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It is hard to tell when a Libra man is interested in you romantically because it is obvious that he knows how to make anyone who crosses his path feel like at least a friend. His true feelings are hard to find behind his indiscriminate friendliness. However, if you know what to look for, the signs a Libra man likes you are there.

Here are the signs a Libra man likes you, starting with the first that appears as you get to know him and working up to some more serious indicators of love that become more apparent after you have been dating or hanging out with him for a while. Part of the Libra man’s charm is his attention to subtle details, where he gives his secrets away.

1. He replies to your messages

A Libra man is generally enthusiastic about everything, so it may seem like he falls in love quickly. He will probably want to swap phone numbers if he enjoys chatting with you in person. At that moment, he could genuinely see continuing the communication.

When you text him later, it may feel that he has moved on. While the Libra man easily becomes interested in people, getting into his heart for true love is actually not that easy.

If a Libra man suddenly starts ignoring you, this is one of the biggest signs a Libra man is not into you. He does not like to be direct about things like that because he does not want to hurt anyone’s feelings. He hopes you will take the hint and move on, although this often becomes less clear and causes more drama in the long run than he imagines.

One of the first signs a Libra man is interested in you is that he replies to your text messages. If he continues the conversation by asking you questions about your day, all the better.

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2. He texts you every day

Libra is known for being one of the most social Zodiac signs. When a Libra man is interested in you, he will find reasons to text you about anything and everything. If you work or attend school together, he might have excuses related to that, but it all adds up after a while. When he texts you every day, it is one of the most obvious signs a Libra man is interested in you.

A Libra guy can also be very creative and visual. He knows how to flirt artistically, and he will spice up his texts with many emojis and memes. 

Even if he only seems to chat about surface-level things and not anything too serious, the Libra man is probably carefully assessing your potential for a deeper relationship.

3. He notices things about you

A Libra man seems to notice everything in the world around him. He might seem quiet, but he takes in a lot. If you develop a relationship with him, you will eventually learn that he sometimes needs alone time because being as observant as he is can be exhausting.

If you are still trying to figure out whether the Libra man likes you, a positive sign is that he is the first to compliment you when you get a new haircut or outfit. He will notice everything about you if he has a crush on you.

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A Libra man is attracted to physical beauty, but he might have his unique idea of what is beautiful. Because he lives so much in his mind, he may have a very particular type of woman that he finds appealing.

However, the other side of the Libra man’s powerful mind is that he can first become attracted to you due to your intellect. In that case, your connection could be more powerful.

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4. He idealizes you

The Libra man tends to have a picture of how things should go. Love is probably the biggest thing he fantasizes about all the time in this way. If you are a woman the Libra man is considering, you have a big role to fill.

Early on in the Libra man’s process of developing interest in you, he may idealize you. Even if the signs are subtle, you can tell this by how he compliments you. Your outfit isn’t just beautiful, but the most beautiful outfit ever.

Another tell-tale sign at this point might be the way the Libra man looks at you. He probably would not share everything on his mind, but his eyes would betray the intensity of his feelings.

This is not quite love yet, as it is still almost all in the Libra man’s mind. He is in love with the idea of you rather than in love with you. The idealization phase might be hard to get through, as it makes him a bit goofy, but you can wait it out if you think he is worth it.

Libra man will try to get to know you better. Hopefully, he will have started to let the real you into his heart by then.

5. He acts awkward around you

Not every Libra guy fits the sign’s charming stereotype perfectly, but even those who struggle socially tend to be interested in relationship dynamics. Signs a shy Libra man likes you could easily include him acting more awkward than usual.

Generally, even the most confident Libras are shy when they like someone. A Libra man might spend a lot of time fantasizing about the ultimate love relationship of his dreams. If you look like a lady who could actually bring such a lofty dream into reality for him, that is a little scary for him.

One of the hardest things for an idealistic Libra man is to let his fantasies about love or anything else finally happen on planet Earth because no one can quite live up to his standards of perfection. If he seems nervous when he realizes he may want a real relationship with you, he has reason to be.

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6. He goes on dates with you

If a Libra man manages to work you into his busy schedule, this is a good sign he likes you.

Ruled by Venus, the Libra man enjoys fancy dinners when the opportunity arises, and he can go to that level of romance for a special lady. However, if you prefer a more low-key venue or a romantic date at home, that works for him because he wants to please you.

When a Libra man is interested in you, especially early on, he tends to defer to what he thinks you may want. Libras are notorious for losing themselves in their relationships. You are better off trying to build a situation where there is a balance between the interests of both people, so try to work in both his preferences and yours when deciding what to do on your dates.

Many Libra guys are intellectual or artistic, so for him, great things to do together include visiting museums or watching thought-provoking movies.

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Some Libra men are so focused on the intellectual side of life that they can be awkward. If a Libra man likes you, he might take the risk of trying to hold your hand on a date. He may like to be touched but not be entirely sure how to make it happen.

