signs the no contact rule is working

Have you recently gone “no contact” with your ex? This is usually a confusing and frustrating time, whether you want to break up. The No Contact Rule is often recommended after a breakup. But how do you know if No Contact is working? If you are completely stumped during this radio silence, here are the […]

signs he doesnt love you anymore

Are you starting to suspect that your romantic partner is no longer into you? Unfortunately, it is common for partners to lose interest—sometimes for a particular reason and other times simply due to changing life circumstances and personalities. If you wonder whether this is happening in your relationship, we’ll explore the most common signs that

signs he will never come back

It’s not easy to just forget about the person you still love, especially if you’ve been together for a long time. Unfortunately, I know this all too well because I’ve been there more times than I care to admit. Back when I was going through a breakup, I tended to look at things through rose-tinted

signs a married man cares for you

There’s a guy in your workplace who’s extra friendly around you. He always leaves little treats on your desk, brings you coffee every morning, chats you up every day, and he’s ready to help you out with anything. His attention is flattering, and naturally, you wonder what he’s up to. One little problem, though: he’s

how to stop thinking about someone

A couple of years ago, I thought I found the one. The guy was intelligent, funny, kind; he basically checked off every box on my list. When it didn’t work out, I took it hard. I spent half a year ruminating on what went wrong in the relationship and refusing to accept that I wasn’t

how to play a player

No one likes to be played. Unfortunately, many women, myself included, know players too well. The anxiety and the self-doubt that follows after a player has wreaked havoc in your life is not something I want to wish any single lady to experience. If you fall into the trap of a sweet talker, I’ll share

how do you know you love someone

Falling in love is grand, but does it lead to real, long-lasting love? At some point in any romantic relationship, you expect the reassurance that you are experiencing true love that can last long-term, not just for a fleeting moment. How do you know you love someone? This might not be your first time feeling

how to find love

Love is complicated and painful yet beautiful at the same time, it makes you hurt like nothing else on earth and in the blink of an eye can sweep you off your feet with the happiness you’ve never felt before. Some people spend their whole lives trying to figure out how to find true love

phases of a relationship

People always talk about the honeymoon stage of a relationship, that moment when you first meet and neither of you can do anything wrong. In these times you find it cute that your boyfriend got really drunk and expresses his love to you, or you love it when your girlfriend chills in her Pjs. Just

single parent

I had always known that my boyfriend had kids, but he didn’t see them, so it almost felt like it wasn’t real. I thought that one day he would have his son come knocking on our door, but I thought that would be a long time in the distance once his son was a teenager

he is not the one

Adios, ciao, auf Wiedersehen! It’s quite ironic that I’m calling it a day. He’s amazing to look at, treats me like a Princess and to quote Love Island, he’s “Hundred percent my type on paper”. My family thinks he’s great, my friends love him. If I skim the surface he’s pretty damn amazing and yet

physical condition

Dating can be a formidable experience at the best of times, but even more so when you have a physical condition that needs to be mentioned at some point, I know only too well. The question is when, and how? You have probably come across this article because you are suffering the very same quandary

change your attitude

Anyone who thinks they are just going to meet the man of their dreams ready packaged is being naive. The coming together of two people is bloody hard work, it takes compromise, a willingness to learn and without a doubt it requires to change your attitude. While you both might enjoy football or eating Italian