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He is unconventional, funny, dazzling, and sometimes a bit confusing. The Aquarius man can be described as a strange mystery. The Aquarius man in love? An even bigger mystery.

I would not be able to tell you how many readings I have done for women that were unsure about their Aquarius fling or lover. Here I will share the secrets of an Aquarius man in love with you.

1. He pays special attention to you

Aquarius men are often very wishy-washy. Even for an astrologer, their readings can be quite tricky. However, when the Aquarius zodiac sign is in love, there is a special kind of attention that he gives only to you.

You will feel in tune with each other. You will see the subtle changes in Aquarius’s behavior that will tell you that you are definitely going towards being more than friends.

You might notice a particular way he looks at you. Or he touches your hand when he feels that you are scared or anxious. He shows you an understanding like no other. This is a clear sign of an Aquarius man in love.

When the Aquarius zodiac sign is in love, there is a special kind of attention that he gives only to you. Click To Tweet

2. You are close friends

Something important to note first: you are likely already good friends with the Aquarius guy before reading this. If not, the chances of him and you becoming romantic partners are close to zero.

If you have been reading about Aquarius’s personality, you already know how important friendship is to the Aquarius sign. A relationship can’t start unless the idea of it wasn’t founded on friendship.

The first step towards becoming a romantic match with the Aquarius is becoming close friends (the kind of connection that feels more like it’s already a relationship). If you think that your Aquarius guy sees you as more than just a friend, it’s highly likely that this man is in love with you already.

close friends with aquarius man

3. He shares his private life with you

The story of an Aquarius male is always full of mystery, nonconventionality, and doodles on every page. When he shares his life with you, he takes you to his favorite places that carry some kind of importance to him.

The Aquarius male will show you the things that matter the most to him.

However, this isn’t where it all ends. Since life isn’t made of just good moments, the Aquarius man won’t hesitate to show you the not-so-pretty parts of his life. One of the more obvious signs is that he doesn’t just share his life with you. He sees you in his future, too.

4. He praises your intelligence

Aquarius men never go after women that they don’t find particularly intelligent and interesting. Women with shallow minds won’t pique his desire for a relationship. An Aquarius man in love will also praise you and your intelligence to others.

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You talk about the things that stir up your emotions and the people, places, and events that affect you to your core. So does the Aquarius man. There isn’t anything that seems like a crazy idea to an Aquarius man in love. Look at him light up when you talk about the history of a place that means something to you. This is also an excellent way to test how in love he is with you and if he is ready for a relationship.

Aquarius men never go after women that they don't find particularly intelligent and interesting. Click To Tweet

5. He doesn’t play mind games with you

Unlike Aries men, the average Aquarius guy plays mind games with the people he surrounds himself with. The Aquarius does this subconsciously since these mind games are a part of how he navigates through life. However, mind games aren’t something that he engages in when it comes to relationships and romantic interests.

A clear sign that the Aquarius man is serious about you is when he talks to you without beating it around the bush. His intentions are clear, and you understand them without questioning his motives. Relationships often feel complicated for the Aquarius. However, if he shows you every page of his book, he is likely in love with you.

couple talking at the restaurant

6. He shows his emotions

Aquarius men aren’t big fans of showing their emotions, at least not to everyone. They need a certain level of trust before comfortably showing such an intimate piece of their life. If you are the woman with whom he can be vulnerable, rest assured that your guy is heavily in love with you.

When I say vulnerable, he doesn’t just show you the “good” side of him; he shows you all.

Relationships tend to be somewhat difficult for the Aquarius since he likes to keep all things romantic at arm’s length. Being in his exclusive inner circle is one thing, but being someone to whom he can show his deepest feelings is truly special.

Being understanding and caring is important to him. This type of behavior makes it evident that you are dealing with an Aquarius man in love.

7. He wants to do everything with you

Like Aries, the Aquarius is an everything or nothing type of person. But, if he wants you to be his woman, he will do everything to spend time with you and show you that he is in love. The Aquarius’s ways of showing love may be odd to some, and that’s why you are here.

Aquarians can be super social at times, but they tend to be quite isolated at their core. However, the Aquarius man appreciates deep connection, and he will ask for more one-on-one time when he is in love with you.

The Aquarius man appreciates deep connection, and he will ask for more one-on-one time when he is in love with you. Click To Tweet

8. His behavior is affectionate

Usually, Aquarius men aren’t too open about their feelings to just anyone. I know, big shocker. However, if this guy is open with you, you must be truly special to him. So let me explain why affectionate behavior is such a tell-tale sign for the Aquarius man in love.

Intimacy or public displays of affection aren’t really things Aquarius men love doing. They tend to be more reserved in public, and they are more likely to show their desire or love when they are in private with their partners.

Some of my friends who have had an Aquarius sign partner describe them as completely detached in public spaces. Now, I think you slowly see why this is such a big deal. The Aquarius man is in love when he openly holds your hand or shows any other flirty or intimate behavior in public.

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couple holding hands in a cafe

9. He loves hearing what’s on your mind

Have you noticed that the Aquarius is opening up and showing interest in you? It can also be a sign that he is in love. The Aquarius man won’t be scared of asking bold personal questions to know you better. He would be very interested in learning new things and going on adventures with you.

