your journey, especially if you do not know if you will be successful in your re-route. But when you share a divine connection with someone, you follow your heart and trust that you will make it to your destination together.

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Creating a new life path can seem scary. Starting over with someone new does not guarantee that you will succeed in achieving the special relationship you want to build.

However, being with someone who you feel is the right person can give you the confidence to pursue a partnership that possibly defies logic. You cannot explain why you sense that your mate is a true soulmate, but you feel in your heart that you are in a twin flame relationship, view life similarly, and want to go the extra mile.

couple walking holding hands

7. You feel a twin-flame connection

Throughout the years, I have learned the value of trusting in my intuitive voice. And my intuition has rarely steered me wrong. When your intuition speaks so clearly to you that you cannot deny what you have been told, that is a sign that you need to listen closely and follow your instincts.

Is your intuition quietly screaming that the karmic connection between you and your partner is the type of deep, unexplainable connection you have been searching for your entire life?

If so, you need to listen to your inner voice and follow your heart to see for yourself if your relationship is indeed a twin flame connection that will lead to enjoying life the same way.

8. You are relieved when you resolve issues

All couples have disputes now and then, but when you and your partner make up after fighting, your soul recognizes that you feel much happier once the two of you have worked together to settle your issues. That gnawing feeling in your heart when you and your mate are not getting along is gone, and you feel a massive relief when you join forces to reaffirm the special connection you share.

The two of you don’t need to agree on every topic. However, when you work together to ensure that mutual respect is a high priority between you, despite your differences, you feel more confident about building a successful, committed relationship and securing your strong connection.

9. You communicate without words

If and when you and your twin flame are not speaking frequently to each other, the strong connection between you does not disappear. You can feel each other’s energy on a deeper level despite not being in each other’s physical presence. Your intuition tells you that your significant other is thinking of you and wants to communicate with you but does not know how to reach you.

When two people are karmic soulmates, they feel connected spiritually. Not being together does not mean you are not on each others’ minds. You know that despite your partnership having a difficult day, you are still in the thoughts of your soulmate.

dreamy woman laying on the grass

10. Forgiveness is a priority

I no longer am surprised about celebrity breakups that occur because, through time, I have come to realize that it is perfectly acceptable to quickly or immediately end relationships when it is clear that there is too much incompatibility.

You only live once. I do not see the point of staying with a person who does not inspire you to become the best version of yourself.

When you feel your partner is your twin flame, your main goal is to be with this person forever. Because of that, you feel more compelled to forgive your soulmate, even when you disagree.

The two of you bond on a deep level. You are motivated to protect this rare and special thing you feel for each other to explore this connection further.

11. Your motivation level is higher

The bond you share with your significant other can be highly motivational, and when you feel connected spiritually, you want to be the best you can be. And so, you decide to spend time becoming the best person that you can be. You feel even more motivated when you receive your partner’s unconditional love and support.

The fears that you once had about stepping out of your comfort zone are entirely gone. You feel comfortable exploring who you are as a person and pursuing your goals no matter what happens because you feel motivated by having the support of your best friend and soulmate.

12. You grow and learn together

Life is always a learning experience, but it is natural not to want to learn the difficult lessons that you encounter through life. However, your bond with your favorite person makes the time spent navigating a bumpy ride worth it.

No matter what happens, you feel ready to have difficult conversations, navigate sad emotions, and consider different angles with your other half.

Learning together is a true joy when you connect with someone who gets you like no one else. This unexplainable connection is worth every moment. Being with someone you feel comfortable in your skin is a joy. Karmic relationships are rare, inspiring you to learn to love like never before.

young couple flicking a book in a library

13. You can dream again

Everything changes when you realize that you share a special connection with your mate and that your soul connection is firm. Instead of focusing on life’s disorders and irritations, you create opportunities to spend time with your twin flame. It is like a veil is lifted from your eyes, and you can see clearly for the first time.

Even if you are an introvert, you are okay spending time with your partner, someone with whom you feel you can be your true self. It is as if your visions for the future are suddenly ignited each time you are in each other’s presence.

The ability to dream big and get excited about your goals is a sign that you have a great connection.

14. You feel protective of each other

No one is perfect, but you and your partner rush to defend each other whenever possible. A vital sign that a partnership is working is acceptance. You welcome and acknowledge that your twin flame has flaws and vow not to hold those flaws against them.

