how to attract a libra man

He has style, he has class, he’s got it all! Libra men always have this unique vibe about them. It is hard to describe, but you can smell it. So, if a Libra man has caught your eye, let’s ensure he notices you, too! Here are some fail-proof tips on attracting a Libra man and making him fall in love with you.

1. Keep him excited

Libra man loves the idea of an exciting life in the company of an exciting and fun woman. Striving towards his ideals, fantasies, and excitement is in the nature of this zodiac sign.

Win a Libra man over by doing fun and exciting activities together. If you ever have a crazy idea, try to transform that idea into a date. For example, if you want to explore a small town nearby, call your Libra guy and take a spontaneous road trip. Make spending time together fun and exciting; he will surely be impressed.

2. Express your feelings

The planet Venus rules Libra, responsible for creativity, fertility, expression, love, and romance. Therefore, the Libra man appreciates when his woman isn’t afraid to express her feelings and thoughts.

If you try to communicate what is going through your mind clearly and concisely, you will get extra points. Libra men love women who can express themselves elegantly yet flirtatiously.

3. Show your personality

The more open you are about yourself, the higher the chances of a Libra man falling in love with you. Yes, he can appreciate a pretty outfit or look, but it is not enough to keep him interested.

Libras need much more than looks before they enter a relationship. So, if you have any unique interests or hobbies and you are willing to talk about them, Liba man will undoubtedly be attracted to you.

4. Give him compliments

man and woman chatting in a cafe

Let’s be real here for a moment. The only star sign that probably likes compliments more than Libra is Leo. But even then, it’s a close battle. He may not admit it, but the Libra man adores hearing compliments.

Giving him compliments is an easy way to let him know you are attracted to and interested in him. So, I would advise you not just to compliment his appearance. Instead, tell your man about the first thing that attracted you to him. Instead, compliment his natural charm or his ability to make you feel calm around him.

5. Don’t overdo texting

A flirty conversation will always pique Libra’s interest for you. Libra men, in general, are very in tune with their feelings. Texting is a great way to flirt with this guy while still maintaining some distance. Ask him about his day, talk to him about yours, and try to find your balance between a flirty and fun conversation.

Think of texting as an innocent foreplay that will ensure your way to the Libra man’s heart. For example, text him when something reminds you of him. You can also use texting as an easy way to ask him a few flirty questions. Don’t freak out if he doesn’t reply as fast as you want. Stay calm, and he will text back.

6. Highlight your appearance

You are so much more than your physical appearance. The Libra man certainly appreciates that. But if we are talking about attracting a man, appearance still plays a role. Air zodiac signs are often attracted to women that reveal their femininity and elegance.

When I say you should highlight your beauty, I don’t mean you should start using heavy makeup and diving into hairdo tutorials. On the contrary, you can seduce a Libra man by accentuating your femininity and natural beauty. Make him fall in love with your eyes, the tone of your voice, and your unique style. Whatever makes you feel the most confident and comfortable in your skin should be the traits you highlight.

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7. Don’t push him

It takes time to fall in love. So, if you were looking for a magic potion or an easy trick to attract a Libra man, know that you won’t find it. Even if you are dating a Libra man, you need to understand that it’s not guaranteed you will win him over and end up in a relationship. Learning how to keep him interested means playing a long game.

If you want to get Libra man to commit, you must ensure a healthy balance of communication. Be chill, and don’t push his boundaries. Giving him space and respecting his pace will make him appreciate and miss you. It can even transform into a desire and him lusting over you.

8. Demonstrate your social skills

group of friends in the park

Due to their flowing energy, Libras often attract various types of people into their lives. As a result, they tend to have big and colorful friend groups. Therefore, it is important to a Libra man that you keep up with the conversation regardless of the company. Openly discussing your interests and showing curiosity are big turn-ons for this air sign.

Make a Libra man admire you by demonstrating your social skills. Talk your way into his heart. Even if you are not super social, he will notice if you put in your best effort.

9. Be more romantic

In case you haven’t already noticed, Libras are suckers for romance. In his personal life, the Libra is driven by his emotions. So, while spending time with him, pay attention to what he views as romantic. Take note of this since it will come in handy later on.

