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Taurus men are known for being cautious. When a Taurus guy becomes interested in someone romantically, he doesn’t immediately jump in. Instead, he lets his feelings develop as he takes in more information. He wants to make good decisions and does the research necessary for that. A Taurus man testing you is a good sign that he is considering you for a serious relationship. Read on to see how you can pass his test!

Reasons why Taurus man is testing you

Why do Taurus men take things slow? It’s just one of the major qualities of their zodiac sign, symbolized by the placid bull.

The bull will finally charge when he is ready, though. If you want to be the person he goes for, just be patient.

1. He is mindful of his money

One of the most prominent Taurus man traits is his materialistic nature. He is always practical, sometimes to a ridiculous degree, and constantly aware of money spending. Taurus knows relationships are expensive, especially when he gets serious about someone.

When a Taurus man is in love, he goes all out. He likes to take his lady to nice restaurants and give her presents. However, before he starts shelling out his cash, he must ensure he has met the right woman and the connection is mutual.

2. He doesn’t want to get hurt

A Taurus man does not wear his heart on his sleeve like men of some other zodiac signs do. He does have a sensitive side, but he tries to avoid having to show uncomfortable feelings. He sets up his life so that he would not get hurt.

Taurus would rather take his time getting to know someone than move forward with a doubtful match that could lead to a messy breakup or drama later. He thinks that if love is real, it will withstand his testing process.

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3. Change is hard for him

Taurus men are notorious for their tendency to do things the same way every time. Once they know what they like, they tend to stick with it.

Even a promising new love relationship would require the Taurus man to adjust his carefully constructed routine. Before he changes his life for a woman, he will be very sure about that woman.

4. He wants true love

The Taurus man is a romantic who is looking for love. However, before he commits to a relationship in the deepest way he can, he always tests the waters to see if the woman he considers wants the same things.

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Taurus wants to be sure he enjoys spending time with you. He tends to take it slow, longer than men of other zodiac signs, so don’t expect the Taurus man to chase you from the first date.

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Signs Taurus man is testing you

It is normal for a Taurus man to observe a woman he is interested in for some time before he tries to initiate a romantic relationship. You do not need to worry if he does not make a move on you right away. You need to be patient.

Here are some signs a Taurus man may be testing you. You will have to slow down to his pace to pass the test, but the extended process can also be an excellent opportunity to clarify your feelings for him.

1. He likes talking to your friends

You might find the Taurus guy you like chatting up your friends. That does not mean he would rather be with them than you. Instead, he might be less nervous around people he does not have a crush on. You, too, can relax as you let your crew be your wingwomen and help you out.

He knows birds of a feather flock together, so he can understand what you are like from the women you hang out with. He might also hope they will get to know something interesting about you.

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2. He is curious about your past relationships

A practical Taurus man is looking for a relationship that will work out. His testing process may include discovering what he can about your previous love relationships.

Whether the Taurus man tries to work this into conversation with you or someone else, he mainly wants to know you better. If all of your past relationships ended in a blaze of drama, he does not want to be next.

3. He shares food with you

The Taurus zodiac sign is known for its enjoyment of the sensual pleasures of life, including food. Whether the Taurus guy you are eyeing is vegan or following a diet high in meat, he has strong and fixed opinions about what he likes.

He might, therefore, offer to share some of his favorite food with you to test whether you like the same things he does. This may not be a total dealbreaker, but life with him will be much easier if your food preferences are similar.

If you want an edge on other women, you may compete with them for the Taurus guy’s time. You could try sharing some food with him, too. The testing process can move more quickly if you actively participate in it.

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4. He brings up politics

Taurus men often have strong and fixed opinions about politics, too. The man you are considering may bring up his political views while talking with you to test whether you are compatible with him.

Even though Taurus men are more physical than intellectual in their daily lives, meaning that politics may not always come up for them, they are typically looking for women who agree with them on major controversial issues. They want life to be comfortable, and fighting about important things is uncomfortable.

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5. He takes off his shirt around you

The Taurus man might find an excuse to take off his shirt around you, like a basketball game or outdoor work. He has a sensual and physical nature, so he wants to be with someone who will appreciate his body.

