undeniable signs that he likes you

Are you wondering if that guy at work, in class, or in your group of friends might have a crush on you? Maybe the two of you have hung out with each other a few times or spoken casually, and you’re attracted to him but not sure if the feeling is mutual. If you’ve been driving yourself crazy trying to work out if he’s been giving you signs or if you’re just imagining things, don’t worry. There are plenty of undeniable signs that he likes you to keep an eye out for!

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How to tell if a guy likes you

If you’re wondering how to know if a guy likes you, there can be many things to consider. The signals he is interested in being something more than just your friend or acquaintance can be obvious or subtle. These signs will also vary depending on the guy—for example, more confident men are likely to display attraction in different ways than more shy and reserved men.

It is unlikely that one guy will show every one of the signs on this list. However, displaying more than a few of them may be his way of letting you know he wants more than just a friendly relationship. To help you work out if a man likes you romantically, I have come up with this comprehensive list of undeniable signs he likes you.

Don’t lose sleep if not all of these signs show—not everyone expresses themselves in the same ways! In addition to this, don’t freak out if a guy you are not interested in romantically shows a few of these signs when interacting with you. Many of these signs can be attributed to being a good friend without romantic intent.

Don’t get caught up trying to question or change yourself to attract or impress a specific person. Move at a pace you are comfortable with and try to naturally enjoy the discovery process while keeping an eye out for any of these signs.

1. He flirts with you

Of course, this may seem incredibly obvious! However, not all flirting is easy to detect, and guys sometimes “test the water” with more subtle flirting to see how you respond. As a general rule, guys aren’t as subtle as girls in this regard, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to notice when he is doing this.

2. He teases you playfully

One common way of flirting is playful teasing. We’re not talking about direct insults—just little jokes designed to get your attention rather than upset you. Of course, how good a guy is at doing this may vary!

3. He looks at you when he thinks you’re not looking

Checking someone out is not just a sign of physical attraction. It can also indicate interest beyond the physical and show that you are on his mind when you are together, even in a larger group setting.

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4. He texts you frequently

There are many non-romantic reasons a guy might text you often. However, if he initiates frequent contact about topics unrelated to work or school, it can mean only one thing: he is interested in you. When he moves a conversation very quickly from “hey, are you at work tomorrow?” to more personal topics, this may be a sign that he likes you.

5. He asks you questions

A guy who fancies you will want to know as much about you as he can! If a guy asks you questions about various topics such as your likes, dislikes, and life experiences and seems interested in hearing the answers, this may be one of the signs that he likes you.

6. He tries to find out if you have a boyfriend

He may not ask you directly if you have a boyfriend—this is an undeniable sign that he likes you, and he might want to keep his cards close to his chest! If you find out that he wants to know about your relationship status and may even have asked other people about it, you know he is interested in you in a romantic way.

6. He checks his phone less often around you

Let’s be honest, most of us check our phones regularly, and even more so when our surroundings don’t have our full attention. It is a very positive sign if a guy holds a prolonged conversation with you without checking his phone and gives you his full attention.

It is a very positive sign if a guy holds a prolonged conversation with you without checking his phone and gives you his full attention. Click To Tweet

7. He listens to you with interest

Showing interest and engagement in you can involve more than just not looking at his phone. A guy who is interested in you and what you have to say will give you all of his attention and focus during conversations, and make you feel like you are being heard. It is nice to be listened to, and a guy who does this can often make a great boyfriend!

8. He pays you compliments

If a guy likes you and wants you to know that he likes you, he will shower you with compliments. Even guys who are less confident in showing their intentions will find it hard to resist making the object of their affection feel good about themselves!

9. He tries to impress you

Sometimes you can tell if a guy is doing this. A more confident or cocky guy might openly brag about his achievements or traits. In contrast, a less confident (or maybe just smarter!) guy might do this more subtly.

10. He asks your opinion on things

A guy may ask your opinion on his new hairstyle, a new shirt, or a song he has written. Sometimes this is just a less direct way of trying to impress you, or he may want to learn what you like. Either way, it’s a likely sign of attraction!

guy playing ukulele

11. He dresses well around you

Some guys (not as many as you may hope, of course!) always look their best. However, if a guy who is known for practically living in sweatpants and an old t-shirt and never combing their hair always seems to be wearing something nicer when you are around, he may well be putting in the effort to impress.

