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Maybe you’re that guy who has tried to perfect his game with your love life. There are ways that you can win a woman’s heart (good for you), and there are also ways that you can scare women away.

Studying what tactics are effective during dates always helps when dating women. However, it’s also crucial that you know what are the turns offs for women so you can analyse your behaviour to avoid potential dangers or pitfalls down the road. Let’s go over briefly through the biggest turn offs for women based on my personal experiences.

1. You’re being too pushy with her

A lot of men may fall into the trap of being too pushy with women. Do you try to trap her in a room, get too private with her, or are you overly crude with her? Are you being too aggressive with her to fulfill your sexual desires? If you go in for a kiss, and she turns her cheek, it’s over. Don’t make another move with her. Move on. If she is showing you clear body language and attitude like she’s not interested, don’t pursue her anymore. It’s really that simple. You don’t want a restraining order or a sexual harassment allegation against you. Your future in court isn’t looking very bright for you. If you ask her for her phone number and she declines your advancements, or she tells you that she has a boyfriend or husband at home, simply back off. There are other women out there who may show interest in you.

2. You text her too much

It’s best not to text her too much. You don’t want to get to a point where you’re being too annoying or needy with her. If she texts you, and it’s incoming, that’s a different story altogether. I’m not saying that you should stop texting her, but it’s up to you to decide if you’re doing it too much, or if you’re being too needy with her. You don’t want to show her that you have nothing better to do in your life. Don’t text her too much before a date, because you will want to save conversation for the date itself. If you reveal too much to her upfront, it will take away the mystery, and you don’t want her to get to know you too fast and become bored with you. It’s best to take it slowly with getting to know her, and keep your texting to a minimum. However, if you both have a special connection with each other, and the chemistry is definitely present, you may text her more frequently. Just don’t get to a point when you’re overdoing it, or annoying her. You need to be able to read and gauge her interest level in you.

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3. You are too arrogant or cocky

There are a lot of guys who become overly confident, arrogant and cocky and this is one of the major turn offs for women. If you’re bragging in front of her about all of the women that you went on dates with, or that you’re so irresistible with women, you’re likely to turn her off, and she won’t want to spend time with you. Surprise! A lot of guys believe that pre-selection, such as having a Facebook profile photo of three women kissing them, makes them more desirable. Showing a woman that you’re desired is different when you actually ‘walk the walk’, and don’t ‘talk the talk’. If you keep on bragging about your ‘achievements’, most women will see you as being immature, and they won’t want to pursue a long-term commitment with you, because they will think that you’re a player, or simply a douche.

4. You are not being genuine

If you are acting like you’re a powerful guy with a ton of wealth, but this really isn’t the case, and you’re putting on some sort of act for her, you will eventually turn her off. It’s a form of lying to her, and from my personal experiences, women really hate liars. You need to be genuine with her, and tell her the truth at all times. Even if it’s something little, be honest with her. This is a way for her to earn her trust in you, rather than causing resentment with your negative behavior, because you weren’t being truthful with her, or you were misleading her. You need to make a woman comfortable with you, and being genuine with her is crucial for this. You want her to be able to trust you, and know who you really are, rather than acting like someone you’re not. It also shows her that you’re insecure with yourself by being phony with her to try to impress her.

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5. You don’t listen to her

If she’s talking with you, and you let her words go through your ears and forget what she’s talking about, how are you supposed to build a powerful and meaningful connection with her? You should pay attention to her, show her empathy, and have some emotional intelligence with her. Most women love feeling emotionally connected with their guys. You need to show her that you’re interested in her, and listen to what she’s telling you. You can lean into her, understand what she’s saying, give her some advice about certain things, and engage with her in conversation. Make sure that you’re paying attention to her at all times. If you’re not listening to her, have no emotional connection with her, or if you’re not engaged with her in conversation, this will absolutely turn her off.

6. You are too macho boy

A lot of guys think that if you’re macho or really manly with women, this will make them want to stay. Some of this is true, because straight women generally love manly men, but if it spills into your attitude while you’re showing her jealousy, insecurity, or putting up a macho front (but not backing it up), it will lead to low interest level with her. If you threaten to beat up that guy that’s gawking at her over social media, and ‘checking out your woman’, or if you’re too territorial with her, you will eventually turn her off. This is a clear sign of insecurity with her. I’ve been there before, the jealous type on some rare occasions and it didn’t work out well. Keep the feelings inside if you have to, bite your lip, and don’t let her see you sweat, because she may take advantage of your jealousy with her. If other guys show her interest or gawk at her during your date, take it as a compliment, because you’re the one that gets to go home with her at night and sleep with her.

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7. You don’t make her feel loved

You want to make sure that your lovely woman is number one in your life, which means that you will need to respect her and show her that on a consistent basis. You do this through your actions, so don’t let her catch you staring at that attractive woman’s legs from across the room that caught your eye. Treat her with respect, and show her that you’re proud to be with her, and you’re so lucky to have her, as opposed to some other dorky guy. Showing her that you love her and that she’s important to you will go a long way. If you are not respecting her, showing interest in her, or if you’re not spending quality time with her, you’re showing her that she’s not important to you through your actions. Wise up, take her out on that special date, show her that you care about her and make sure that she feels loved. If you don’t, she won’t care about you either, and you’re looking forward to a blown date, breakup, or divorce.

These are some guaranteed turn offs for women. I hope that this helps you with your love life. If you want to sabotage your relationship, feel free to use any one of these, because they will likely work to end your relationship. If you want to preserve or strengthen your relationship, avoid doing these at all costs. After all, your happiness and future depends on it.

William is a graphic designer and creative writer. One of his favourite interests is reading books about relationships. He recommends ‘How to Succeed with Women’ and Doc Love’s ‘The System’. He has two adorable children that he enjoys spending time with. William is currently single and is preparing for his next relationship. You can follow him on Twitter.

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