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Get ready to be swept off your feet. If you find yourself with a Libra man in bed, you’ll know he is equally charming on the sheets as on the streets. He always says the right things at the right time, making you feel a little tingle in your stomach.

Perhaps you’re not usually the type to chase after a guy, but this makes you so romantically curious that you feel the urge to act!

Libra man’s sexual traits

A Libra man in bed is fun, romantic, and passionate. Sex with him may seem like a nonchalant affair to balance out all the seriousness of life. The air element rules Libra, and the lightness can be felt in the way men of this sign make love.

As a sign ruled by Venus, Libra men value beauty, balance, and romance in their relationship and sex life. Because Venus rules the sexual side of the female body in astrology, Libra guys might not be very stereotypically masculine in their energy. They may be in touch with their feminine sides.

Perhaps your expectations are what’s out of whack. The Libra man believes in fairness and continually keeps an eye on what’s necessary to keep the subtle balance between the two of you even. Bold actions might not be his preferred way of expressing affection as much as “sweet nothings” and thoughtful gestures are.

Venus also rules partnerships, and often, Libra men find themselves in a string of continuous relationships. They may not admit it, but most Libras are bad at being alone. Libra men like being in love and would settle for a bad relationship rather than be single.

Even though the Libra man likes you, this experimental approach toward romance makes it possible that you may not be the only girl he’s bedding. After all, these friendly and flirty people aren’t necessarily associated with faithfulness. A Libra man would often likely be simultaneously in two or more romantic relationships.

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Libra’s focus is often dispersed, and their outer environment easily influences them. A Libra man may be fickle, flitting from one romantic affair to another like a butterfly that is hard to pin down.

A Libra man could be simultaneously in two or more romantic relationships, maybe even by accident. With his sensitive nature, he hates hurting anyone’s feelings by telling them no. Unfortunately, stringing them along, perhaps even for many years, can also easily do that!

The Libra man is also notoriously indecisive. Being rushed to decide is one of his biggest turn-offs, so you might have a long prelude to a serious commitment if that’s what you’re looking for. Developing deep emotions takes him a while, and his relationships can seem superficial.

If you are a woman who wants something serious and steady, like getting married, make sure that you know whether the Libra man you’re dealing with is ready for commitment. His charm is likely to be endearing regardless, though.

The Libra man’s love for romance could manifest as lovey-dovey gestures such as red roses in bed, candlelight jazz music in the background, cashmere blankets, and lingerie gifts. He appreciates beauty in all its forms.

He will be just as diplomatic in bed, balancing giving and taking. This could mean being generous with oral sex or whatever would please his partner.

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Are Libra males good in bed?

If you are down for some lighthearted fun with no strings attached, then a Libra man could be a good match. This sign is interested in love, so he strikes the perfect balance between good-natured romance and carefree adventurousness. He’s not as shallow as he might appear at first glance!

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, rules Libra. As such, men born under this sign are often hopeless romantics who find themselves in love with love. The Libra guy will regularly fantasize about what he needs to do to be the ideal lover — and the mental focus he puts toward this goal will likely pay off!

You may wonder, “Why are Libras so good in bed?” Their sense of balance and orientation towards relationships makes this sign sexually addicting. A Libra man considers it a high priority to ensure his partner is pleased when making love.

The Libra man has a definite sense of fairness in relationships and intuitively understands the importance of giving and receiving. He’ll put the mutual in mutual masturbation. If you perform oral sex on him, he’ll realize it’s only fair for him to give you oral sex!

It isn’t surprising if you consider the symbol representing this sign — a set of scales. Libra is all about balance and wants the best for everyone. He dislikes conflict and wants to ensure everyone is happy, even if it means compromising his own needs.

A Libra man in the bedroom is often experimental and adventurous. His enthusiasm and drive to please are what keep his lovers coming back for more. A Libra man in bed would make sure that his partner is satisfied.

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How to attract a Libra man sexually

If you’re curious about what turns on a Libra in bed, try taking charge. Every encounter is an energetic exchange that can become balanced if yin and yang energy exists.

Libra men tend to find themselves attracted to women unafraid to lead the way and take on a more dominating role. They like feminine women who are a bit complex.

A Libra guy loves women who are fiery and passionate. Yes, this could sometimes mean being mildly aggressive. After all, fire is passion. And that can be very hot in the eyes of a Libra man.

People born in the fire signs — Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius — can help bring the fantasies of air signs like Libra into reality. However, more watery partners, like Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces women, might find the Libra man a lover who lacks the emotional depth they crave.

With a Libra man, you’ll never have to feel obliged to sit still in bed if you don’t feel like it. Don’t be afraid to show your inner wild side behind closed doors with a Libra man. He’ll love it if you use your imagination to come up with exciting new things to do!

A Libra man loves to forget the rules of women having to be submissive. The saying “opposites attract” applies to the Libra man in bed. Libras, who can sometimes be shy and meek, want to be with women who are comfortable in their skin and sure of themselves. Because they are floaty and dreamy, Libra men can appreciate women who can contain them or even tell them what to do.

Before a romantic night with a Libra man, spend some time preparing for it. Get a manicure and pedicure done. Do your hair. It may sound like general advice that works on all men, but Libra men, in particular, can be superficial and get too easily swept up in worldly beauty. If you want to captivate their attention, spend that extra fifteen minutes on your hair and plan your outfits well. Aesthetics is a language Libras are most fluent in communicating.

