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It’s always a difficult task to keep a woman’s interest level high in you. It takes constant work and maintenance, as well as keeping things fresh while dating. Perhaps you’ve been out on some dates as a single bachelor, but things didn’t quite work out the way that you expected. Maybe you are wondering, “What did I do wrong? We were texting and getting along so well. I went out with her, it seemed like a fun date to me. What did I do wrong to make her not want to text or talk to me again?”

There are many things that you can do during a date to turn a woman off. It’s fairly easy, especially with that really beautiful one that you were imagining a future with. Women judge you from the minute that you text, they will judge what you reveal to them, your manners, how you present yourself, your first impression during the date, the way that your face looks, your body language during the date, etc. They intuitively know what they are looking for, and if you don’t measure up, you’re history, cowboy.

It sounds cold, and not really fair, but this is life. The woman may not feel a spark with you, or maybe she needs to cancel the date, or leave you hanging at the restaurant with the expensive check to pay. There are many different reasons why things may not work out for you during the date. You will know if you didn’t impress her, because she won’t text you back, call you, or she will inevitably block you from her life forever. Most of us have been there in one way or another. It’s the dreadful feeling of rejection that makes us want to throw in the towel or wave a white flag of surrender or give up completely.

However, there is still hope for you yet! After all, there are many different women out there, and each one is looking for something different. If you are looking for dating advice for men, memorize these 5 things that will never impress her and try to avoid them at all costs.

1. You dress like a slob and you smell

No woman in her right mind will want to date you if you look like you slept in a dumpster the previous night. Make sure to mind your appearance. Nothing will send a woman running for the hills away from you more than looking like a dirty slob, and smelling horrible. Before your date, make sure to wear stylish clothes. Add nice shoes, shower thoroughly, smell pleasant with cologne (don’t wear it too strong; some guys lather on that Hugo Boss, and it’s way too strong). Brush your teeth so that your breath is fresh, and your white smile is sparkly.

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It’s fine to go casual on your date, but don’t dress too casually like you’re lounging around and watching football at home. Make certain that your hair looks nice and shiny, your facial hair is neatly trimmed and not out of control. If you have a beard or goatee, trim it before the date, and make sure that if you’re a hairy guy that your facial hair and hairy back are under control, so that you don’t resemble a sasquatch. Not many women like men with really hairy backs… Sorry!

If you wear a suit, you should look attractive to her. Most women love men who are career-driven and dapper. You can always take off your suit jacket if it gets too hot during the date in the restaurant with her. It’s best to talk or text her beforehand to dress for the occasion. If you have a personal style, I think that this is ideal, because you will show confidence in your appearance and stylish GQ fashion.

If you’ve been hitting the gym lately, good for you! However, by all means, make sure that you smell good and pleasant. If you worked out at the gym before meeting up with her for the date, make certain that you’ve showered thoroughly, and cleaned up. Remember, appearance is of the utmost importance, and she will judge you based on it during the date. She wants to date someone who she finds physically attractive.

2. You are a cheapskate

You should always pay for the date — no matter what. It’s just your duty as the man and hunter-gatherer. If you ask the woman to pay for a portion of your date, you’re not only showing her that you’re extremely cheap, but she won’t want to talk to you ever again. Make sure that you plan ahead of the date. Then, if you hit that expensive restaurant in the town with her, you can afford to pay for her bill, as well as yours. You can always resort to coffee dates while starting out on the primer dates to save money. But if you’re hitting it off with her, you will want to man up. Take her somewhere special for an exciting evening out. Don’t ever ask her to pay for anything. If she drinks a lot of expensive wine on your bill, bite your lip, and suck it up.

You don’t want to appear cheap as well. Women will run away from cheap guys. This also means that you will need to pay attention to your vehicle that you drive to the date. If you drive a beater car that appears ready to break down at any moment, perhaps you can borrow a nice car for the date from a friend, until you purchase a better vehicle. Obviously, if you show up to the date driving an expensive and snazzy ride, you will meet her with a lasting first impression. Most women want to be taken care of, and most of them won’t tolerate cheap men. If you’re on a budget, just try your best to appear like you have your life together.

