Twin flame signs

Have you been fascinated by the idea of finding your mirror soul? Have you attempted to find this magical union? Perhaps you’ve been taught different exercises and meditations to help you find it, however, with no luck? Let me explain what a twin flame is and what it is not, and help you identify the twin flame signs.

What is a twin flame?

A twin flame relationship is a Divine Union with a Divine purpose, and it includes the deepest level of passion and love. It is the deepest and most evolved merging of Oneness between partners. A twin flame union is like a thousand-layer cake, although before you seek your twin flame, you need to know that your life with your twin flame creates personal evolution for both of you, and with that come growing pains!

Do you wonder why so many people seek the ecstatic union of their twin flame if they realize that there will be pain along the route? The magnetism and love are so strong that when you meet your twin flame, you will not be able to resist. Like Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz,” your little house will be lifted, and you will be carried off to your own passionate land of Oz to live your destiny. Therefore, you should decide before you begin your twin flame search if your longing outweighs your need for peace and independence because you can’t have both!

When you find your twin flame, it is with both the closeness and complication of Siamese twins who must navigate life without the independence and freedom that many people prefer. Yet for twin flames, if they are prepared for this, it is joyous and blissful to be reunified with their “other half.”

One of the theories is that twin flames originated as one soul on Atlantis, and when Atlantis was destroyed, twin flames were split apart, and each half has been searching for thousands of years to merge once more. Others believe that twinned souls eventually split in order to evolve by experiencing duality, and the debate is likely to continue for decades until scientists discover the evidence.

The magnetism and love are so strong that when you meet your twin flame, you will not be able to resist. Click To Tweet

Twin flame symptoms

Knowing how to recognize your twin flame is the first question you may want to get answered. The twin flame union is based on love, devotion, and passion, created by a strong soul connection. It allows each partner to evolve and allows all those touched by them to be altered by their miraculous intimate union. Part of the twin flame experience is to guide humanity to move forward because love is the most powerful force that humans possess.

The twin flame relationship is not easy, and for some, it is simply too challenging. Other people may meet their twin flame; they may briefly experience bliss together, but when the deep work of growth is required, one or both may run away. Twin flames must always choose love instead of comfort. If your twin flame relationship is multi-cultural, involving different countries, religions, and beliefs, you will need to move beyond old taboos that contradict love. We need to remember that all human cultures and religions are based on unconditional love; that is the underlying message offered by every enlightened being from Krishna to Moses, to Buddha, to Mohammed, stretching across thousands of years of human experience. If your twin flame comes from a different background, can you choose love instead of what is familiar?

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Preparing for the Sacred Union

For each man or woman, longing to rediscover and reconnect with a twin flame requires a deep level of healing. To prepare for Sacred Union with your twin flame, these are the key steps you need the courage to take, often with the help of a qualified guide.

Clearing traumas from past lives is necessary so that you have the intense magnetism needed to attract our twin flame. Your traumatic memory may be war, disease, persecution, abject poverty, homelessness. As you learn to heal from past lives, you must focus and magnetize, connect and live in harmony and peace with one another because if you do not possess the skills to let go of your ego, you will part again.

You may discover lifetimes in which you were trained as a Healer, a common path for those who are seeking their twin flame in this life. Often our sacred partnerships include friends and family in this lifetime with whom we share healing abilities, yet that is not always true of your twin flame. The key here is that the more you evolve now, the faster you find your twin flame, and the smoother your path together will be.

Learning to balance the feminine and the masculine energies, which is a common thread of the human evolutionary process, is another great benefit to those seeking twin flame partnerships.

Have you done your inner work; have you learned self-soothing skills so that you can bring yourself to peace when you feel frightened, angry, or sad? These are key in the deepest levels of long-term intimacy, especially with your twin flame.

Contemplate your twin flame before going to bed and write down the circumstances of the meeting as soon as you awaken. It often speeds the process of meeting as you will be more aware of where to find one another. Is it on the beach that you meet? Or maybe at a dinner party? Do you recognize the host or hostess? All these thoughts help solve the mystery of how to find your twin flame.

Clearing traumas from past lives is necessary so that you have the intense magnetism needed to attract our twin flame. Click To Tweet

When twin flames meet

Have you felt that undeniable pull from across a crowded room, the magnetism that you cannot resist? If you have, do you know how you recognized your twin flame? It means that you have already done much of your inner work so that you have self-understanding and self-acceptance. Otherwise, you may feel the passion, the ecstasy, the fascination, even the undeniable pull, but you will most likely be unable to stay in the course and harvest the great gift of finding your twin flame. Even if you know that you have found one another, both of you must recognize the miracle of reconnection to living a conscious, self-actualized life together.

