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So you’ve met an Aquarius man and found his feelings, thoughts, and ideas elusive to you? That’s okay! This guy is just like that—reserved, not much into all that romantic mumbo-jumbo, and not willing to express his feelings. If you struggle to figure this guy out, I will help you better understand Aquarius man traits and the peculiar nature of this zodiac sign.

What is the personality of an Aquarius male?

An Aquarius man can be a bit of a weirdo. You will never be able to tell whether you are talking to a genius or a lunatic. You will continuously be in this position, especially if you are more of a traditional type of girl. You may think that he has lost his mind—and no wonder, as no one can truly grasp his ideas! It is highly uncommon in fixed signs, but since Aquarius is a fixed air sign, the only constant is that he has his head in the clouds. He feels at home in this world of ideas, and he cannot cope with the practicalities of daily life. You could hardly do anything worse than asking him to help you with an application form!

Another curious personality trait of this guy is that he has a vivid social life, likes to hang out, and continually posts stories on Instagram or Snapchat. When you go out with him, don’t be surprised to see that he knows almost everyone, and is welcomed by all, from waiters to celebrities. Aquarius man is the kind of guy you call when you want to throw a party. His original ideas will cheer people up and give them time to remember. He is the best host you could imagine; he simply knows what to do no matter what the occasion is.

The brilliance of Aquarius man’s intellect is beyond telling. There aren’t many people who can follow his unconventional line of thought. But this doesn’t stop him from sharing his ideas and conclusions. He can spend hours teaching you about the origins of space or how awful that last Spring/Summer Cavalli collection is. He can also lecture you about Dali’s sheer genius, or how much he hated your makeup last night. Aquarius man has an opinion on everything.

An Aquarius man can be a bit of a weirdo. You will never be able to tell you are talking to a genius or a lunatic. Click To Tweet

Best Aquarius man traits

First and foremost, he is a true friend! There is nothing he values more than sincere friendship and is excellent at giving advice and keeping secrets. Aquarian men get fully invested in your problems. The sheer creativity and brilliance of his mind will spring into action to find the best possible solution in any situation. His heart will also jump in, as he is very empathetic and genuinely feels you when you are in a time of need.

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I have a friend who was feeling suicidal after his fiancee left him. He was drunk and chatting with his Aquarian friend about it and, a couple of hours later, just passed by his house and dropped his house keys. His Aquarian friend became restless and immediately went to the police to inform them of his friend’s intention and prompt them to act accordingly. Fortunately, they found him in time to stop the tragedy. Having an Aquarius friend is a true blessing in life!

The creativity of the Aquarius sign is yet another of his personality traits. You can find them in all sorts of arts, in the gaming industry, and in science and computing. Their minds possess a unique blend of mathematical precision, intuition, and freedom of expression. You may see them dressed perfectly and charmingly coming up with the wittiest jokes while receiving a Nobel Prize for developing some impressive space technology.

On the other hand, you may see them isolated in some cabin in the woods on a rainy day, with hair like Einstein’s, madly involved in creating a masterpiece. Both of these possibilities exist in this guy without any contradiction.

Worst Aquarius man traits

You should watch out if you don’t have good knowledge of a specific topic or area such as politics. Aquarius man can get very Dr.House style, scorning your argument with a sarcastic comment. Aquarius is the sign opposite to Leo, and his arrogance is different. At times, it may seem like he tries to outshine the sun!

Aquarians can get so fixated on their understanding of some problem or issue that it puts their innately open-minded nature into question. They can be challenging to cope with and even unpleasant.

You can ask all sorts of questions after meeting an Aquarius man, but you won’t get many answers. His shyness makes it difficult to discover whether he wants to hang out with you or to leave him alone, as he often looks happy and indifferent at the same time. It’s no secret that Aquarians are very reserved. He rarely opens up, so you must be understanding and patient.

How to attract an Aquarius man

Intelligence is the new sexy! If you can blow his mind with intriguing and original ideas, you will have his undivided attention. Once you do, allow him to peel layers of your intellect at your own pace—he enjoys this challenge. This way, you will bond over your favorite books, and most profound beliefs, and have honest conversations he particularly enjoys. This process of getting to know him is a sexy geek fest of your favorite quotes and artists nobody else knows.

Aquarius man loves independent women and is beyond any stereotype in that regard. He is the kind of guy that might be fascinated by your CV and your achievements in life and wants to know your story and what drives you. So, while you may invite him to your book reading, don’t let him get too involved in it. Trust me; these are the kind of boundaries that his free-spirited nature needs.