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3. You appear arrogant and self-absorbed

It’s fine to be confident in yourself. However, you don’t want to give off the impression like you’re arrogant, self-absorbed, or too cocky. Sometimes your self-confidence can absolutely work in your favor. If you try too hard to impress her, or if you sound fake or phony like a bad salesman, too selfish, or too self-absorbed, you will eventually turn her off. Her interest level may plummet in you as you kick back with a few cold ones and brag about your successful business empire, or about all of the beautiful and sexy women that you previously slept with.

You need to carefully and tactfully pick and choose what information you want to tell her during the first dates. Don’t brag too much, or talk too much about yourself, without asking her the right questions or merely making an effort to get to know her. She will get a call from a friend telling her that she needs to leave at this very moment. She’ll say it’s because there’s been an emergency at home. But she needs to go home and get away from you!

Most women love altruistic men. They love guys who have it together. They love the type of guys who will just be self-sacrificing and help out other people in need on the street or at the local grocery store. Maybe you give a struggling homeless man a $20 bill so that they can eat for the day, or you help that lady that can’t reach the top shelf at the grocery store to get her canned meal for the evening. Women love that. They dig selfless men who help out with their community, and they admire leaders. Most women will be turned off by arrogant, selfish, and pompous men.

After all, if you appear self-important, how will she expect you to ever pitch in and help her or take interest or leadership in household chores? Women will also notice this behavior and judge you during the date. (I write ‘date’ as singular because you’re not going to see her ever again for a second date, Mr. Full of Himself).

4. You’re a humble doormat

The exact opposite of too much confidence; you are a doormat instead. In other words, you agree with everything that she says during the date. You don’t have your own opinion about any topics of conversation. You stupidly left your backbone at home. Most women don’t enjoy spending time with guys who can’t make eye contact with them or are too shy, under-confident, or insecure with themselves. There is a fine line between being overly confident and cocky. But you are not even that, because you feel like you don’t deserve her. You are just happy to be out on the date with her that evening.

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Women will read your awkward body language during the date. They can usually tell what guys are too wimpy for them, or what men can’t take care of them. They don’t want to bring home a spineless schmuck to make love with. If you don’t make her laugh during the date, or if you are just too dry, rude, serious, awkward, not funny, cheesy, or uncomfortable in your own skin, she will notice this in a heartbeat.

If you’re the doormat guy, most women will let you down easily, so don’t worry about that. They may tell you in Womanese that there just ‘wasn’t a spark during the date’. She’s not ready to date yet. Her little kitty was sick at home and she had to cancel your date forever. Or she can’t make it out because she’s seeing a guy much better looking than yourself. It doesn’t matter though… You will hopefully learn with practice to improve yourself so that you can actually form your own personality. You know, with your own opinions and views about life and dating. Perhaps you’re being a doormat because you lack the skills or practice with dating women, so be patient.

5. You carry too much drama and baggage

Most women want to date men who don’t lug around heavy drama and baggage from their previous relationships. It’s probably best to try to keep your mouth shut during the date if you had an ex who was so pissed off at you that she tried to run you over with her car. Don’t tell her about that time that you got into trouble with the law. Nor that psychotic ex-girlfriend who stalks you incessantly and wants to follow your new girlfriend around because she’s still in love with you.

Don’t tell her about all of your excess baggage from your previous toxic and doomed relationship, or about those times that you got so wasted and intoxicated, and self-medicated yourself through your previous dying marriage so that you could escape into your drunken purple haze binge.

Women want to spend time with a pleasant gentleman who will treat them the right way. They don’t want to deal with your baggage from a previous relationship or psychotic exes. So be very mindful and tactful about what you reveal to her during your initial dates, before getting to know her better.

The next time that you’re out on that special date, and you receive no texts or communication afterward, perhaps you committed one of these civil dating infractions. Make sure that you look dapper, smell pleasant, and don’t be a cheapskate. Don’t be too arrogant and cocky. Be confident and don’t carry too much heavy drama during your dates. With a little dating advice for men and avoiding these errors, perhaps you can land that next sublime woman who will joyfully change your life forever.

William is a graphic designer and creative writer. One of his favourite interests is reading books about relationships. He recommends ‘How to Succeed with Women’ and Doc Love’s ‘The System’. He has two adorable children that he enjoys spending time with. William is currently single and is preparing for his next relationship. You can follow him on Twitter.

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