signs he is making love to you

When you’ve just started dating a guy, it is often tough to know if he is falling for you. If you found yourself wondering, “Is he with me just for the sex?” or “Is this more than just sex?” you are not alone. What are the signs he is making love to you? Is there a difference between sex and lovemaking to men, or is it just us females that perceive it as two different things? If you are unsure whether the guy has any romantic intentions or just enjoying carnal pleasure, I will help you find the answer.

1. Your satisfaction is his priority

You know that it’s more than just sex if your partner focuses on your satisfaction in the bedroom above his. He will ask you what you like or dislike and carefully pay attention to any of your signals. When it comes to the male gender, this is a significant indicator of making love vs. sex. If all he does is go about his own business seeking satisfaction, he is probably using you. However, if he makes sure that he pleases you, this is one of the signs he sees you as somebody special and cherishes you.

2. He pays attention to foreplay

Making love is most often associated with sensual foreplay. It might not matter so much for men, but it can make a tremendous difference for women. If most of the time he pounces on you, completely disregarding foreplay, then he is not making love to you. Sex with someone you love should be about engaging in foreplay even before reaching the bed, touches, and kisses. Making erotic gestures that will increase your desire for each other before engaging in more intimate physical activities is a prelude to lovemaking.

3. He makes eye contact often

During sex, men generally don’t bother searching for your gaze or giving you deep glances. But, if it’s lovemaking, you will notice that he takes the time to look into your eyes. And as they say, “one look is worth a thousand words.” When a man maintains eye contact while making love, it can be one of the signs that he’s catching feelings for you. There is no way you will mistake that look for anything else when you experience it.

4. He takes his time

Most men will not rush the intimate moments if they want more than sex with you. His concern with prolonging and making this experience enjoyable and memorable is a sign that he is making love to you, not merely quenching his sexual desires. If you’re still wondering how to tell if he loves you in bed, this one generally sits at the top of the list.

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Most men will not rush the intimate moments if they want more than sex with you. Click To Tweet

5. He doesn’t leave after sex

Whether we’re talking about him turning on his side and snoring away, leaving the bedroom or the house, that’s something men never do after sex if they consider a woman more than just a casual sex partner. If you still doubt his intentions, observing your partner’s behavior after the sexual act is essential. When he spends time with you afterward, it is a strong signal that you are more than just a sex buddy to him.

6. He whispers sweet nothings

While this rule may not apply to everybody, during moments of sexual intimacy, some people like expressing their feelings verbally. Some guys prefer being loud or even rough, but if your partner is making love to you, you can expect to hear him say your name, sweet comments, or compliments. The guy who is catching feelings will want to make the intimate experience as personal as possible. He will communicate his attraction to you even when he isn’t making eye contact.

7. He pays attention to all of your body

When a guy wants to make you feel like a queen and show how precious you are to him, he will make sure to touch more than just the intimate parts of your body. He will take his time to lavish your entire body with attention. These are gestures of more than physical attraction to your body, and it can even mean that the guy is in love with you.

8. He shows his affection

His behavior and gestures will signal his affection and emotional connection with you. Whether it’s a tight hug or telling you that he loves you, a man who is not just interested in having sex with you will make such displays of affection during or after sex. When he yearns for physical, but not necessarily sexual closeness and shows his soft side, he might be falling for you.

When he yearns for physical, but not necessarily sexual closeness and shows his soft side, he might be falling for you. Click To Tweet

9. Your boundaries matter to him

A man who is making love to you will always respect your boundaries. He will never probe your limits or do things to you without first knowing that you are ok with it. Your choices, both inside and outside the bedroom, will matter to him more than satisfying his own fantasies and desires.

10. He makes you feel comfortable

When a man is making love to you, you will be at ease so you can savor every moment. You will know that the guy is making love to you if he goes out of his way to ensure you feel comfortable. After all, the intimate experience is not fun if you feel overly conscious and can not relax. A man who wants more than sex will know how to make you feel comfortable with him, or at least he will try to do so.

11. He is open to new things

Your desires in bed should be just as important as your partner’s. A man who treats you as someone important knows that. Just like in day-to-day life, he will be open to try what you suggest in bed and won’t focus solely on his sexual preferences. Your lovemaking partner will show interest in your sexual fantasies and engage in fulfilling them. He will want to explore whatever makes you happy or satisfied during your sexual activities together.

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12. He notices non-verbal queues

Love signals from a man can also consist of him noticing small details while you are having sex. You won’t always need to verbally express what you want if he is really into you. Any man interested in more than satisfying his lust will notice your non-verbal queues without you spelling them out. He will pay close attention to your body, the way you breathe and move, and how you react to his moves and touches.