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Go out for a drink just by yourself and work from the cafe. Pick up the tab for a meal. Share with him photos from that time you traveled to Rome. Read your doctoral dissertation. These will knock him off his feet.

What is it like to date an Aquarius man?

Dating an Aquarius man can prove to be a real rollercoaster. You never know what to expect, and he certainly won’t make your life any easier. He adores action, so you should be ready for a midnight call to go out or find a surprise airline ticket on your desk. If you can surprise him with similar sudden ideas, all the better!

You will never be bored, but dating water signs require a great deal of energy. The Aquarius particularly enjoys finding that perfect dress, necklace, book, or buying tickets to your favorite band’s show. It always comes as a surprise because he may never seem to notice some of your quirks.

Aquarius men tend to play the field, but they are faithful once they find that special someone and fall in love. Even though they will still keep their social life active, they will want to share everything with you. But don’t forget that alone time (whether small or large amounts) is an absolute feast for Aquarius’s wellbeing, so let him enjoy that freedom. Don’t bother him with questions about his reclusiveness, cuddle softly and share the silence.

Outbursts of jealousy are also best avoided! Get used to the fact that many different people will always surround your beloved Aquarian, so jealous types aren’t his cup of tea. However, this doesn’t mean that indifference is okay, and you should always make sure he knows you love him.

Suggest a tie you bought on your last anniversary that goes well with his suit. Prepare a candlelight dinner at your place. Ask his opinion on your poem. Get the Platinum edition of his favorite TV show and watch it together. Always go for the little things!

Sex with Aquarius man

Forget everything you thought you knew about sex! Aquarius man will take you to a whole new level of sexual experience through more than fifty shades of grey. As much as he generally prefers independent women, he loves being dominant in bed. However, you should sometimes take the initiative.

Start slow as he enjoys the foreplay. Blindfold him, rub an ice cube over his lips, nipples, and downwards, and lead him to the bed while undressing him. Gradually start relinquishing control to him by whispering to his ear how bad you want him to have you. Rough him up a bit, scratch his back, and intensify the experience with words. He needs to know that you enjoy sex with him.

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Aquarius men want it to last long, so be ready for sleepless nights. Never forget to compliment his skills as a lover, so text him the next day, “Last night was mindblowing. I love how resourceful you are in bed.”

He also likes role play, so be creative! Let him be in an authority position like a cop, professor, coach, doctor, etc. Strangers in a bar, getting blackmailed, repaying debt with sex, etc., can hardly go wrong. Spice up your sex life by doing it in different places like the rooftop of a building, in a car, or an empty room at a party. Try out various positions, like 69, cowgirl, or any Kama Sutra position you can imagine.

Aquarius man will take you to the whole new level of sexual experience through more than fifty shades of grey. Click To Tweet

How compatible are you with your Aquarius man?

Since Aquarius is an air sign, he is best compatible with the remaining two air triplicity signs, Libra and Gemini. The relationship between Aquarius and Gemini is often tolerant and supportive. They have a deep mutual understanding that allows them to have a harmonious relationship.

Libra is often fascinated by the free spirit of Aquarius, so the two opposites easily find balance in the relationship. Leo can also be a perfect match for Aquarius—if you both manage to hold your egos in check, of course!

Aquarius and Aries often have similar life goals. Differences in character rarely distance them; most often, they unite them. These two signs complement each other and can achieve a lot together.

Earth and water signs don’t traditionally get along well with Aquarius sun signs, as his airy nature may be beyond their comprehension. Pisces, Cancer, and Virgo are the signs that especially don’t match. The relationship may become particularly tense with Scorpio or Taurus.

Famous Aquarius men

The list of famous people born in the Aquarius zodiac sign includes a wide variety of original thinkers and creators such as American actors Humphrey Bogart, Clark Gable, and James Dean, classical music composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, English writer Charles Dickens, great inventor Thomas E. Edison, US presidents Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt, the creator of evolution theory Charles Darwin, astronomer and physicist Galileo Galilei, Irish novelist James Joyce, actors Ashton Kutcher, Christian Bale and John Travolta, musician Axl Rose, NBA basketball player Michael Jordan, footballer Christiano Ronaldo, and many others.

Loving an Aquarius man can be a real challenge. It requires a great deal of effort because his personality traits aren’t always compatible with the definition of a lasting relationship. It would be best if you allow him freedom but do not appear detached. You need to be spontaneous, open, ready for surprises, and understand his need for silence. If you can do all these things, a successful and beautiful love story is possible!

Zach has been studying astrology both theoretically and practically for about twenty years, and he has a certificate of Astrological Proficiency from the International Society for Astrological Research. Zach specializes in natal and relationship astrology.

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