Attract a Libra man even more by charming him with a romantic date. Think candle lights, sensual music, a small gift, or a nice dinner. By nature, this zodiac sign is a big lover of aesthetics and style. So I would advise you to wear something elegant yet sexy that will awaken his desire for you.

10. Engage in meaningful conversations

You will keep the interest of your Libra guy if you express your opinions, feelings, and thoughts freely. I always tell my friends: “Charm a Libra with your looks, seduce a Libra with your brain.”

Regarding conversation topics with the Libra men, you can talk about art with him. Venus rules over creativity, and throughout my years studying astrology, I have never met a Libra who wasn’t interested in art or artistic endeavors. If creative topics aren’t his strength, ask him about his interests. Libra men like sharing their views about almost anything.

11. Show him that you care

Most guys like to pretend that they don’t care about anything. Not the Libra male, though. He gets warm and fuzzy when he sees a couple on a romantic date. He is the generous type of guy who tips waiters and respects people, and it’s important to him that his romantic partner is like that, too.

Win a Libra over by displaying your caring and attentive side. If you want to make a Libra man fall in love with you, do something caring, but make it big. Save an animal, volunteer for a charity, plant trees. However, don’t be too boastful about it. Caring isn’t a thing that you can fake. If this behavior isn’t in your nature, attract a Libra man by showing him what you deeply care about.

12. Give him time and space

man laying on his back

If you want to attract a Libra man, show him you can spend time apart. For him to fall in love, he needs balance. So you can keep him interested by maintaining your independence.

If you are invading his personal space all the time, you will come across as intrusive and clingy, and when you don’t give the Libra man space, you can’t make him miss you. Libra men like independent women who know how to spend time alone.

13. Charm him with your optimism

When a Libra man is looking for a partner he wants to spend his life with, it is important that she can make him smile. This zodiac sign likes to look at the brighter side of life, as focusing on misery isn’t his thing.

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Libra men fall in love with happiness. They love seeing other people shine, and they can tell when someone is shining from their soul. Nothing is more charming to a Libra man than somebody who likes to see the glass half full rather than half empty.

14. Be kind and generous

Kindness speaks volumes, especially for Libras. It is in their nature to display compassion and love whenever they can, and if you want to get his interest, it would be best if you do the same. However, ensure that your kindness and generosity come from an honest place.

Ask your cab driver about their job, do little deeds of good, tip your waiters, help an elderly person cross the street, and these gestures will not go unnoticed. For Libra man, a kind partner is the best partner he could wish for.

15. Be vulnerable

Let’s not forget that your Libra man is ruled over by the planet Venus. Therefore, he is in touch with his emotions and isn’t afraid to show them. In a relationship, the Libra man expects to express his feelings freely without judgment or hesitation.

If you want to win a Libra man over, you shouldn’t be worried about exposing your vulnerability. Being closed off and stiff emotionally is not how to attract a Libra man. Instead, talk about things that go deeper than just the surface, and you will see that his eyes will start to sparkle. This will be an unmistakable sign that the Libra man likes you.

16. Put him in the spotlight

big group of friends celebrating

One of the key Libra personality traits is that this zodiac sign has elegant beauty. In astrology, it is known as “Venusian beauty” that is both physical but also internal.

The Libra man isn’t the type of man that will shy away from compliments and from being put on a pedestal. They love that kind of attention. Doing this also plays a key role if you want to know how to attract a Libra man. Let him feel like a shining diamond in the room, and you will win his heart for sure.

17. Be honest with him

If you can’t be honest, it will be a lot harder to attract a Libra man. This star sign has a natural sixth sense when it comes to lies and dishonesty. For him, lies and relationships simply cannot mix. If you want him to fall in love with you, you must be honest and speak the truth.

A white lie is allowed every now and then but remember: playing games and hiding things will not work with this man as he will detect the attempts of dishonesty. So if you want to make him yours, do not toy with his emotions and be your most honest self. Deception in a relationship is one of the things that a Libra male cannot get over.

18. Have fun dates

How to attract a Libra man is not rocket science. A fun and interactive date is a great and easy way to impress him. If he is the type of man that is into camping or traveling, a little get-away weekend would be ideal for making his heart melt.

