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Taurus is one of the most desirable men in the Zodiac. He is strong and stable but also has a soft and sensual side. A Taurus is your guy if you’re looking for someone committed and reliable. But what are the signs a Taurus man likes you? Is he the type to make his interest in you obvious, or is he on the shyer side?

If you want to be more than just friends with your Taurus guy and want to take this connection further than just a crush, keep reading! Find out what a Taurus man likes in women and, most importantly, if he likes you!

What Taurus men like in a woman

Being married to a Taurus man, I recognize this sign like a pro. I have helped many women understand and keep their Taurean guys for good! I had to study this sign to determine what the Taurus man likes and wants in a relationship partner.

Taurus is quite the traditionalist at heart. He is a man who values the little things in life and this is reflected in what he likes in a woman. Taurus appreciates committed, stable, and drama-free partners.

A Taurus guy likes women who are feminine and in touch with their sensual side. He is a man who adores it when a woman awakens his masculinity and makes him feel like a hero. Deep down, he is a hopeless romantic waiting for a woman he can fall deeply in love with.

A fascinating study has recently been published, shedding light on the factors determining the likelihood of a relationship’s survival. While your intuition may provide some insight into the chemistry between you and your Taurus man, understanding the signs that indicate his interest can offer a more accurate prediction of your chances of staying together.

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Obvious signs a Taurus man likes you

There are certain signs a Taurus man likes you that you need to know if you are interested in him and want him to chase you. Let’s find out if you noticed any of these when spending time with your Taurus man.

1. He compliments you

When a Taurus man compliments you, it is a beautiful indication that he likes you. He wants you to feel good in his presence by pointing out what he admires about you.

He’ll compliment the way you look or tell you that he likes something specific you do. He doesn’t do this with everybody around him and wants you to know you are special.

2. He spends time with you

If you notice a Taurus man wanting to spend more time with you, it is a pretty big sign that he likes you. He is trying to take time out of his day and dedicate it to you.

He could be doing something else but he is choosing to be with you. This is meaningful and should show you how much your Taurus man likes you. You’re on your way to becoming quite a hot couple.

3. He is affectionate

As one of the most sensual placements in the Zodiac, the Taurus man likes to get physical and be affectionate. When he likes a woman, he will do whatever he can to get physically close to her.

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In the beginning, he might be quite shy but as he gets to know you, he’ll become more caring, even if it is just bit by bit.

This means he’ll touch your arm when you talk or stroke your back as you walk beside each other. Being affectionate is one of the best Taurus man traits.

4. He wants to be close to you

A Taurus man will make little gestures to show you that he likes being close to you and wants to touch you. Physical touch is important to this Zodiac sign.

He is trying to signal that he is interested in you and waiting to assess how you respond. He is testing the waters to see if you will give him the green light. Affection and physical closeness are his ways of advancing the chemistry between you.

5. He pays for dinner

When a Taurus man likes you, he will want to spend his hard-earned money on you, especially when you are together for dinner. Bonding over food is one of the definite signs a Taurus has a thing for you.

Food is very important to a Taurus man. He will want to share this with his special someone. It is his favorite way to treat a woman whom he adores. He is a kind man who wants to spoil you rotten!

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6. He gives you gifts

Another sign that a Taurus man likes you is if he buys you little gifts constantly. His favorite way of showing affection to a woman is by giving her gifts. If you notice this, you are certainly more than a friend to him.

You will always remember him when you see what he has given you, and your Taurus will always be on your mind! And if you give a gift to a Taurus man yourself, it will certainly melt his heart.

7. He texts you often

Taurean men aren’t very big on texting. But this man might be really into you if he texts you often. If you hear from him daily, a Taurus man shows that you are someone special to him.

Texting is a sure sign a Taurus man likes you. He sees you as a love interest. You may very well be the reason he keeps checking his phone.

Showing constant attention to you is one of the great signs that a Taurus likes you. But be careful when texting a Taurus man because it might push him away if you overdo it.

8. He brings flowers for no reason

Because a Taurus man is such a romantic, he pays attention to the small stuff in the relationship.

As a person who enjoys spoiling his loved ones, a Taurean man knows that little gestures, such as showing up with flowers, can make a very big impression on a woman. He puts a lot of effort in winning you over.

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9. He is protective of you

When a Taurus man likes you, he is the type of guy who wants to protect you. He will always check in on you to see if you are okay. This bull is strong, but he is also caring.

He wants to show you that he is ready to protect you any chance he gets. It is important to him that you know he will be a shoulder to cry on for you.

10. He doesn’t date around

Taurus men are known for their commitment and monogamy. When they like someone, they see no point in dating around and flirting with other women. He likes to be with only one person and you are important to him.

He will clarify that you are the only woman he is interested in. He takes his relationships very seriously and isn’t someone to mess around with. His psychology is all about being a one-woman kind of man.

11. He talks about the future with you

Commitment and longevity of a relationship are very important to the Taurus man. He always thinks ahead, and discussing what you both want in life is very important.

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He is trying to see if you would be interested in walking hand in hand with him because he doesn’t want to waste his time on a relationship that isn’t going anywhere.

Your Taurus man certainly likes you when he involves you in his plans. He can see the potential for the two of you to be together as partners.

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12. He opens up to you in person or over text

A Taurus man is usually shy and keeps his deepest thoughts to himself. He isn’t the type of guy to blurt things out. He’ll probably start to ask you questions to gauge how you may feel about certain things.