13. He makes you feel beautiful

You know it’s lovemaking when your partner makes you feel beautiful in bed. He might express it directly or look at you as if you were a wondrous thing. If he cares enough about you and wants you to feel like you’re the only one for him, this will come naturally to him. Sometimes the whole lovemaking experience will leave you feeling like that, and that’s not something a man who wants just sex can achieve.

14. He soothes you

When you have an insecurity or a concern about going to bed with a man, he should be able to calm and reassure you that you truly matter to him. It’s normal to have some reservations before being intimate with a man, especially if this is a new relationship. You know he’s making love, not using you as an object for releasing sexual tension, when he is not pushy, and he helps you soothe your anxiety.

15. He shows his vulnerable side

Like women, men get vulnerable or insecure. Showing some shyness is a good sign because it means he is not afraid to reveal his weak side and that he is not jumping in bed with you on a whim. The guy might be worried about performing at his best, or he might have concerns about his body. Either way, not being afraid to expose vulnerabilities indicates that he has his guards down with you, and it happens only with people one feels emotionally close to.

Not being afraid to expose vulnerabilities indicates that he has his guards down with you, and it happens only with people one feels emotionally close to. Click To Tweet

16. He wants to talk to you after sex

Some men just want to have sex. And their treatment of women after the sexual act speaks louder than words. If he shows interest in talking with you after sex and takes the time to spend time with you once he gets out of bed, this guy is probably seeking more than sex. He is curious about your personality, wants to know you better, and have an emotional connection with you. Otherwise, he wouldn’t bother, and he would get up and go after finishing his business.

17. He can’t get enough of you

A man who wants to make love to you will be eager to spend time with you in bed and to shower you with attention again and again. He will want more kissing, more cuddling, and more intimate moments. If he can’t get enough of you outside the bedroom as well, it’s more than a physical act. Engaging in different activities or simply spending time together in comfortable silence are good indicators that he is serious about you.

18. He keeps in touch

Men who just want sex won’t call you to check if you are doing ok or send you a cute text message to brighten your day. When it comes to making love vs. having sex, you will notice that the guy will show interest in you. He will want to keep in touch and spend time with you. He will show interest in hanging out together, and he will introduce you to his friends and family. You can be confident that he is genuine, and he has serious intentions.

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19. He is open about his desires

Men can be open about how you make them feel and what they want from you in bed just as much as women. Once he feels emotionally connected and becomes comfortable with you, he will be more open about expressing his sexual fantasies or kinks. When a man is making love to you, he wants to be as free in expressing his desires as you are. Freedom and comfort while engaging in sexual activities help partners connect on a deeper intimate level.

Freedom and comfort while engaging in sexual activities help partners connect on a deeper intimate level. Click To Tweet

20. He makes you laugh

Have you met a man who makes you smile or laugh in bed? It is quite rare, but it does happen. And when it does, it means that the atmosphere between the two of you is quite extraordinary. You need a specific type of connection to experience a wide range of emotions with someone during lovemaking. You also have to be emotionally comfortable with that person to react in such a manner. Your partner’s ability to bring out positive emotions in you during intercourse is one of the best perks of lovemaking.

21. He goes down on you

Most men won’t bother going down on their partner when they just want to satisfy a physical desire. However, if he is in it for more than just sex, your man will have no reservations in this regard. Whether he has helped you reach orgasm or not, he will want to do so again, in an even more intimate manner.

22. It is written all over his face

What does lovemaking mean to a guy, you might ask? Well, after making love, he will look happy or even smile childishly. With a man who has just made love to you, it is impossible not to notice the expression of genuine happiness on his face. Showing how content he feels after spending time with you in bed is one of the tell-tale signs that it’s more than a physical connection.

23. He will choose positions you enjoy

Making love implies being thoughtful when choosing sexual positions. Your partner may go for positions when he can kiss you while having sex or where you can look at each other in the eyes. But it’s not all about kissing during sex that makes it a more meaningful experience. He will choose positions that you enjoy, and you can caress each other.

24. You will genuinely feel the difference

The definition of making love can vary from person to person. We all have different ways of showing attraction, both sexual and emotional. Each guy makes love in his own way, as do most women. What is the difference between sex and making love, then? Well, sometimes you will feel it deep down and from the whole experience itself, and you won’t need to look for any particular sign to verify it.

It is impossible to answer with complete precision what lovemaking truly means. However, it is much more than saying “I love you” during the intimate moments that make you feel a special connection with your partner.

Camilla is a marketer and a self-proclaimed gadget junkie. She works online and lives in her suburbia house with her three cats. Camilla has made plenty of relationship mistakes along the way. She wants to share these experiences to help other people gain insight into their problems and hopefully find a path to their solutions.

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