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The connection is important to you and worth investing in. Even if you have made big mistakes, your companion will accept and encourage you to improve. You appreciate the belief in who you are and encourage your significant other to strive to be a better person.

15. You enjoy collaborating

The excitement you feel when you two are in each other’s presence is joyous. All you want to do is share ideas, talk more, be more intimate, and better understand your partner’s mind and soul. You two seem to never run out of ideas to share between you.

Sharing your thoughts, hopes, and goals feels good because you have finally found someone with whom you want to achieve your goals. Joining forces to create a new path for the two of you makes total sense, even if you are unsure how things will work out.

woman playing guitar to her partner

16. Other people’s opinions do not matter

One of the uncomfortable things about dating is when you sense that the person pursuing you is not the right person. Regardless of how hard you try, you cannot ignore your strong feelings about needing to find someone else quickly. Most people can feel when there is a deep connection with someone, and if links are not being made, it is because two people are just not a match.

When you feel an unexplainable connection with someone, other people interested in you are not even a consideration in your mind. When two bodies are meant to be together, they connect, which is a vital sign when their feelings for each other grow stronger. They feel lucky, wanting to eliminate any possible love rivals.

17. Love songs on the radio ring true

I used to sing along to songs on the radio without pondering whether the lyrics applied to what I was dealing with. There are many songs about heartbreak hotels, saying I love you, regretting saying I love you, walking away, but debating whether to step back and try again. There are also many songs about feeling a soul connection with someone.

When I felt I was in a karmic pairing with someone for the first time, I stopped singing songs aimlessly. Instead, I listened to the songs with more intention and conviction because I could finally feel a connection to the music. I immediately understood what it was like to experience the many emotions described in the song.

18. You vow to be different

Past relationships can often clog up our minds and hearts. When entering new relationships, we sometimes repeat the same behaviors from our past. However, things are different in karmic relationships because you feel motivated to be a better and more evolved person.

When you want your connection to thrive, you do what needs to be done to nurture that connection on a spiritual level. Instead of holding back and being reserved like you were in your past pairing, you are more willing to be open and share your darkest secrets. You realize that by being vulnerable with your soulmate, you feel connected and enjoy that feeling.

couple sitting outside the tent embracing

19. Getting to know each other is a priority

When you sense a deep connection with someone and feel more than just physical attraction, your goals include exploring this great relationship. Unexplainable connections are like that; you want to dive deep and learn as much as possible about your partner.

Your jam-packed busy schedule now has room for adjustments because when your special someone starts sharing more than just small talk with you, it is important to you to make time to find something to talk about when you spend time with your mate.

20. Vulnerability is possible and powerful

Sometimes people in superficial connections do everything they can to keep the person who they are with someone who will not be a vital part of their life. Trusting someone takes time, but not knowing each other’s opinions can prevent two people from fully trusting in one another.

Opening your heart and being vulnerable in a relationship is a huge deal. Revealing your true self is something you would only do with someone you trust and you have a strong connection. In relationships like this, being in each others’ presence feels rejuvenating.

21. Friends and family notice your connection

A connection you two share makes other people sit up and notice. You will not need to explain why you adore your partner so much because your loved ones notice all the signs that you two are meant to be.

You two exchange knowing glances when you think the same things. The honest conversations and the encouragement and praise you and your partner share show your loved ones that your union could inspire other couples to be romantic.

group of friends having drinks

22. Laughter is a part of your conversations

When you are feeling down, you most likely forget the importance of laughter. Laughter is good for the soul. Despite having a bad day, you can talk with your partner and laugh.

Laughter helps you to forget about the doom and gloom in life, and even if that is just for a little while, sharing a laugh with your true soulmate brightens your day.

23. Making sacrifices is easy

Few people enjoy having to compromise and make sacrifices. As humans, we can be very self-centered and unwilling to bend. Some signs of an unexplainable connection are that you want to do what you can to be of service and view sacrifices from different angles.

In a couple where the individuals are twin flames, making sacrifices does not feel like a burden. It practically defies logic, but two humans meant to be together feel safe making sacrifices for each other.

24. Dating each other is a must

Since your first date, the energy levels between you two consistently rise to new heights. An obvious sign that your connection is solid is that you constantly make time to strengthen the bond by vowing never to lose touch with how you both feel and think.