12. He wears cologne

Teenage boys have a well-deserved reputation of drowning themselves in Axe body spray, believing that this will make them irresistible to women. While most guys grow out of this as they get older, a couple of cologne sprays before they meet you may be a sign of trying to impress, especially if they don’t do the same around others.

13. He tries to make you laugh

Studies have shown that humor is strongly linked to attraction, and guys are aware of this! Whether recounting a funny anecdote or telling a string of cheesy jokes, making girls laugh is a common thing that guys do to get their interest.

14. He regularly sends or tags you in memes

The world of social media has opened up new methods of flirting. While guys probably send memes to their pals and post them in the group chat, sending them to you individually and frequently can be another way of trying to make you laugh and get your attention.

15. He is nervous in front of you

A less confident guy might appear nervous around you because he wants to make a good impression on you and is worried about failing to. Being shy in front of you isn’t always a sure sign of attraction—he may be socially anxious in general and nervous around most people! If a guy is confident around everyone else but blushes and trips over his words when speaking to you, he may be attracted to you.

If a guy is confident around everyone else but blushes and trips over his words when speaking to you, he may be attracted to you. Click To Tweet

16. He is clumsy or fidgets around you

An undeniable sign of being nervous around you is fidgeting, repeatedly sipping a drink (sometimes from an empty cup), straightening hair or clothes, or tapping fingers on a surface. Nervousness often translates to restless physical energy.

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17. His body language changes when he sees you

A shift in body language can be an indication of attraction. This can be either becoming more physically withdrawn from nerves, or consciously adopting more confident and relaxed body language when you’re around. It is a typical sign that he is fighting his feelings for you.

18. He mirrors what you do

Imitating actions, such as physical or speech mannerisms, is a subconscious display of attraction. When a guy likes you, you may catch him altering how he speaks or moves in a way that more resembles the way you do these things.

19. He touches your arm

Unwanted touching is, unfortunately, something a lot of women are all too familiar with. However, more innocent and respectful examples, such as touching your arm gently, are proven signs of attraction regardless of gender!

20. He leans in when you speak

Leaning in closer to you when you talk to him is not just a sign that he’s trying to make sure he can hear you properly—it can also be a subconscious sign of romantic interest! Leaning in closer to those we like and away from those we dislike is a natural human reaction.

guy and girl sitting on the fence

21. His eyebrows raise when he sees you

There are many reasons that we raise our eyebrows. It can be a sign of surprise, disbelief, fear, or amazement. In a social setting, raising one or both eyebrows at someone is a common way of subtly greeting them. However, if someone seems to raise one of both eyebrows at you whenever they see you, this may be a sign of attraction.

22. He licks or bites his lips

I’m not talking about licking his lips in a cheesy, dramatic way like a hungry Wile E. Coyote spotting Roadrunner! More subtle licking or biting of the lips is a subconscious display of attraction. If a man likes you, you may catch him doing this in a low-key way.

23. He behaves differently around you

Guys often behave differently around girls that they are attracted to. When a guy likes you, he may appear to be acting less naturally than in front of his friends, as if putting on a performance.

24. He wants to help you with problems

Of course, many people are very generous to everyone. However, if a guy is offering to go out of his way to help you on multiple occasions, including minor things like carrying your bag or coat, this is usually a sign.

25. He remembers everything that you say

When a guy has a crush on you, he will listen to you more than to others, his brain will be more engaged, and he will remember the things that you have said. If a guy asks you about something you only mentioned in passing weeks ago, you are probably on his mind much more than others are!

26. He tells you about his plans

Suppose he makes sure to mention his plans, such as career aspirations or potential traveling destinations, in conversation with you. In that case, this may be an attempt to impress or intrigue you. This could also be a sign of potentially wanting you to be a part of his future!

27. He wants to be around you

Humans get a rush of endorphins from being in close physical proximity from people they are attracted to. If a guy in your friend group always ends up sitting next to you, this may mean something.

28. He avoids getting physically close to you

Wait, what? I know, I know, this seems to contradict the previous sign completely. However, guys making specific attempts to avoid proximity to you can also be a sign of interest, especially if the guy is shy, doesn’t want to come across as too keen or specifically wants to hide his attraction. Not to mention, guys often have to avoid anything that may cause arousal in public!

29. He tries to maintain eye contact when you talk

Maintaining eye contact is not just a sign of paying attention—it also strengthens intimacy and feelings of closeness to someone. If he is trying to build an emotional connection with you, he may do this. However, this brings us to the next sign.

