Couple with true soul connection

Imagine a connection with another person that feels very powerful and free simultaneously. Your heart is pounding, your brain stops thinking, and you feel you’ve known this person for a long time. It happens when you find a connection with heart and mind – when you’ve found your true soul connection.

Here are ten unmistakable signs of true soul connection illustrated with real people’s stories.

1. It happens unexpectedly

A soulmate connection is always very unexpected; usually, from the first moment, you both feel a special bond that makes you inseparable. You can’t understand what it is, but you crave more. You don’t have to wonder if this is the right person – you simply feel it when your eyes connect for the first time. Even though you both are a little confused, you can’t wait to discover more and explore the unknown and the familiarity in the emotional connection.

“On an ordinary day, you may get a random call from a friend to go out, and despite feeling like your heart is exhausted from meeting people, you agree to go. And at that moment, an innocent hello changes everything because you know you found someone special.” ~ Jasmine, 26

2. You don’t have to explain yourself

You are perfect the way you are, and your true soulmate loves you for that. No explanations are needed. You feel good around them, and they feel good around you. You might feel that others don’t understand you, but with your soulmate, you know that they accept you and all of your quirks. Your actions around your soulmate are so free – no hiding or pretending needed.

“I wanted to disappear the moment I embarrassed myself around him. I blushed and wanted to leave. But he looked into my eyes, gently touched my face, and asked me if I would like to go out for dinner.” ~ Dana, 28

You are perfect the way you are, and your true soulmate loves you for that. Click To Tweet
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3. They appreciate your presence

You feel validated, and your presence is valued. Time together has meaning and purpose. You both look up to each other with love and appreciation. The time and energy you invest will always be reciprocated without any expectations. When you are together, the small things matter and make you smile. The presence of your soulmate can complete your heart, and the energy between you two heals everything.

“I have been on many dates lately but couldn’t find the right connection. But then, when she smiled at me for the first time, I felt like I mattered to her. She is curious, wants to know what is important to me, and wants to learn about my values and passions. She truly has an interest in who I am. It is our six-month anniversary, and we can still explore a lot of things together.” ~ David, 32

4. You are both growing

The power between you two is undeniable, and you bring out the best in each other. This mutual growth makes you believe that you can move mountains together. It might seem impossible to create connections like this, but you know that nothing can stop the two of you now. You work together and grow side by side. Every day you learn something new about each other, understand your differences, and focus on the things that make each of you unique.

“Every time I feel down, she brings light to my life and reminds me of who I am and how big of a difference I make in her world and others’. She sees the best in me and wants me to become the best version of myself, even when I feel like I have lost my purpose. She is always there and helps me to grow every day.” ~ Mike, 41

5. You both are working as a team

Your soulmate will never disappoint you and will support you in any situation. Your soulmate believes that working together will make a significant difference for both of you. Together, you feel stronger and more powerful. However, even though you work as a team, you understand that it is important that you stay yourself. You contribute to the relationship freely, and you always wonder what you can bring to the table to improve it.

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“I love it when my partner allows me to take time for myself. I’m one of those people who need to recharge once in a while. She just smiles at me, touches my face, and allows me to be in my space. I return to her a more loving and caring partner. #teamwork” ~ Tomas, 32

6. You can communicate without words

You are connected emotionally and can support each other’s needs, almost like you are wired the same way. In your soulmate’s arms, you will discover comfort and security. Moments of silence don’t make you feel uncomfortable because, even without words, you can connect with your partner.

“I used to be in a relationship where I would verbally express my needs every day, but I never felt that I was actually heard. It was painful and heartbreaking; I felt lost in that relationship. With my new partner, it’s almost as if he reads my mind; I can just look at him and feel better.” ~ Caryn, 35

7. They challenge you for your own good

Your soulmate loves you, but they will never stop challenging you. They challenge you because they always have your best interests in mind. The challenge is to bring out the best in you or push you to a bigger purpose. Trust the process and listen to your intuition; know that a partner who challenges you will help you become stronger than ever.

“I was at the point when I needed to lose weight, but it was extremely hard for me. I wanted to do it for myself and become healthy again, but without my partner, I wouldn’t have been able to succeed. He pushed me to keep going and was there when I needed him the most. So thankful to have him in my life.” ~ Debra, 36

8. You fell in love at the same time

Your timing was perfectly in sync when you fell in love. There was never a moment when you heard, “I’m not ready yet.” You didn’t have to wait for them to grow personally or emotionally. The moment you met your soulmate, you knew they were looking for the same thing as you.

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“I had been going through the love rollercoaster for a while. It always felt like my partners and I were not on the same page. I wanted a family and children, but I always got the same response: ‘I’m not ready.’ It was heartbreaking to deal with it that many times. Until I met Daniel. Things were different with him. He wasn’t afraid to discuss where our relationship was going or about wanting a family. He was ready to commit. I wish I knew that timing was important earlier—I wouldn’t have wasted so much time on others!” ~ Irene, 33

The moment you met your soulmate, you knew they were looking for the same thing as you. Click To Tweet

9. Your connection goes beyond physical attraction

Your love for each other is deep and goes way beyond physical attraction. You are drawn to each other and see the beauty in each other’s hearts. You have found a special bond and should treat it as the most important thing in your life.

“I crave our unexplainable connection; every inch of you is so familiar. I know your dreams, desires, fears, and insecurities. Still, I want to hold you and never let you go.” ~ Scott, 30

10. You trust each other without questions

Your relationship has no jealousy. Your trust in each other is comfortable and comforting. Your connection has strong roots that have grown into a fantastic bond. You will never need to play games; the truth is always present and secures your relationship. When you reach that moment of complete trust, you know you have found your partner for life, your soulmate.

“Cheating, lying, and pretending! I couldn’t bear it anymore; our trust was broken into a million pieces. Our relationship was done. I wasn’t sure if I could trust again because of all the pain that had settled in my veins. But all of a sudden, I met Peter, and I knew I had to open my heart again and not carry old pain. Our trust in each other is unquestionable.” ~ Sara, 29

Every relationship takes effort, time, and energy, even with a soulmate. When you find your soul connection, cherish it, take care of it, and grow it daily.

Lucie is a dating coach and matchmaker based in the San Francisco Bay area. Her career blossomed when she realized that there were important tools most men and women were missing in the world of dating. Lucie has a long list of success stories that have resulted in lasting, meaningful connections. She has become an expert in getting to know the challenges that men and women face in romantic relationships. Lucie sees who people truly are, and what makes them tick. She will help you create a practical plan based on your own personality that will take your dating life to the next level.

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