You don’t always need words to talk to understand each other, but he loves hearing what is on your mind. He asks about your friends and other people in your life. Why? Because everything that you say, do or feel is music to his ears.

10. He feels a deep connection

A bizarre fact about Aquarius men is that they tend to hide their true feelings. Air signs, in general, are shockingly good at talking a lot and connecting with almost everyone without actually saying much.

When an Aquarius male starts falling in love, this changes. So, something that you should pay attention to is how he speaks about life when he talks to you.

Does he open up about his dreams? His emotions, ideas, and visions? His fantasies about revolution? If you know these things about him, the Aquarius man might be in love with you.

Air signs, in general, are shockingly good at talking a lot and connecting with almost everyone without actually saying much. Click To Tweet

11. He adores your attention

Aquarius men and Leo men have quite a bit in common. However, unlike the Leo sign, the Aquarius isn’t a massive fan of being in the spotlight. He is more of a subtle guy, and flashy behavior isn’t his forte.

The Aquarius man likes to be behind the shadows, observing, analyzing, and taking it all in. So a great sign that an Aquarius man is in love with you is if you see him basking in your attention.

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12. You are one of “his people”

Are you one of the first people the Aquarius guy calls when something happens? Are you the one he thinks of first when something is relentlessly running through his mind?

Aquariuses can have a lot of people around them. Yet they only care about the opinions or emotions of the selected few. Or, in some cases, just one person. It might seem like he knows everybody around him. He’s cordial and friendly with just about everyone in his life. But in reality, he only has a handful of genuinely close relationships.

For an Aquarius man in love, building a deep, intimate friendship with his lover before a relationship is necessary. He simply won’t fall in love with a woman if she hasn’t become his best friend first.

13. You enchant him

The Aquarius man has a unique mind, and he values people who think differently. In other words, impressing an Aquarian isn’t the easiest job. He analyzes everything around him, whether he wants to or not.

The Aquarius man in love is an even bigger analyzer. His curiosity becomes immense, and he will carefully listen to everything you have to say or share with him.

When the Aquarius man falls for you, he will be absolutely fascinated with whatever you have to share with him and keen on learning your opinion on various subjects.

The Aquarius man has a unique mind, and he values people who think differently. Click To Tweet

14. He shows you affection

When you spend enough time with this peculiar and slightly erratic zodiac sign, you will notice that he isn’t really the type of person who is publicly affectionate. The Aquarius man can be madly in love with a woman yet be wary of doing anything romantic in public.

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He might be all over the place, but this sign is still a fixed sign. This side of him comes out more when he feels love bubbling up in his heart. If you feel he isn’t emotionally aloof around you and shows signs of attraction, you can be sure that he isn’t just in love; he wants you as his partner.

Something else to pay attention to is that the Aquarius man will not show affection to any other person, except you.

affectionate guy kissing woman

15. He shows signs of wanting exclusivity

The average Aquarius isn’t quick to show that he is looking for commitment or is willing to be committed to someone. Instead, he adores his independence and loves flirting.

A (super) clear sign of an Aquarius man in love is him wanting an exclusive relationship. At first, he will have his own little ways of indicating that you are the one and only woman for him. But, as time goes by, your guy will be more comfortable expressing his feelings and reassuring you of your relationship status.

16. Your conversations are deep

The Aquarius man most likely won’t text you every day because constant communication isn’t his thing. But don’t worry, he isn’t sending flirty text messages to other girls either. This is just how Aquarius men are. With the Aquarius male, words aren’t always needed. When you are with him, everything just makes sense. However, when you do talk with him, you don’t really know how to stop.

A promising sign of the Aquarius man in love is when your conversations are deep, and he talks with you in a way that he doesn’t talk with anyone else.

The Aquarius man most likely won't text you every day because constant communication isn't his thing. Click To Tweet

17. He openly shows signs of love

Aquarian men usually aren’t highly expressive or declarative of love. So you won’t hear many I love you’s and deep romantic confessions early on. However, when the Aquarius man catches feelings, he will show you endless understanding and his desire for romance with you and you only.

For example, he might casually refer to the two of you as lovers. If this is already happening, you have successfully planted yourself in his heart, and you won’t be leaving that space any time soon.

If he playfully refers to you as “girlfriend” or “baby,” you two getting in a relationship isn’t just speculation. It’s a fact.

couple kissing underwater

18. He will find ways to surprise you

Here is a tip from an astrologer: air signs are big on surprises. They enjoy both being surprised and surprising others. So when it comes to surprising a woman, this is a definite indicator of wanting to upgrade the friend status to a romantic partner.

I have done countless readings for Aquarius signs that use surprises for their (potential) lovers to seduce them and ultimately get into a relationship. In Aquarius’s mind, this is a sweet and enthralling experience. It allows him to show his feelings to a woman without saying much.

An Aquarius male might not admit it, but he needs a lot of understanding and time to understand his emotions before entering a relationship. This is also the reason why having an Aquarius lover can be tricky. Dating this nonconventional sign isn’t for just anyone. However, the Aquarius man in love will do his best to show you all sides of him, unprocessed and unfiltered.

Cathy is a dreamer, a writer, and a big believer in finding beauty in every day. She has a keen interest in astrology, and synastry is her favorite topic to explore. Her dream is to study Vedic astrology in India.

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