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The last thing you’d want after a long and tiring day is to find your partner unresponsive or uninterested in you. And yet, sometimes, we forget to ask, “How was your day?”

Don’t wait until your loved one asks you about your day. Asking him first can show that you genuinely care about him.

Texting a “How was your day?” message during the workday can show your interest. Asking about different things will open up opportunities for conversation and strengthen your relationship.

Why asking “How was your day?” is important

Asking your boyfriend, “How was your day?” signals that his life, daily experiences, and emotional reactions matter to you. Showing you are invested in his well-being is essential in a loving, respectful, and healthy relationship.

However, if this question is repeated every evening word for word without variation, it can become just as mundane as the working day he has just finished. You will likely get a one-word response, something like “Fine.”

In worse cases, asking the same question every single day can even come across as insincere or lazy, which is the last thing you want.

Whether you live together or text over the phone, you must let your partner know that you are interested in his daily life. Asking your bae the right questions may even teach you things about him that you never knew!

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Cute and caring ways to ask, “How was your day?”

Your sweetheart may work a job, go to school, or even do both. Whatever the case, he has likely faced at least some difficulty on any given day. Nothing is more soothing on a bad day than receiving care and attention from our partners.

Different guys like to blow off steam in different ways. For some, a wild evening out is the best remedy for stress. For others, a quiet night in cuddled up to you on the sofa while watching Netflix will be perfect.

Some of these open-ended conversation starters are great at helping you learn exactly how your guy likes to relax and can even give you some nice date night ideas.

Remember that you might be unable to solve whatever problem he’s facing yourself — you may not have had an entirely lovely day either! These cute and caring questions will allow him to vent and open up to you in ways he wouldn’t with other loved ones. If you can listen and be present, that should help a lot!

1. What did you spend most of your time thinking about?

2. Did you feel valued at work?

3. Was there anything that you found very challenging with your tasks?

4. How can I help you relax after a long day?

5. How are you feeling now?

6. What was the best thing that happened to you throughout the day?

7. Are you satisfied in general with how your day went?

8. What can we do to help each other for the rest of this week?

9. Is anything causing you particular stress at work lately?

10. Is there anything that you feel you need help with?

11. Did you have any unexpected victories?

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12. Did your day exhaust you or energize you?

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Small talk about his day

Small talk is often criticized, but it fulfills an incredibly useful role. While these next questions aren’t as “deep” or probing as other questions, they provide simple and effective alternatives to “How was your day?” and can be used in many situations.

Small talk about work or school lets you get the basic facts about your partner’s day and can lead to more in-depth conversations. While not every question here applies to every job out there, they can be adjusted to fit his specific occupation.

However you each spent the day, you probably miss each other when you are apart — and there’s plenty to catch up on when you see each other again! However, remember that keeping your partner focused on his to-do list or on everything that went wrong at work can increase his anxiety. Try to draw out the good things, even if he suspects that particular job is not the right place for him.

1. Did you have any problematic clients, customers, or coworkers?

2. Were you able to relax on your break?

3. Did you get any good news today?

4. Did you hear any good music at work?

5. Did your work friend do anything funny?

6. How was that meeting you had?

7. Has there been any juicy office gossip lately?

8. Was your day more productive or busy?

9. What were you grateful for today?

10. Did anything unexpected happen at work?

11. Have you received any compliments or positive feedback on your work lately?

12. Did you get on well with your coworkers and boss today?

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Funny ways to ask, “How was your day?”

Most people don’t want to answer serious inquiries right after getting back home from work. Your partner will likely want a chill conversation after a day of tension and stress. After all, we come to our partners for fun, distraction, and emotional support!

They say that laughter is the best medicine. These conversation openers can lead to some humorous banter that shows your partner you are fun to be around.

On the other hand, if his coworkers or clients have been testing his patience, some of these lines can encourage him to vent to you. Once he starts responding, you can laugh about everything that drives him crazy together.

When you are on his side, it can make a significant difference in how hard your guy takes the stresses of life — and even allow him to have a good day despite whatever else he went through.

1. What superpower could help you most at your job these days?

2. If you could have told anyone what you think without consequences, who would it have been, and what would you have said?

3. Do you have any intriguing gossip to share with me?

4. Did you have to try not to laugh at any point?

5. Did you have any awkward moments or misunderstandings?

6. What frustration just made you want to crush the whole world?

7. Have you watched anything funny online lately?

8. Which of your coworkers would you least hope to be stuck in a room with all day?

9. If you had the chance to quit your job, would you take it?

10. If this day were a color, what would it be and why?

11. Which memory of your day would you like to erase the fastest?

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Flirty ways to ask, “How was your day?”

Adulthood comes with plenty of responsibilities, but thankfully it has its perks too! Flirting with your boyfriend can be a great way of helping him release the stresses and obligations of adult life.

