how do you know you love someone

Falling in love is grand, but does it lead to real, long-lasting love? At some point in any romantic relationship, you expect the reassurance that you are experiencing true love that can last long term, not just for a fleeting moment. How do you know you love someone? This might not be your first time feeling strongly for another person, but if you want to know if this is something different, something more, look no further. This list of signs will help you find out if your love for your partner is the deep form of emotion you were hoping for.

1. You are happier than normal

One of the most common reactions you will experience when you are in love is that you are happier than your usual self. Everything takes on a brighter and more enchanting hue when you experience feelings of love for someone.

You will not get upset as often as you would otherwise do or not at all. Things that would not attract your attention in any other person will seem great and admirable in the person you have strong feelings for. It will be like seeing your partner and your relationship through rose-tinted glasses.

2. You can’t resist looking at them

When you are in love with someone, you will find yourself staring at them for no particular reason. You will struggle not to throw glances in their direction or admire them all the time.

Part of it will be because you like what you see, but that’s not all. Watching your partner and seeing them next to you will make you feel good about being near them. Sometimes, you will stare at them and simply be proud of having somebody as precious as that in your life. Other times, you will not be able to stop gazing at them because they warm your heart. And when a relationship maintains this quality over time, it’s a sign that you have probably found your life’s love.

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3. Everything is exciting for you

Falling in love with somebody can often make you feel that everything around you is new and exciting, even things you have experienced. Insignificant stuff in your relationship just seems right, and time flies when you are with your love. You also get the impression that you don’t have to put in much work in your relationship.

Getting hyped over small things about your partner, their traits, or something they say or do is common. Even activities you would generally find boring can suddenly become very interesting and worthwhile past-times. When sharing life with a partner you deeply love, everything in the world is altogether more precious. And when you experience true love with someone, this does not fade in time.

4. You care about your partner’s happiness

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When you love someone, your happiness is no longer the only priority. You want your partner to be just as happy and content as you are, and you strive to achieve that. It does not matter if it takes time and hard work to accomplish that for the one you love.

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True love has no room for egocentricity and one-sided interests. You are no longer thinking only about yourself. Instead, you seek to please your partner and their needs just as much or even more than your own. When you reach this level of investment in your romantic relationship, you know you love that person in a meaningful way. If you feel like that, your partner is the person you want to be with long-term and not just a fling. It’s one of the fundamental aspects of true love.

5. You want to be supportive

In times of need, you will find yourself wanting to help your partner out. If you really love them, you will support them during hard times. It will seem like the right thing to do, even if it can take a lot of effort on your part.

Offering them a shoulder to cry on, a hug, or a helping hand when they need it is something that will naturally come to you when you love someone. Not only that, but you will find satisfaction in doing so, and you will not perceive it as an effort. Sometimes, love can be about being there for them every day and supporting one another unconditionally.

6. You share their grief

Loving someone does not mean sharing only happy moments. That is easy to do and does not necessarily imply the sentiment of true love.

Sharing your partner’s grief is what you do when you love them. Doing so shows how deeply you care about them and that you can’t be immune to their pain and suffering. You will also feel a strong need to console them and improve things, which is a natural reaction when you have deep feelings for someone. It will be impossible for you to remain unmoved by your partner’s grief if your connection is genuine.

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7. You don’t have uncomfortable silences

Being with someone you wholeheartedly love and cherish will bring a sense of contentment that will be different from anything else you have experienced. Meaningful love is not really about great sex and continuous excitement.

Small things will fall into places as if they were always meant to be that way. You will not feel uncomfortable when you are with the person you love. Even shared moments of silence will seem natural, without a sense of suffocation or the need to fill them in with words or actions. Just being next to each other will suffice.

8. You want your family to like them

family lunch

Deep and meaningful emotional attachment towards your partner will make you want your friends’ and family’s approval. This will emphasize how much you care for the one you love.

Accepting them by your circle of friends and close ones will bring a sense of fulfillment and gratification. It also comes from wanting that special person to feel at home and be appreciated by those important to you.

9. You miss them in their absence

Being in love with someone makes you miss them when they are not around. They will always be in your thoughts, even when they are not present in person. And it’s not about simply wanting to embrace them or have more intimate moments together.

Having strong feelings makes you want your significant other to be always around. When they are not, it is only natural to look forward to the moment of being reunited. This can become obsessive and hard to ignore if emotions run deep and true. You will wish to be close to this person almost all the time.

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Being in love with someone makes you miss them when they are not around. They will always be in your thoughts, even when they are not present in person. Click To Tweet

10. You are proud of their accomplishments

Feelings of happiness and pride towards your partner are common if you love them. You will notice that you want them to succeed and achieve their goals just as much as you would want to achieve yours.

