how to balance masculine and feminine energy

Are you stuck in your masculine energy and unable to connect with your feminine side? Perhaps you are juggling between your career or studies and your love life. Let’s explore how to balance your masculine and feminine energy so you feel happy and fulfilled.

Why being out of balance is an issue?

Firstly, you need to identify your masculine and feminine aspects. Start by noticing when you are getting overwhelmed with too much to do, and feel the world’s weight on your shoulders. This is the first sign that you have returned to your masculine side. Try to spot the indicators when you need to take a break.

Parental, cultural, political, and religious conditioning has led us to over-identify with masculine energetic traits, such as assertiveness, goal orientation, accomplishment, and dominance. This is why you may be experiencing an imbalance in masculine and feminine energies. It can affect your emotions, body, and spiritual development. Exhaustion, stress, anxiety, and depression are some of the most common outcomes of it.

The imbalance also results in a lack of nurturing romantic relationships. It is common to hear that men shouldn’t cry or show their feelings. Similarly, women can be conditioned to think they need to compete in the male-dominated corporate world. The problem occurs when you forget to switch to feminine energy after leaving work, transferring the tension onto your personal life. Holding onto this Miss Independent Woman energy can feel like holding a shield. You start having a hard time connecting with others on a deeper level.

Feminine and masculine energies both have unique strengths and come together beautifully. It is not feminine versus masculine, as neither is better or stronger.

Is your masculine energy killing your love life?

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Are you always finding yourself in and out of relationships and questioning, “Why does this keep happening to me?” You give all of yourself and try to impress the men you meet, but it never works out. This is because your masculine energy may take over and run your love life.

When you are in your masculine energy, you are in your achiever’s mode, which is excellent to employ in your career and business. In a work environment, this energy can be beneficial to get great results. However, being in this energy around a predominantly masculine man pushes him away.

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If your core energy is masculine, you will attract the opposite, feminine energy, and vice versa. So if you noticed that the only type of guys you attract is feminine men, this is why. When you radiate your aggressive masculine energy and are in your mindset of chasing a man, it doesn’t allow him to come toward you. A man’s attraction lowers because he is drawn to the opposite of his natural core energy.

He desires to make you happy, impress, and please you. Your masculine energy leaves no room for him to be in his masculine core; therefore, his attraction for you fades.

A woman who can come out of her busy mind and is happy to receive is extremely attractive to a masculine man. Men are naturally drawn to feminine vulnerability. They feel your presence in the current moment and your appreciation. This encourages them to want to do more for you and spend time with you.

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The difference between masculine and feminine energy

While it is common to associate men with “the masculine” and women with “the feminine,” it’s important to note that these energies are not gender-specific. Men and women embody both energies but will generally have a dominant or “core energy.” Ideally, this is the energy you want to operate from.

Masculine energy

The masculine energy side of us is “doing” energy. When it is dominant, you strive toward planning, achieving goals, focusing on one task, and getting results. Another way to identify masculine energy is when you catch yourself analyzing things and rationalizing.

In your masculine energy, you are:

  • Achieving
  • Striving toward
  • Goal-oriented
  • Conscious
  • Aware
  • Grounded
  • Decisive
  • Leading

Have you noticed yourself channeling masculine energy into your love life as you make your career and strive for your goals? This can be turning away the men you meet and affecting your relationships.

Feminine energy

Your feminine energy is when you are in your “being” energy. You are enjoying the moment, free and flowing, and you allow yourself to feel. You connect to your body and intuition and ask yourself what feels right.

In your feminine energy, you are:

  • Warm
  • Nurturing
  • Open
  • Magnetic
  • Highly intuitive
  • Radiating love
  • Receptive
  • Feeling ease
  • Creative

Feminine energy in your relationships and dating works in your favor. This is what a masculine-energy man will love about you, and he will feel drawn to you.

10 ways to help you rediscover your feminine energy

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Struggling to get in touch with your feminine side? Feeling as if you don’t know where to start? This is very common when you allow your masculine energy to dominate. Here are ten ways to help you rediscover your feminine side and achieve balance.

1. Stop when you are feeling overwhelmed

One of the most prominent signs that you have come too far over to the masculine side is feeling overwhelmed. Do you have too much to do, you take care of everyone, you don’t rest, feel exhausted, and stressed out? This is your mind and body telling you to take a break!

