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One of the best ways to express how you feel towards a woman who is special in your life is to extend some form of compliment in her direction. Complimenting women done the right way can pay dividends for you down the road. And it will, at the very least, give you more practice. In general, I think that most women welcome compliments from men because it makes them feel more confident. Many women do indeed fish for compliments online on social networks like Instagram or Twitter, by wearing that special makeup, a new lipstick, flashing their sexy bodies, or striking the right pose for guys to witness.

That being said, how do we compliment them? How do we stand out from the rest of the pack? If you want to talk about seduction, women are experts at seducing men with their beauty. They know what poses to strike, what sultry look will pique a man’s interest, what selfie photo to post on Instagram that will cause men’s jaws to drop. What does occur when you see a gorgeous photo shared on Instagram or Facebook? Men’s comments. Many of them! In fact, a great majority of the comments are compliments regarding her ‘natural beauty’ or her appearance. Men aren’t superficial by nature, huh? You don’t say!

Complimenting women on social networks

She posts that favorite selfie of her with her sexy bod and those Dolce & Gabbana shades wearing a scantily clad pink bikini on Miami Beach to her Instagram account. Soon, there is a flurry of comments from her followers (mainly men). “You are so beautiful!” “What a body!” “Will you marry me?” etc. Heart emoji, kiss emoji, wink emoji, the little gawking guy emoji. She ultimately gets the instant gratification that she desires.

Let’s face it: social networks have changed how we interact with each other. We don’t necessarily ‘bump into each other’ anymore on the street, or spend too much time together in-person (besides work meetings and such). Social networking with the aid of technology has changed everything! Guess what? That includes compliments! We compliment each other now over Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and not necessarily so much in-person anymore. Which means you have to get this down to stand apart from the pack of men (the competition) globally.

The most overused and cliché compliment that you can say to a woman on a social network — “You are so beautiful.” It is so plain and uncreative. Women that are truly beautiful have been told that their entire lives on this earth. So please keep that in mind, before firing off your ‘original’ compliment that will most likely make her eyes roll.

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Here are some examples of compliments that will make you stand apart from the pack of gawking men:

“That color looks great on you.”

“Your smile brightens the room.”

“Your hair is glamorous and shimmering.”

“Your eyes really pop in that black dress! You’re so classy!”

“You’re so stylish, and you have impeccable taste in fashion!”

“That is a very alluring pose.”

Do you see the difference? Not only are you complimenting their appearance, but you are also acknowledging their style or fashion sense, bright and sparkly smile, or taste and class. These compliments are also more creative, and you actually put some creative thought into your compliments, before firing off that plain, “You’re so beautiful” comment on her pic that will make her think: “A dumb compliment from another loser.” There is one exception to this rule: if you look like Henry Cavill or Brad Pitt, you can get away with it, but you’re probably you. Sometimes I also witness the dumb guy who comments something very vulgar or untrue just to be different and stand out from the pack. Don’t be that guy. He’s a douche.

The most overused and cliché compliment that you can say to a woman on a social network — “You are so beautiful.” Click To Tweet

Complimenting women via text messaging

Text messaging is a different monster altogether from social networks. The main difference with text messaging is that you could get an instant response, whereas, on a social network such as Instagram, your compliment (comment) may get lost in a sea with other men (or women) commenting. Emojis are an excellent way to express yourself via text message. There is nothing wrong with using colorful hearts or x’s and o’s while texting her. I think that this shows that you are generally a loving guy who truly cares about her.

I love it when women reply with a simple ‘thank you’ to your compliments. It just shows that they appreciate your compliments to them and that they know that the compliments are genuine. If you’re not going to be genuine, and you simply compliment women with intentions to just ‘get into their pants’, you probably will want to refrain, because women will see through this and they can sense with their intuitive abilities if you’re not being genuine and that you have ulterior motives. Women want men to be genuine with them, and not just after physical sex. There are many men that will actually do this, and I don’t think that most of them are ultimately successful. If a woman is wise about it, she will not be interested in a guy who just wants to get laid, and simply compliments them for being beautiful or sexy.

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Another good tip is that you can text, “Hey, I saw you earlier walking outside. You look very lovely, and I can’t wait to see you!” You are sending her a genuine compliment, and reassuring her that you miss her and that you care about her. Women like men who demonstrate that they actually care — women don’t like players. It’s on their dating profiles all over the place: ‘Players need not apply’. Trust me on this.

Complimenting women in-person

Sometimes you will want to approach women in their natural habitat. You can’t always hide behind a computer or a smartphone. This is very difficult, but it becomes easier with practice. These compliments will work well for you in-person: “You look very pretty today! Where did you find that lovely dress?” “That color looks gorgeous on you!” “I love your hair. Where do you get it styled?” “What’s the story behind that elegant bracelet? Do you go shopping often?” These are all compliments that are genuine, and you can also follow-up with her to keep the conversation flowing. Beware, though — she may reply, “Yes, my boyfriend gave me this bracelet as a gift for my birthday. Thank you!” In Womanese, that means, “Back off, buddy — I’m already taken.”

Women love compliments on their hair or sense of style. You may compliment her and say, “I love those shoes! Where did you get them?” Or you may ask her, “Your hair always looks so shiny and beautiful. What kind of shampoo do you use?” Hopefully, if she’s interested, she will reply, “Thank you! I use Dove shampoo. I love it! It always keeps my hair clean and smelling good. By the way, what kind of shampoo do you use?” This is a good situation because she is not only thanking you for your thoughtful compliment, but she also wants to get to know more about you. Hopefully, this will spark a fun conversation, if you’re comfortable with her, just relax and engage in pleasant talk.

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Sometimes you will want to approach women in their natural habitat. You can't always hide behind a computer or a smartphone Click To Tweet

It’s important while complimenting her that you’re not staring at her rack or looking too eager to jump on her. You need to approach her confidently, and you need to be smooth and gentlemanly about it. If you’re staring too long, she may get turned-off and just say something like, “I’m really busy right now. I need to go. Sorry…” That’s Womanese for “I kind of liked you at first, but you’re getting really creepy now, and stay the hell away from me.” Pay attention to her body language while you compliment her. If she bats her eyelashes at you, she smiles, leans into you, or she flips her shiny hair in your direction so that you get a whiff of her perfume or shampoo, that is a good sign. If she turns her back, rolls her eyes, or comes back with a sarcastic insult like, “Where did you get your shoes? The local Walmart?” she’s most likely not interested in you, and you should slowly walk away from her, and disappear.

Compliments can be tricky, and a lot of it depends on your location, and the situation. However, if you’re creative about it, and not a total bore to her, you will have some success with women. They want creative guys that appreciate them and are truly genuine about it. It’s important to be genuine with your compliments, and try to keep them interesting. Remember that beautiful women have been told that they’re beautiful all of their lives from other guys. It’s important to also keep your compliments balanced, and don’t over-compliment her. Sometimes, women want a challenge with guys. She may think, “All of the other guys have told me that I’m beautiful. I actually like this guy! Why won’t he let me know how he feels about me, or that he’s interested?” However, if you are too phony, she will see through this, so just be yourself, and work on your skill-set and practice with women. Simply saying “hi” and smiling can take you a long way with women as well. Keep compliments subtle and thoughtful for the best results, and for God’s sake, don’t just tell her that she looks so beautiful!

William is a graphic designer and creative writer. One of his favourite interests is reading books about relationships. He recommends ‘How to Succeed with Women’ and Doc Love’s ‘The System’. He has two adorable children that he enjoys spending time with. William is currently single and is preparing for his next relationship. You can follow him on Twitter.

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