Maintaining eye contact is not just a sign of paying attention—it also strengthens intimacy and feelings of closeness to someone. Click To Tweet

30. He blushes and looks away

Because prolonged eye contact with someone you are attracted to can be intense, he may avoid it if he is trying not to give away his emotions! Another thing he may do is blush and look away after too much eye contact. It does not necessarily mean he doesn’t like you; it means that he is nervous!

31. His pupils dilate during eye contact with you

When somebody likes you romantically, their pupils expand when they look at you. However, this is one of the signs that can be most difficult to notice, as the change can be small and fleeting!

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32. He finds reasons to spend time with you

Finding excuses to spend time together—especially away from others—is a likely sign that he likes you. If he suggests a study session, watching a movie, or grabbing food or drinks with just you, this is something to look out for.

guy and girl talking

33. He goes out when you do

For guys, the decision to go out to the bar or a party can often come down to whether their crush will be there. If he makes a point to go to any social event only if he knows that you are attending, this may be a sign of interest.

34. He introduces you to his closest friends

Wanting to have you involved in his life and to meet the people who are important to him (such as family and close friends) is an undeniable sign that he values your company—potentially more than just as a friend.

35. He gets jealous around you

Some guys can get extremely possessive around girls they like, become moody, passive-aggressive, or even openly aggressive towards you or others. While you should avoid guys who do this like the plague, a little bit of jealousy is normal when attracted to someone. If you notice a guy looking quiet and withdrawn when seeing or hearing about a potential rival for your affections, he may be interested in you.

Some guys can get extremely possessive around girls they like, become moody, passive-aggressive, or even openly aggressive. Click To Tweet

36. He says dumb things in front of you

Research has shown that men’s cognitive functioning can decline (temporarily, thankfully!) when around someone they are attracted to. If a guy is smart in front of everyone else but ends up talking nonsense to you, this may be the case.

37. He opens up to you

Although guys often feel nervous and closed off in the early stages of talking to someone they find attractive, they may open up more emotionally to you over time. If you experience a guy doing this, it means that he feels connected to you beyond just being friends.

38. He asks about your day

Does he ask you about your day out of the blue? The chances are that you have been on his mind! While “Hey, how are things?” and “How was your day today?” can seem very similar, there are subtle yet important differences—the latter is significantly more personal and intimate.

39. He wants to make you happy

We all want our friends to be happy. However, if a guy seems to be going above and beyond to make you smile, this may be more than just friendliness.

40. He continually checks in on you

When you are both out in a group in a social setting, and he regularly asks you if you are having fun, this can be a sign that he sees you as more than just another member of the gang.

41. He makes you a priority

One of the most undeniable signs he likes you is when he makes you a priority. If a guy starts arranging his schedule around yours to see you instead of prioritizing other commitments, you know that you mean a lot to him.

42. He sacrifices for you

While good friends often make sacrifices for friends, an unusually large or generous sacrifice can signal that he values you very highly indeed. If he passes up a night with his pals to spend time with you or cooks you a fancy meal, chances are he is seriously into you.

If he passes up a night with his pals to spend time with you or cooks you a fancy meal, chances are he is seriously into you. Click To Tweet

43. He tells you he likes you

Of course, the most obvious sign that a guy likes you is him telling you straight up! If a guy is confident enough or has simply tried the less direct ways of getting your attention, he may well do this. However, you don’t have to wait for him to tell you—if you like him too, you can always make a move yourself!

So he surely likes you, what’s next?

If it feels like you are noticing a lot of these signs, you don’t have to panic or rush to action. The most important thing is to avoid obsessing over the small details of every social interaction you have with a guy. Both friendships and dating are supposed to be fun, not sources of stress and anxiety.

When you are unsure of what to do next, it is good to remember that honesty is almost always the best policy. If you don’t fancy the guy, you should make this clear in a quick and direct yet respectful way rather than let him get his hopes up.

On the other hand, if you do like him romantically, you should let him know! You don’t have to pour out your heart and soul instantly—feel free to test the water by showing him some signs back and seeing how he responds to them. You never know, there could be a beautiful relationship if one of you is brave enough to speak up!

Andy is a storyteller who loves good books and good jokes. In the rare moments he isn't writing, you can find him jogging in the park or perfecting barbeque ribs.

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