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Besides humor, suggestive teasing is a highly-effective distraction from the daily grind (no pun intended!). Not to mention, your head might be spinning with steamy thoughts when your man comes home still in uniform.

It’s incredible how quickly the worries can disappear from a man’s mind when he opens a cheeky text message or has something naughty whispered in his ear!

1. What have you missed most about me this afternoon?

2. Did you fantasize about me at all today?

3. What did you picture doing with me after coming back home?

4. What would have been your reaction if you had received a naughty message from me while you were at work?

5. How quickly could you get to mine and back during lunch break?

6. If I saw you in “work mode,” would you seem different, and do you think it would turn me on?

7. If you had called in sick this morning and stayed with me, would you have had more fun than you did?

8. How easily could I convince you to call in sick for a special favor tomorrow?

9. Does coming home to me make everything you had to deal with today worth it?

10. Has work drained your energy, or do you still have some left for me?

11. Do you think the best part of your day has already occurred or is it yet to come this evening?

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Conversation starters about his day

Experts confirm that communication is essential for a healthy relationship. Whether you’ve been in love for many years or just started dating, it is crucial for each partner to feel heard and listened to by the other person.

Communication is not just limited to asking a certain number of questions. You want your man to respond in more detail than “Pretty good,” so asking the right questions is vital!

The most provocative questions are not just about the answers; they are ways of starting engaging conversations that help you learn about your man’s emotions.

1. What was the most surprising chance encounter you’ve had lately?

2. Did anything that happened today make you excited for a great day ahead tomorrow?

3. What’s the most precious thing you saw today?

4. Is anything in the news interesting today?

5. Did you learn anything new?

6. Were you having a good dream when you hit the snooze button?

7. Did you do anything you’d want to do again in the future?

8. Did you make any critical breakthroughs?

9. What do you think you will remember about your day?

10. What are you most proud of accomplishing today?

11. Did you help anybody today?

12. Did anything that happened inspire you today?

13. Do you regret anything that you did during the day?

14. If you could change anything about how your day went, what would it be?

15. If you had to rate your day out of 10, what would you give it and why?

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“Checking up” questions to ask during the day

You don’t have to wait until your partner has finished work to check in with him. Most couples in steady relationships text each other at least once or twice before the end of the work day.

Sometimes these texts are as simple as, “How has your day been so far?” Hitting “send” on a message that’s a little bit boring is better than doing nothing at all. However, it’s definitely possible to be more creative!

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If you want to check up on how your man is doing, whether on his coffee break or during a quiet moment, these greetings are a great way of putting a grin on his face.

Be aware that he may not be able to respond for a few hours if he’s busy, and don’t push him to engage in a drawn-out chat when he might need to focus on other issues. Even so, a sweet personal message can give him something to look forward to after work!

1. Hey, baby, are you having an amazing day yet?

2. What are you looking forward to most about finishing work?

3. What should we do for dinner tonight?

4. I’m so eager to see your beautiful smile after work!

5. How’s your day going so far?

6. Are you missing me yet?

7. What will you have for lunch today, and are you looking forward to it?

8. Who or what is annoying you the most today?

9. Do you have any plans for after work?

10. Are you interested in hanging out together later?

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Staying connected when you live apart

Some couples don’t live together or even see each other every day. Knowing how to keep your texting routine fresh is key to maintaining your connection while you are apart.

Good morning messages are necessary each day — and you’ll want to send a good night text each evening! Here are a few suggestions for sharing your everyday life when you can’t be together in person. Whether you’re having a wonderful day or a frustrating one, all the things you take for granted can become more interesting when you share them with your special guy.

1. What’s for breakfast? I hope you have a good morning and a nice day ahead.

2. Did anything make your day? Can’t wait to hear all about it when we speak later.

3. Send me a picture of your room. I want to imagine myself there!

4. I just wanted to check in to ensure you are having a wonderful day. Kisses!

5. I was thinking of you. Can’t wait to hear what kind of adventures you’ve been on.

6. I know your days without me are not the same, but I hope you make the most of the new day ahead.

7. People say that finishing the day with a smile brings you luck. Just kidding, but I hope this puts a smile on your face!

8. Have you heard something like “You are the best” today? No? Then you hear it now!

9. Did you know that every day spent with you is the best day I can wish for? Now you do! Looking forward to spending those perfect days with you again!

10. Sweet dreams, my love! I hope you have a splendid day when you wake up.

Building a beautiful life with your beloved one requires continued effort each day. Even if you are not in a serious relationship yet, many of these casual conversation starters can be great for chatting up your crush.

You don’t have to pressure yourself to create a completely original greeting every day, and you certainly don’t want to barrage anyone with a bunch of weird questions all day long. Still, it is always good to help your connection feel fresh by approaching things differently when you can.

Asking thoughtful questions is the best way to show your boyfriend that you care, help him to unwind after a long day, and, finally, open a meaningful conversation.

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