do guys like texting every day

Do guys like texting as much as women do or does it annoy them? Would they rather be out with their buddies, playing video games and drinking beer?

Not all men are the same and not all women are the same. Shock, horror! While some women crave constant contact, others are happy to have more space and independence.

For a girl who likes to stay really close to her man, it can be hard to swallow when a guy doesn’t text as much as she’d like. You crave intimacy, and you want to hear your phone bleeping with a new message. Bleep phone, bleep! And you at least expect him to have replied to your “good morning” text by the time you arrive home from work.

But do guys like texting every day? Or are we putting pressure on them and setting ourselves up for disappointment when we demand that they text as more often?

Some guys prefer to call

Some guys literally hate texting. These guys don’t just not like texting every day … they don’t like texting at all!

“You’re not very good at texting, are you?” asks the girl.


Wow. Savage.

Some guys prefer to call. They see it as being more efficient. Whereas sending lots of texts throughout the day can break their momentum and put the brakes on whatever it is they were doing, a short phone call at the end of the day covers everything that needed covering and doesn’t cost them much time. It just makes a lot more sense to them.

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Guys get busy

Do guys like texting every day? Not if they’re busy. I know it seems odd that guys who go to the bar, watch football and play video games could be “busy.” But to some of them, this is what it means to be busy.

And when they hang out “with the guys” at the bar, it’s as though their phones don’t exist. Texting you would be tantamount to writing a dissertation – it’s just something they find hard to do when they’re involved in super serious discussions about their favorite beers.

Other guys are super focused on furthering their careers, or starting their own business. They want to “make it” before they settle down, so they prioritize trying to improve themselves (which is pretty cool if you ask me). As such, they don’t always have time to text.

Do these “busy guys” like texting? Maybe. But they probably rather just catch up with you in person the next time they see you.

Guys have different expectations

Not all guys are the same, so it really depends on who you’re dating. While some still haven’t mastered how to text on a touchscreen without pressing all the letters at the same time, others like to text just as much as you do.

Don’t take it badly if a guy doesn’t text you all day long. He might be playing it cool, he might be busy, or he might just hate texting. The worst thing that you can do is let your frustration build up.

It’s important that you’re open with your expectations right from the very start. You can’t expect a man to text you as much as you want to text him – it just doesn’t work like that.

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And if he doesn’t text you back straight away, you’re probably going to be really upset.

“Why wouldn’t he text me as much as I want to text him? Does he not like me?”

It’s not that. It’s more that he’s a different person with a different approach to a relationship.

Texting isn’t the be all and end all of things. If you can’t deal with the fact that he barely texts you, it’s important to talk about your expectations as soon as possible. Let him know what makes you feel special and what makes you feel ignored. Let him know that it would be nice if he could text you at least now and then to make you feel wanted. Have an open and honest discussion with him face to face about how you communicate as a couple.

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