Incorporate both of your interests or hobbies into dating a Libra man. Even a casual dinner date can be more enjoyable if you add your own twist to it. Ask yourself, “What can I do to make it more fun and less traditional?” before going on a date with him.

19. Meet his friends

Charm and wit are Libra’s middle names. This is why this zodiac sign tends to attract people of all kinds and calibers. However, my female clients have complained about one issue with Libra men and their friend groups: jealousy. So don’t try to get in between him and his friends and demand all of his attention. This is something that turns the Libra man off, and if you make him choose, most likely, his friends will be his priority.

Libras tend to respect those who can blend in with their friends, so try to build a connection with them. His friends mean the world to him, and if they love you, the Libra man will start falling for you too.

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20. Keep it real

young couple in a car

Don’t pretend to be someone that you are not because Libra will sense that. So if you feel like dating a Libra man requires more effort than you are ready to make, my advice would be: don’t.

Faking interests and hobbies, obsessing about your physical or social appearance, pretending to be enjoying certain activities is a no-go. Libra men see through this. Talk about the things that matter to you, don’t just mention something that you mutually like because you are attracted to him. These men like genuine women, so do your best to be your authentic self.

21. Flirt with him

Some of my astrology friends like to refer to Libra men as the seducers of the zodiac. A critical element in attracting a Libra man is that you need to beat him at his own game. Make a Libra man fall for you by playfully flirting with him.

Keep it light and romantic. This will tell the Libra man that you are interested and attracted to him. If you manage to make him smile or laugh while flirting with him, all the better! He will enjoy it even after you have entered a relationship.

22. Create a sense of harmony

Nobody wants a romantic endeavor where you are the only person putting in any kind of effort, let alone a committed relationship. Make a Libra man go crazy for you by creating a sense of harmony. This will tell him directly that you are the kind of woman he will want as his partner.

In astrology, Libras are symbolically depicted as a scale, always yearning for balance. This goes for all areas of their life. If you seem like a bringer of chaos rather than harmony, likely, your Libra guy will quickly lose interest. Make him fall in love with your calmness and stability.

23. Be independent

Plain and simple: let him know that you are the kind of woman who has all she needs in life. The Libra male tends to feel attracted towards independent women, so showcase your self-sufficiency in any way you can.

Even if you are the more needy type, don’t worry. You just want to make yourself seem more independent. Talk about yourself, your work, your friends, and the things that you are passionate about. This will attract him to your personality, making him curious about you.

24. Strengthen your self-esteem

young confident woman sitting in a cafe

To be with this star sign, you must feel comfortable with yourself. Libra is an air sign, and his flowing energy often attracts people, including other women. However, he has a deep disdain for jealousy, so try not to act like a drama queen when you see other women flirting with him. The Libra man likes women who can keep composure, even in intense or slightly stressful situations.

When looking for a relationship, the Libra guy wants a partner who will talk to him calmly if things get tense. Controlling behavior and jealousy are the traits that signal that a romantic relationship will not work between you. Love yourself, and the Libra will follow.

25. Be patient with him

The Libra man is easily excitable, sometimes even too much. This is why he needs someone who can be patient and understanding. Libra men love women who can make them feel grounded.

I can guarantee that his interest in you will increase if you showcase your sense of stability while maintaining your patience. This tells him immediately that you are not just dating material – you are wife material.

26. Tease him

If you want this guy to fall for you, you need to be double the seducer that he is. Just like in daily life, the Libra man in bed loves playfulness. He is very sensual, and he gets turned on by a partner who knows how to explore all the passages of pleasure.

Tease his sense of desire or lust if you can do this elegantly or subtly, even better. Being a little naughty can get you a long way with this zodiac sign.

The Libra man is way more sensitive than you might have thought. So, now that you have mastered the art of attracting this sensual zodiac sign, choose your favorite way to impress him and make his heart melt.

Cathy is a dreamer, a writer, and a big believer in finding beauty in every day. She has a keen interest in astrology, and synastry is her favorite topic to explore. Her dream is to study Vedic astrology in India.

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