7. He is honest about his preferences

Libras are notorious for letting someone else decide where to eat or what to do. When a Libra guy feels comfortable around you, he might get a little more honest.

The Libra man’s attention to detail can sometimes come out in pickiness. For example, he can be a picky eater, and the dinners he truly likes are often less adventurous than the dinners he might think he should like. (On a technical note, some people with the Sun in Libra have Mercury or Venus in Virgo, and this combination can be the epitome of pickiness.) If he lets you see this side of himself, this could be a sign the Libra man likes you.

The Libra man will always want to make his girlfriend happy, but he also knows that a long-term relationship requires balance. Whether or not he pursues a relationship with you, working to achieve this balance will always be a challenging part of his life. However, you can encourage his interest in you to grow by showing that you are safe for him to share anything with.

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8. He tells you a good story

The Libra man usually allows others to talk. He is so neurotic about being liked that he doesn’t want to say anything anyone could have an issue with, so he tends to be quiet.

People who only want attention for themselves love him, as he lets them go off. If a Libra man likes you and wants to get to know you better, he might finally take a risk and tell you a story about himself. Even he understands that getting a relationship going will require you to know something about him.

One of the signs a Libra man likes you is that he opens up to you about his life. Even then, he is so relationship-oriented that many of his stories are more about his relationships with his family or friends than about him as an individual.

9. He gives you gifts

The Libra man’s attention to detail makes him the best at selecting gifts for his family and friends. When trying to impress a woman, he also knows how to pick out things she would like.

The Libra man has a keen sense of beauty and is willing to spend money when necessary to meet his high standards. Ruled by Venus, he is a good judge of quality. He is not limited to gifts stereotypically associated with romance, like flowers or jewelry, though he would get you those things if he thought you liked them.

The Libra man wants to make his crush feel he understands her personally. Therefore, unique but tasteful gifts are his specialty, which often references some inside jokes within the growing relationship.

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10. You have an inside joke with him

The Libra man may want to follow the rules of his society, but he has another side that secretly recognizes their absurdity. This can make him very witty.

Sometimes, the Libra man’s more difficult feelings that are hard to express come out as jokes with an edge. However, most of the time, he uses his mind in a more creative than cruel way.

The Libra man often has inside jokes with his friends about his life’s recurring characters and situations. If he shares humor with you, know you are important to him.

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Laughter is one of the best ways into the Libra man’s heart for a long-term relationship because it loosens him up. The Libra man can be his worst enemy because he is so afraid of what others think about him, and it can make him repressed and uptight.

The Libra man may never be totally vulnerable about his feelings in the way water sign men are, but, like anyone else, he needs to feel safe to fall in love. If he is willing to risk sharing something funny with you, especially if it’s a little edgy, this is a pretty good sign the Libra man likes you.

11. He listens to you

Because the Libra man is so paranoid about being judged, he can be a better listener than a talker. If the Libra man likes you, he will make you feel like he is interested in whatever you have to say.

The Libra man’s mind has a keen sense of relationship dynamics, and he may actually have good advice for sorting out your latest drama with your friends or family. He will make you feel like he is on your side.

Of course, the Libra man is well known for taking the side of whoever he is talking to because he wants to make everyone happy. He knows one of his big life challenges is balancing peace on one hand and justice on the other, and it may take him a long time to find the right way through this dilemma.

You can count on a Libra guy who likes you to patiently hear you out as long as you need him to, and this is a good sign of his overall commitment to you. If he were not into you, he would be clever enough to claim that he was too busy to talk or look like he wasn’t engaged with what you were saying.

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12. You know his actual opinions

Getting a Libra man to commit to anything is hard because he wants to keep his options open. In matters of the mind, the Libra man is especially reluctant to share his opinions because he does not want to hurt anyone’s feelings. The Libra man knows he can’t be everything to everyone, but this does not stop him from trying.

When a Libra man finally tells you everything on his mind, you know he trusts you. You might be surprised at the snarky sense of humor that he reveals, as it is at odds with his elegant public image. When things are held back so long, they tend to come out that way.

If you are considering a long-term relationship with the Libra man, you must make sure you can live with your role as his co-conspirator, as he will often expect you to be the same way he is: decorous in public, spilling it all in private.

There’s always an “on the other hand” with the Libra man. Sometimes, he is attracted to his opposite, the woman willing to boldly say anything to anyone. Either way, if he’s spilling it all to you, the Libra man likes you.

The Libra man is known for his indirect approach to life. His strategy for dating and relationships makes sense in his mind. His progress toward his goals is so obvious that he can’t figure out why everyone else can’t see it.

While those waiting for the Libra man to use his words clearly might be waiting a long time, those who now know the signs a Libra man likes you can figure it out.

Valerie trained in journalism and spent a decade as an administrative assistant in an accounting firm. Astrology has always been her passion, and her career goal is to work in financial astrology.

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