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You both ensure that your connection evolves by dating each other and sparking the flame to keep your relationship as exciting as it was when you first met.

couple on a romantic date in a fine dining restaurant

25. The dates are easy-going

Making small talk during a date with someone you do not have a connection with can be painful and awkward. However, with this particular person, you never had bad dates.

Good dates between you can be as simple as walking through the park, having a romantic picnic, or bungee jumping. The activities you do on your dates do not lessen the intense connection you share.

26. No need to justify your life choices

When you have a soul-level connection, you don’t have to justify your life decisions to your partner. Whatever life choices you make, there is no need to prop up insecurities for each other.

When your partner is your best friend, your feelings are always respected. The connection between you two is safe enough to know that your partner considers you worthy.

27. Keeping secrets is important

The most heart-wrenching moments of your life are difficult things to share with another person. However, the connection you two share is different. Signs of an unexplainable link include understanding that what you share needs to remain private. Also, you don’t need to explain that you will not reveal intimate information about each other to anyone and everyone.

You can trust that your chat details will stay between you and your special someone. For example, it feels safe to be honest and explain your past decisions and what led you to become who you are now. Feeling comfortable in your skin with your partner signifies that you two share a special bond.

man whispering a secret into womans ear

28. You don’t sweat the small stuff

As long as two people are involved, little squabbles and misunderstandings are unavoidable. Guess what? That is okay. You learn not to sweat the small stuff.

You realize that perfection in a person is not possible. While you do not want to tolerate dysfunction, you accept that karmic soulmates have disagreements occasionally, and that is nothing to fear.

29. You trust each other

You each strive to be honest with each other. Vital signs to look for are when your mate has an opportunity to flirt with other women but chooses not to. It is a special feeling when you bond with someone who encourages you to reveal parts of your life and personality that no one else has seen.

Being with someone you care for inspires you to be the best version of yourself. When you entrust your heart with another person, it is because that individual has proven themselves to you. You feel more secure when you trust someone to care for your heart. Having that unique connection with someone makes you feel happier.

30. A rainy day together is a good day

Getting under the covers and sleeping together exemplifies how great it feels to be happy simply because you are who you should be with. When one person starts smiling, the other will, too, and the rain will be forgotten because someone special is nearby.

You feel entirely content when your partner makes you smile despite the rain. You know that the sun will rise again, and you will enjoy the sunshine together.

couple sitting outdoors embracing

31. Your shared beliefs increase

A vital sign that you belong together is that you share the same values. You move forward in life together at the same time. Being with someone you can always find topics to talk about feels glorious! You never have to worry about an awkward silence.

As you spend more and more time together, it becomes clear that the conversations are so impactful that you are in a karmic relationship. Spending time together helps you realize this unusual attraction is much deeper than anything you have ever experienced. Your mate “gets” you, and that is such a blessing.

32. Keeping in touch counts

You chat with each other throughout the day. You never want to feel disconnected. When you share an unexplainable connection with someone, you feel energized and fulfilled as you spend time together. It is almost as if you knew each other in a past life. Keeping in touch is more than physical attraction, as you want to be with each other.

The deep spiritual bond between you two grows with each conversation you share, whether a quick text or an hour-long chat. When you share an instant connection, you feel an urgency to move your spiritual connection forward.

You do not want a single day without talking with your partner. Your twin flame motivates you, and you feel a powerful desire to be connected.

33. A hug has more meaning

Physical intimacy does not have to be sexual, as a hug means emotional closeness and security to you. You enjoy being in your partner’s arms, and you are happy and relaxed, feeling his warmth and heartbeat. There is not always a need to go further than that.

Body language can express much more than words. A kiss on the forehead and stroking hands while embracing each other stir up feelings that you have never experienced with anyone else.

These are signs that you two have an instant pull, an emotional bond, and shared circumstances that cannot be denied. The possibility that you might lose touch with each other is scary because you have never felt a connection as deep as this one. A strong sense of romance is heightened and celebrated when you share that deep connection.

Now that you know the signs of having an unexplainable connection with someone, you can build the confidence to explore your intense physical attraction and emotional connection. You are experiencing these deep feelings for a reason, and your life will change completely when you explore the intense connection that can only be found in a karmic relationship.

Akua is a Canadian born and raised girl with Caribbean roots. She is a journalist, actress, music teacher, performer, owner and marketer of 3 worldwide dating websites, as well as an independent Pure Romance business owner selling passion products for singles and couples.

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