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Erogenous zones of a Libra man

Before diving in to have sex with a Libra man, make sure you spend plenty of time on foreplay, particularly massaging his lower back. A Libra man is sensitive to this area. In medical astrology, Libra is the sign associated with the kidneys located in the lower back.

The sensual experience, however, might be more pronounced on his butt. He would appreciate erotic caresses on his butt as much as he enjoys looking at a toned butt on a woman’s body.

Nothing excites Libra more than a juicy bum. If there’s any astrological sign that would overuse the peach emoji when texting, it’s Libra. Butts probably remind them of the balanced dynamics of give-and-take they stand fiercely behind.

If massages bore you, take it up a notch and get creative. Anything related to the bum will sexually arouse and turn the Libra man on. Just as an example, you could let him spank you. Or, if it’s your thing, perhaps it could be the other way around. Lightly smack or give him a pinch on the butt. Including extra squats in your workout routine to perk up those peaches can’t hurt.

If all this is uncharted territory for you, take it slow to expand your comfort zone. Communication is critical when getting experimental in the bedroom. If you are scared that something you’re interested in would displease or offend the Libra man, then voice your curiosities and interests about his sexual kinks. He’ll probably be grateful for the chance to talk things out!

Sexstrology, the sexual side of astrology, has much to say about what Libra men like. They are sensitive lovers, flexible, and eager to please. However, they’ll ultimately expect that you respect them in return, so don’t push things too far out of balance!

Are you feeling romantic? Slow dancing with your Libra man could also be a significant leeway to passionate lovemaking. Gently place your hand on their lower back as you waltz across a room, preferably under dim lights with pretty candles and light music. The possibilities are endless regarding having sex with this social and airy sign.

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How do you turn on a Libra man?

If you want to please a Libra man in bed, don’t be afraid to let loose and be a little adventurous. This Zodiac sign appreciates a good dose of playfulness both inside and outside the bedroom. Within reason, he’s willing to try new things when making love.

A lighthearted and casual approach to sex and relationships is often a safe prescription for those involved with a Libra. Although Libras enjoy romance, they are often intimidated and easily overwhelmed by heavy and deep emotions. A Libra man hates emotional drama and will always seek a level of lightness in his relationships.

You can never go wrong with bringing beauty into the bedroom, whichever form it may take. This is appealing to everyone on some level, but the Libra man may appreciate it more openly than other men.

Dim lights and soft music is the best way to seduce Libra. For him, sex is all about romance. He loves these small details and gives importance to a cozy ambiance. Whether it’s a bubble bath surrounded by lit candles in a luxurious bathroom or rose petals scattered all over the bed, you will have your Libra man ready to give you the ultimate pleasure.

Getting messy may spoil the mood, so body paint or whipped cream is not the best idea for spicing up your sex life with the Libra male. Also, keep a towel within reach for the routine messes of making love. Hopefully, he knows by now how the female body works, but he’s still probably kind of a neat freak.

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Because Libra is a sucker for romance, whispering sweet nothings would stir up his excitement. Pleasing the Libra man requires things beyond the physical, like interesting and intellectual conversations.

Kinky board games could be a way to have a great time with a Libra man. Getting his mind engaged with his body should help him live in the moment instead of floating off into his fantasies — and things you wouldn’t expect will probably come out!

That said, more straightforward speech has its place in foreplay too. A Libra man appreciates words of affirmation and always loves hearing compliments from his partner. Tell him what he’s doing right and what you love about him. It will keep him drawn to you like a moth to a flame.

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A Libra man wants a strong woman who knows what she wants in bed. His Zodiac sign is known for being receptive to the desires of others, so he may need his “yin” to be balanced by a partner with a dominant and fiery “yang.” There is no need to try to fit into a girly and submissive role when you are with a Libra man because he would admire a woman who takes charge!

The best match for Libra is often a fire sign, especially Leo. The two signs are among the most common Zodiac matches because the Libra guy would appreciate a Leo woman’s passion, drive, and initiative filled with energy.

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How to talk dirty to a Libra man

As an air sign, Libra man needs to connect with his partner on a mental level first and foremost. He wants someone he can have intellectual conversations and witty banter with. The same is true of the Libra man in bed, where this need for intellectual stimulation exists. Dirty talk is one of his big turn-ons when making love!

The other sign ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, is Taurus. However, while the archetype of Taurus is concerned with beauty in the physical realm that can be felt through the senses, Libra cares more about intangible beauty.

Libras have an idealistic view of the world and tend to live in their heads as they search for their goal of universal harmony. The most fulfilling sensual pleasure they can experience will come when they feel part of some grand vision.

Dirty talk that gets the Libra man’s attention can be a little over the top. The usual sexy turn-ons are important to cover, but don’t be afraid to surprise him with something sublimely romantic while you’re at it!

Flirt with him in bed and talk dirty, telling him affirming words complimenting what he’s doing right and what feels good for you. This air sign can err on the superficial side and can always use some reassurance.

Having sex with a Libra man will always feel like a balance between good old romance and fun adventure. Libra is a very romantic sign at heart, and there is plenty a man born under this influence would do to please his partner.

While Libra men may not be as aggressively seductive as men of other Zodiac signs, they can be irresistible in their more understated way. They let you come to them, and then you fall into their trap! Their eagerness to please and witty charm make their company so enjoyable.

Cathy is a dreamer, a writer, and a big believer in finding beauty in every day. She has a keen interest in astrology, and synastry is her favorite topic to explore. Her dream is to study Vedic astrology in India.

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