However, if a Taurus man feels for you, he will open up to you. This shows that he plans on having you around for a long time. Conversations take time with him, so be patient.

He may start opening up to you over text as this might be easier for him to do without eye contact.

13. He takes things slow

Taureans are known for taking their time in relationships. Long-term is very important to a Taurus man, so he takes things slowly.

Your Taurus man has a crush on you and wants to be your boyfriend when he approaches your relationship slowly. He shows great care by being patient and wants to get closer to you.

14. He is relaxed around you

Keep an eye on his body language when dating a Taurus man. He is someone who expresses his feelings physically. Anyone who knows him knows that being calm is more important to him than anything else.

He may be a bit awkward at the beginning of your relationship, but this will start dwindling when you get closer emotionally.

When you are around your Taurus man, do you notice him relaxed? This is a great sign a Taurus man likes you. You put him at ease and aren’t just anyone in his life.

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15. He pays attention to the small stuff

Taurus guy sees you as more than just a friend if he keeps paying attention to you and notices the little things. Does he know how many sugars you like in your coffee or what kind of dressing you prefer for your salad? These are tell-tale signs your needs and wishes are important to him.

He wants you to know that he pays attention to what you like, and he wants to ensure you are happy. He is a true gentleman that will send all the right signals.

16. Your feelings matter to him

One of the signs that a Taurus man is serious about you is when he respects your feelings. If you notice your well-being is important to him, then chances are he likes you. If he had no interest, he wouldn’t care.

He is showing you that you are someone special to him and that he wants to make the relationship work. He treats you as someone close to his heart and cares for you.

17. You become a part of his routine

Taurus man likes to do the same thing at the same time every day. If he is serious about you, he wants you to be a part of his daily routine. 

Does he send you good morning messages or text you “good night” before you go to bed? Or maybe he asks you about your day at work? That’s how you can tell you are on his mind.

This gives him a sense of security and stability. Sure, it isn’t very spontaneous of him, but romance needs to be scheduled for him. A Taurus man in love wants to make time for you.

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18. You can see it in his eyes

A Taurus male can be shy, as most Earth sign men are. But when a Taurus man truly admires you, he will look deep into your eyes.

Eye contact is one of the techniques he uses to make you want him more. This man can be very seductive if you let him be. He is giving you all the signs that he likes you. His interest is quite clear.

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19. He tries new experiences for you

Even though he can often get stuck in his comfort zone, at the beginning of a romance with you, the Taurus man will try to get out of his shell and do what makes you happy. You’re lucky because Tauruses can be rather stubborn.

If he is willing to go on adventures and says “yes” to all the new activities you propose, you must be someone he cares for. Next time he signs up for some crazy or adrenaline-filled activity you come up with, tell him how much you admire him for this.

20. He takes you on picnics

Taurus men are known for liking the finer things in life, but there is a side to them that also really appreciates nature. He is an admirer of yours if he takes you to his favorite outdoor spots and surprises you with romantic picnics.

Let him guide you and show you a different side of him. There are many ways to get closer to Taurus men, but spending time outdoors is one of the top ones, as it is his definition of fun.

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21. You’ve met his friends and family

Taurus man’s feelings for you aren’t always obvious. Any other guy might be all over you from the very beginning, but these men are subtle! Getting to know a Taurus man means getting to know the people in his life.

When the Taurus man introduces you to the closest people in his life, he is pretty serious about you. He thinks this romance is promising and he wants you to be a part of his life.

22. He is loyal to you

Loyalty and devotion are just two personality traits of a Taurus you may want to know about. A Taurus man is incredibly loyal and will do anything to prove it.

He shows this time and time again not only to the lady who has his heart but to everyone in his life. His best friend is probably someone he has known since childhood.

Getting to know a Taurus man can sometimes take forever, but seeing his loyalty makes it all worth it.

23. He shows his jealousy

A Taurus guy may seem cool, calm, and collected. But, he may have trouble controlling himself when it comes to jealousy.

When you get to know a Taurus guy, you will quickly learn that he wants you all to himself. So if you are serious about this man, try not to provoke his jealousy, as this is when you may see another side of him.

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24. He wants to give you security

A Taurus guy cares a lot about safety and security. This Zodiac sign will ensure his love interest is always protected and safe around him. Love to him means protecting his partner.

Someone else might not care as much as him, but a Taurus man sees the security he can provide to his girlfriend as an important quality. He will make you feel safe in his arms.

25. You notice how patient he is with you

Taureans are incredibly patient, probably the most out of all the Zodiac signs. This is why he makes such a good friend and lover.

If you are going through something difficult and he keeps showing up and supporting you, this is a sign of his feelings. He will always want to make sure that you are okay.

These signs are something you need to pay attention to. Taurus isn’t like anyone else, and how he shows his love differs depending on each situation.

People don’t always understand the subtle signs a Taurus man shows their feelings. Have you noticed several of these signs when hanging out with the Taurus guy? Then the chances this man likes you are pretty high and he sees you as more than just a friend. 

Knowing what to expect from your Taurus man is invaluable in transforming your relationship from friend to lover. Not only do you need to know the signs he is interested in you, but you should remember that you have more power in how he falls in love with you.

Anna is an astrologer specializing in dating and relationships. With her expert guidance and deep understanding of astrology, she has empowered countless women worldwide to navigate the complex world of love and find fulfilling relationships. Check Anna's love astrology guidance and get free insights on her website.

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