This man will observe how you react to the show. Look at it as long as you want to, and all the better if he can see you doing so. While relationships are not built on abs alone, the Taurus man does know that helps.

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6. He checks if you are a tidy person

A Taurus man is sensitive to the details of his physical environment. If he is looking for a long-term partner, he wants someone who will not make a shared house messy. Everything does not necessarily have to be perfect, as he too likes to kick back and relax, but he needs a partner who can keep a basic level of order most of the time.

A Taurus man testing you may want to see if you are tidy enough to meet his standards. Even if he has not been invited to your house yet, his keen attention to detail could flag something like clutter in your car as a sign of bigger trouble.

7. He seeks physical contact

Taurus men are very physical people. When they are in love, they show it with their bodies. Even in platonic relationships, they tend to touch a lot.

If you are friends with the Taurus man you like, he may give you friendly hugs that seem a little longer if he thinks about a more intimate relationship.

Again, this allows him to test you, so you should observe your feelings now. This can be a way to learn whether the chemistry between you and your Taurus guy exists. If you like the extended friendly hugs, that is an excellent sign that you should stick around for more.

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8. He talks to you when you are around other guys

A Taurus man often looks for a loyal woman to fulfill his dreams of a stable long-term relationship. He wants his life to be comfortable and not have a lot of upheavals. The Taurus man testing you may hang out with you with his male friends present so he can see if you flirt with other guys.

The Taurus man also prefers to be with someone excited to be with him. He won’t feel good if he can see that you click better with another guy in his circle, regardless of your intentions. He would take that as a promising sign if it were evident that he is the one for you.

Try to keep a mellow vibe and not get sucked into the drama that anyone tries to stir up, as drama is a major turn-off for Taurus men.

Also, remember that this is a great opportunity to test your compatibility with him. Seeing your potential with him may be easier when you have other guys to compare him to.

9. He makes sure you can relax

Another key difference between the Taurus man and his fellow Earth sign guys, such as Capricorn men, is that Taurus knows how to take a break from work. Yes, money is essential to the Taurus, and he will work hard to get what he needs, but he does not want to get stuck with a woman who will insist on interrupting his designated lazy day to do something productive.

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Hopefully, it will be a fun part of the testing process when the Taurus man looks into whether you can keep up with his leisure-loving ways. This test could be going on a relaxing walk, having a romantic picnic in the park, or kicking back with a beer and a movie.

Many find this ability to let go of everything for a while one of the most endearing qualities of the Taurus zodiac sign. So, if you are going to be the Taurus man’s woman, it has to be a good fit for you.

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10. He is curious about your family

A Taurus man testing you will find a way to work your family into conversation. Whether your family relationships are good or bad, they shaped you, and the Taurus man wants to be sure of the person you are.

When a Taurus man is serious about you, he will test the waters by getting to know the environment you grew up in. The Taurus man is family-oriented, so when he starts thinking about starting his own family, he wants to make the right decision regarding his life partner.

11. He wants to know your financial situation

Some Taurus guys are old-fashioned romantics who insist on paying for everything when they are serious about someone. However, a typical Taurus will want to know how his prospective partner does with money if he is to make a life with her. He is not stingy about things like his fellow earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn can be.

The Taurus guy knows what he can afford and expects the same awareness from his partner. For instance, he would be bothered to find out you were in debt for frivolous reasons. Being financially comfortable is one of his major life goals, and he does not want a partner who will drag down his effort to achieve that.

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12. He asks how your day is going

Taurus men are sometimes not the most verbal people. However, one of their great qualities is understanding that any real achievement, including building a lasting relationship, happens one step at a time.

If a Taurus guy wants to get to know you, he will make an effort to check in with you about something every day. Taurus men are not big on big gestures and displays of affection when they start dating someone. However, if the Taurus man likes you, he will subtly demonstrate his feelings before he is sure the relationship is worth pursuing.

The ways that Taurus men test a woman they consider a potential life partner may seem tedious. However, they want to find out all the important things before deciding who is the one for them to build a life. If you are the right person for the man evaluating you, you will pass the test eventually. You just have to be patient.

Valerie trained in journalism and spent a decade as an administrative assistant in an accounting firm. Astrology has always been her passion, and her career goal is to work in financial astrology.

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