Once you are in love, you will also want to nurture your partner’s self-esteem and make them feel good about themselves. Their accomplishments will feel as essential to your well-being and happiness as yours, and you will not feel envious of them. Caring for your partner like that clearly shows that your romantic bond is strong.

11. You value their perspective

When your feelings for someone are beyond mere infatuation, you will respect their point of view, even if it is not the same as yours.

Being in love makes you like someone without considering your differences. Real love makes you aware of those differences, and yet you can accept and value them. If you cannot put yourself in your partner’s shoes and see beyond your own interests and standards, then it is unlikely that what you feel is true love.

12. You would never cheat on them

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Cheating on your partner is not something one would even seriously consider when deep feelings are involved.

The definition of infidelity can be interpreted slightly differently by different people, but it is still a big no-no when it comes to real love. If you are inclined to act in such a manner, it is probably because your feelings are not as deep as you initially thought. You can’t have two people in your heart simultaneously when you are in a serious, long-term relationship.

13. You would never lie to them

Every day we tell so many white lies about various things that it has become almost impossible to keep track of.

However, an intentional lie to the person you claim to cherish with all your heart is entirely different. And it is even worse if you feel the need to do so to feel accepted or maintain a good relationship with that special someone. When you are in a loving relationship, you will not lie to the person you deeply care about, no matter the circumstances.

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14. You want to protect them

Loving someone with all your heart leads you to a more meaningful connection. And your strong feelings will manifest in all sorts of ways. Each day, you will want to take care of and protect the person you love.

As it is to be expected, you will want to keep them safe and try to make things easier in their life. Whether it is physical pain or emotional distress, you will attempt to keep them from experiencing any adverse circumstances.

15. You would never hurt them

In the same way as wanting to keep your loved one safe, you will try to avoid hurting your partner. You will become mindful of what can cause your loved one physical or emotional discomfort with somebody you genuinely love.

If your feelings for them are real, you will never intentionally want to cause them pain. On the contrary, you will make an effort not to hurt them, even if they have made you really upset or have hurt you.

16. You want to improve yourself

happy couple embracing by the sea

Besides wanting the best for your cherished one, true love brings the desire to improve yourself. Sometimes it is for your own sake, while other times, it is for their sake. Either way, it is a positive move in the right direction if you have experienced this.

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When that special someone triggers in you the desire to be a better person, it is a sign that you are experiencing true love. It also shows that you have a healthy attachment form towards each other, and it is not simply passing infatuation.

17. You experience jealousy

Whether you are in the stage of falling in love or you are you’ve been with your partner for a while, jealousy will at some point be part of the equation. It is, in fact, a normal and healthy reaction if kept in check.

Experiencing a bit of jealousy and wanting your special someone all to yourself when others show interest will occur eventually. The important part is not falling into a deep-seated, blind paranoid state where you do not trust your partner anymore. That is not healthy for your mental health, and it is a sign things have gone too far. Jealousy, in small amounts, can flame desire and keep your relationship going. Too much, and it can destroy even the best of relationships.

18. You see your future together

Meeting somebody who ignites deep and lasting emotions can change how you behave and view the world and the future.

Once you’ve met someone who feels like your missing half, you will inevitably find yourself making plans for the future together. And it will not be just for the immediate but for the long run. Whether it will imply marriage, buying a house together, having children, or traveling the world together, these plans will seem natural. You will desire your other half to be part of your life in the years to come.

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19. You feel the need to express your emotions

If you feel the acute need to say how you feel or spill the “L” word, you have probably fallen in love. It is a prevalent sign of experiencing love when it becomes imperative that you express your affections.

Initially, it makes you giddy and excited, but even after time passes, putting your feelings into words and saying “I love you!” is a marvelous experience. You know it is the real deal when you still feel this urge years after it happened to you. This is the type of romantic relationship many aspire to but rarely encounter.

20. You connect on a deeper level

You know you love a person when your romantic relationship is based on more than sex and fleeting emotions. You and your partner will experience a deep connection that will probably be very different from anything you have been through before.

This will be something only the two of you will be able to explain. It will take more than mere words can express and will be something better understood by the two of you alone. As many put it, you will simply know once you experience this form of attachment and unshakable bond.

Love is a very complex emotion and often encompasses more than the experience of romantic feelings between two people. It is not an easy thing to know how to describe or to be adequately put into words. At best, you can use the abovementioned signs as a guide. These tips to discovering true love will be remarkably efficient in your search. However, in the end, you will have to experience love yourself to fully understand it.

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