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When twin flames meet, a common theme is that they both look and feel familiar to one another. Again and again, I hear stories of dreams in which one twin flame appeared to the other. Often while one twin flame is dreaming of the other, the other twin flame is awake and wishing, hoping and longing to be connected.

Some believe that unconditional love is impractical because they have never allowed themselves to move beyond their ego to love this deeply. Children and teens understand love; they haven’t been mistaught by adults, not yet. The twin flame experience includes the Divine, a relationship that happens to include intense desire, passion, and pleasure.

Love requires courage, and it can even feel like walking through fire when your ego seeks to pull you away from your true love. If you wonder about the magnetic attraction that makes twin flames so different from other lovers, imagine a small fridge magnet, and then imagine a giant magnet, the superconducting magnet on the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland; that’s the difference.

The sexual aspect is another indicator of meeting your twin flame. New sexual experiences will begin to become possible for you. For women, many suddenly become multi-orgasmic. Many men find that they become able to make love for hours as if they were suddenly tantric experts. The passion is so intense your mouths may feel dry when you begin to make love, sure proof that all the energy and blood are flowing elsewhere!

Twin flame stages: a great flame to one flame

To have a twin flame relationship, you must first become a great flame yourself. Twin flame relationships are different from traditional love because of the depth of intimacy, undying devotion, and commitment – a mutual magnetism that never changes. Even if you become separated for decades or choose to disconnect the power remains, the magnets stay embedded in each of you.

An example of the twin flame relationship is Prince Charles, the next king of England, and his second wife, Camilla. Though he married Princess Di, neither Charles nor Camilla could move on, and ultimately, their mutual longing and adoration created seismic waves to the British royal family, leading Charles and Diana to divorce. Twin flames feel a compression, like coal turning into a diamond, and when Charles and Camilla reunited as a couple, the healing effect of their twin flame relationship opened the doorway for the unique marriage between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

That is the effect of every twin flame relationship; it transforms not only the lives of the flames; it changes everything and everyone who is within the reflected glow of their love!

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Twin flame relationships are different from traditional love because of the depth of intimacy, undying devotion, and commitment - a mutual magnetism that never changes. Click To Tweet

Twin flame vs. soulmate

Have you sought your twin flame for so long that you have ceased to believe it is possible? Have you been in partnerships, thinking that you had found your twin flame only to discover that you ended up as alone and bereft as if there had been no shared destiny? If you are already in a relationship, do you dream that your partner can evolve to become the perfect fit for you?

Since twin flames find one another, again and again, lifetime after lifetime, do you long to know how you can find, magnetize, and enjoy the twin flame relationship? But what about enslavement? If you believe someone is your destiny, isn’t there a huge possibility of feeling as if you must behave in a certain way, that you must do anything to please your twin flame? Once you find this person that you’ve dreamed of, can you still ruin it?

The difference between twin flame and soulmate is often confusing. Soulmates are people who have the same consciousness as you, and with whom you feel well-matched as you would with your biological family members. Their vibrational frequency is not identical, yet the similarity creates a sense of familiarity and belonging. Twin flames have the Oneness as the goal and the passion that is a touchstone of their relationships.

If you are determined to meet your twin flame, the solution is to continue doing your inner work. Once you have moved beyond fear and the ego, and you allow yourself to experience deep vulnerability and unconditional love without running away, you are ready to meet your twin flame.

Get ready for the ride

So many emotions, both heart-centered joy and the intensity of this unprecedented twin flame connection, can leave you feeling as if you are spinning out of control. If you haven’t learned how to self-sooth, thoughts about potentially losing your twin flame can lead to overwhelming fear and trigger frustration, anxiety, and sadness.

While there are times you both feel relaxed and comfortable in your own skin without self-criticism or criticism of one another, it is not like this all the time. When two people feel fully alive, they may also feel scared, bereft, or confused at the same time.

When you meet your twin flame, please don’t take it for granted, as life may present you with various tests. If we look back into history, every epic love story is a tragedy because one or both partners lacked the courage to move through obstacles to be together. You both must have great courage to evolve and to face any challenges that appear.

If you are emotionally prepared to handle this intense union, you will enjoy the lifetime of liberated love that only the luckiest people experience.

Susan is a certified Mediator and communication expert and the founder of The Marriage Forum, a nonprofit corporation so that people around the world can successfully navigate relationships and create peaceful, loving intimacy with one another. She is also the creator of Heartspace, a unique system of proven and tested skills that helps to find a perfect match and to develop a deep connection. Susan offers one complimentary phone coaching session to discuss your dating needs.

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