how to flirt with a girl over text

Sometimes, it’s normal to turn up the heat immediately with some flirtatious fun. Other times, you’ll want to wait a while before cranking things up with the girl you are dating until they reach boiling point. If you’re at that stage where you want to get flirty via text, let’s take a look at how to flirt with a girl over text.

1. Tease her

The thing with teasing someone via text is that you’ve gotta do it in such a way that’s clearly not meant to cause them any harm. Tease your girlfriend, but make sure she knows you’re being playful. If it looks like you’re being serious or even mean with your mocking, it will backfire big time and she might get upset.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, include emojis in your texts, say “LOL” a lot, and remember that context matters. For example, if you start the day with a “cute” mocking text, she might get the wrong impression. She was expecting a lovely “good morning” text from you, but instead, you made fun of the way she looked last night.

You can poke fun at her, but don’t do it randomly. Make sure it fits in with the conversation, and make sure it’s clear that you’re joking.

2. Be able to take a joke

Her: “Your hair looked SO funny last night.”

You: “Says the girl with the massive pimple on her face.”

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Can you imagine if you replied like this to some gentle teasing on her part? It’s not going to score you a lot of points. Look, the thing with flirting is that you have to be game for a laugh. It’s important that you’re prepared to make fun of her and that you also let her make fun of you.

Show that you can take a joke. Indulge in a bit of self-deprecation. If you react badly to her teasing, they’ll think you’re a psycho who is no fun to be around.

A much better way to reply to the above text is this:

Her: “Your hair looked SO funny last night.”

You: “IKR I’m gonna go bald instead and then you’ll be dating a bald person. Who’s laughing now.”

Dish jokes out and be prepared to take them when you’re out of them. It’s part and parcel of flirting.

3. Provoke her imagination

The easiest way to have some super flirty fun via text is by provoking her imagination.

For example, let’s say she texts you something like this:

“I hate elevators. It’s the fear of getting stuck in one that scares me!”

You can then reply with this:

“Imagine if we got stuck in one together, though! What would we do?”

The stage is set for some really fun flirting. Things could go either way – sexy or funny. For example, maybe you’ll say that you’ll spend the next hour annoying her, or maybe you’ll remind her that it’s just you and her alone in a room with loads of privacy. You lean in for a kiss… what happens next?!

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Other roleplay scenarios you can try out include getting caught in the rain in a field together or spending a night away together.

4. Compliment her

A compliment is meant to make the other person feel good, but when you’re flirting with her, it should also be a means to a sexier end.

Be specific. Let her know what parts of her body you like. Compliment her on the way her hair looked when you last saw her. Tell her that you think she has the best eyes in the world. Then, if she reciprocates, you could take things further and tell her what you’d like to do to her.

Remember the power of suggestion, though. Don’t go too far, but build some simmering sexual tension so that her desire for you goes up.

 5. Be funny

Lastly, send her funny messages, be positive and keep things light-hearted. Never go into a rage via text. Keep all negative stuff out of your texts.

The key to flirting is the fun factor. The moment you lose that fun factor and get all serious is the moment the heat goes all the way down to stone cold.

What if the girl hasn’t texted you for a while? Don’t ask “you still there?”. Send a funny GIF or say “if you give me the ‘I dropped my phone in the sink’ line I’m outta here. Darling, I invented that line.”

This is how you flirt with a girl via text. You stay playful at all times, you compliment her and you use your imagination and eventually, you will see some signs that she likes you. Happy flirting!

Claudia is the creator of Text Weapon, and the author of French Seduction Made Easy. She is passionate about modern communication and loves helping people improve their relationships through flirty texting. To read more by Claudia, visit Text Weapon. Don't forget to signup for the free Texting Club trial with over 300 messages. You can also hit her up on Twitter.

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