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Recently, a friend of mine came to me with a problem. “I’ve met a new guy, and he texts me every day,” she said, looking overwhelmed and unsure. “What’s up?” I asked. I thought she’d be thrilled that a new guy in her life was texting her every day. Gosh, I’m sure plenty of women […]

who should text after first date

So, you just got home from a great first date with a super cute guy, and you really like him. The conversation flowed naturally, and you felt sparks flying between the two of you all night. You want to see him again, but you aren’t sure how to make the next move. Text after first date,

How to improve communication

You might be missing out on certain things in your relationship that are vital and which strengthen bonds with your girlfriend. How many times did you forget to text her during the day to wish her good luck with something important? Or just let her know you are thinking about her? Too often. Communication is

a strong woman

Once, I had a friend who only dated timid, meek women who didn’t talk back. Never questioned him. Or called him out on his BS. Let’s call him Jack. Dating women like that made Jack feel like a stud who was teaching his girlfriends the ways of the world. True enough, the girls he dated

young man with phone thinking if he should stop texting a girl

Feel like you’re the one who is always texting first? Growing bored texting her when she doesn’t text back? Or maybe you’re assuming she’s no longer interested in texting you? If you are constantly wondering, “Should I always text her first?” you might also be asking yourself when you should stop texting a girl. But

show a woman that you are interested in her

You’ve met a woman that you really like. Trouble is, you can only talk to her on social media at this point. You want to show her that you like her via Facebook or Instagram, but you also don’t want to come across as creepy! It can be a super fine line. In this article,

how to flirt with a girl over text

Sometimes, it’s normal to turn up the heat immediately with some flirtatious fun. Other times, you’ll want to wait a while before cranking things up with the girl you are dating until they reach boiling point. If you’re at that stage where you want to get flirty via text, let’s take a look at how to

how to text a guy first without sounding desperate

How to text a guy first without sounding desperate? Big question! We all want to play it cool and look as though we totally don’t need a guy in our life. If he wants to text us? Bring it on! But we’re not going to text him first. If we do, it makes us look desperate and needy,

What is some awesome relationship advice for men that your friends might keep to themselves? What advice are they holding back and not telling you? Guys, relationships are not easy. Yikes – “Great start to an article! Go on, depress me!” But it’s true! And you probably know how true it is by now –

attractive to women

Does it sometimes feel like the world is divided up between guys who have no trouble with women and guys who can’t get a date with a woman at all, no matter how hard they try? Maybe you consider yourself to be handsome, but always seem to be fresh out of luck when it comes

do guys like texting every day

Do guys like texting as much as women do or does it annoy them? Would they rather be out with their buddies, playing video games and drinking beer? Not all men are the same and not all women are the same. Shock, horror! While some women crave constant contact, others are happy to have more

flirt with a guy

It seems pretty obvious, if he’s taken, he’s taken. You know that you shouldn’t flirt with a guy who has a girlfriend or wife, but that doesn’t mean that the temptation is not there. It’s a massive dilemma you’ve gotten yourself into; you’ve met somebody who’s fun to chat with, and even more fun to text. He gives

long distance love

First of all, as you can probably tell from the title of this piece, I’m not here to idealise long distance love. I’m not going to be the angel on your shoulder, or the friend who always agrees with you or tells you what you want to hear. Neither am I here to tell you that

should I text him

Learning the rules of texting is exhausting, right? We’ve all had those moments where we’ve typed up a follow-up text to our boyfriend because he still hasn’t replied to our first one, before spending the next 30 minutes debating whether or not to send it. “Should I text him again? I could send it, but

how to text a guy

What’s the number one thing that ruins a relationship?  You’re probably ready to say, “Having an affair!” But that’s a given. Aside from bed-hopping, bad texting etiquette can destroy a relationship irrevocably. But how to text a guy you are dating? I can’t imagine the guy who invented texting worried that he was inviting more

will he text me again

There is literally nothing worse than not knowing if he’s going to text back. You’re in total limbo and your life stands still. “Will he text me again?” is the only thing spinning in your mind. You could go out with your friends tonight but you just know you won’t be yourself unless you get a

career and relationship

Some people will tell you that it’s impossible for a career driven person or for an aspiring entrepreneur to simultaneously enjoy a successful relationship. But guess what? They’re totally wrong! I recently overheard a conversation in a coffee shop between two women about combining career and relationship: “For sure, I would never be able to