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2. Share with your girlfriends

One of the most feminine characteristics is sharing and being heard. You can return to your feminine energy when you share your concerns with your girlfriends. Having someone listen to you makes you feel supported, cared for, and understood, and also increases your estrogen levels, your feminine hormone.

3. Slow down

Take time to slow down everything you do: your activities, walking pace, and talking. Take your time to reflect on your current situation. Become more aware and conscious of your thoughts and how much you may be rushing.

4. Don’t be afraid to drop your masculine mask

Your caregivers probably supported you in your masculine energy when you were a child, and you used to receive reinforcement when you succeeded. This gave you the attention and parents’ acceptance. As you enter adulthood and start having relationships, you wear a masculine energy mask. You subconsciously associate it with being rewarded, getting attention, and potentially being safe. Practice dropping the mask of masculine energy and exposing your femininity.

5. Be present in the moment

You can start becoming aware of your environment and senses in many ways. Start noticing your surroundings, including smells around you, sensations in your body, and different colors of flowers on your walk. Allow yourself to be present in the moment and connect with your sensual side.

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6. Identify when you repress your feminine side

As you grow up, you have female and male energy role models. Certain parts of your energy have been repressed depending on those role models and how supported you were in expressing your feminine and masculine energy. It is time to rediscover that beautiful feminine energy hiding within and allow it to shine. Identify what feels natural and loving to you. Maybe it’s singing, dancing, or allowing yourself to laugh aloud.

7. Take care of yourself emotionally

Do you think your feelings are wrong, or are you trying to deny them? Connecting with your emotions and allowing them to flow through you is one of the feminine and kindest things you could do for yourself. Get in touch with your feelings and understand how and why you feel one way or the other. Don’t neglect your emotions, and allow yourself to express them freely.

8. Practice self-awareness

Self-awareness is vital. Ask yourself, “How masculine am I?” Know when your masculine side benefits you and when it does not work in your favor. It is not about masculine vs. feminine energy; it’s about incorporating both into your daily life and balancing between the two.

9. Learn to receive compliments

When you get complimented, especially by men, do you get shy or brush it off? Or maybe you came up with an objection to the compliment? Feminine is the receptive energy; therefore, receiving compliments allows your feminine side to accept love and joy. A man would want you to appreciate his core energy and what he provides for you. When you receive compliments with genuine appreciation, it is hugely encouraging for a man.

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10. Allow events to unfold naturally

You are in your masculine energy when you try to control your life circumstances to achieve the desired outcome. In these moments of life, you don’t trust the universe and the events to unfold as they should. Letting go of control is an excellent opportunity for your feminine energy to glow. Tap into your intuition and relax with peace as you allow the events to unfold naturally.

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How to be more feminine in a relationship

A woman with too much masculine energy in a relationship can experience more conflict and issues related to attraction.

Start to notice when you are too far over to your masculine side and feel tense, rigid, and unable to be in the present moment. You may even think you don’t want to be touched or cuddled. When you notice yourself in this tight masculine energy, take some time to get into your body.

After you finish work and before meeting your man, get yourself out of achiever’s mode and into the feminine mode. Take five minutes in your car or go for a walk. Start by closing your eyes, bringing awareness to the scents around you and the feelings in your body. Touching a piece of jewelry and taking deep breaths is a great way to awaken your feminine energy.

During your time with your man, you may lose the balance between your masculine and feminine energies at any time. When you are with him, bring some attention back to yourself. Take a moment to feel your body rather than your thoughts. Bringing your awareness to your body rather than your thoughts will give you an immediate shift.

You can start the day by listening to an energy-balancing meditation when you wake up. Check in with yourself regularly throughout your day and when around your lover. Ask yourself what sensations are in your body right now. How are you feeling? What can you do to bring your attention back to this very moment?

Make a conscious effort to call yourself out when you are out of touch with your feminine side. By simply noticing this, you will become much more self-aware and present in the moment.

Feminine energy is about slowing down, relaxing, letting go, and allowing the flow of life to take its course. Don’t try to control the events all the time. When you allow things to unfold, your pure femininity will shine through.

Aleisha is a studying Life Coach. She has a YouTube channel, and her focus is on healthy relationships, masculine and feminine energy, and dating. She believes self-love is the key to all the areas of a fulfilled life.

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