Man showing signs he loves you deeply

As your relationship continues to grow, you might find yourself wondering just how serious it is. Sure, you might have been seeing this guy for a while, but when you are close to someone, it can be difficult to realize what is right in front of you. If you aren’t sure how to know if a guy loves you, here is a list of unmistakable signs he loves you deeply.

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1. He listens to you attentively

One of the most certain signs a man loves you deeply is when he listens intently to you whenever you speak. He is always present in the discussion and interested in your views on each topic. This means that he wants to get to know your world and that the things that you have to say matter to him.

If he not only listens to what you say but also acts on your advice and takes it, this is a great sign that he values you and your opinions.

It is easy for us to listen to people when they praise us, but taking criticism is much more difficult! If your man takes criticism with humility and wants to be the best for you, he wants to make your relationship work.

2. He knows your favorite food

Knowing your favorite foods shows that he listens to and remembers things you tell him. He likely noted this to surprise you with them as a treat or when you need cheering up.

Your man tries to impress you when he brings you your favorite cupcakes every weekend. How sweet is that (pun intended)?

Knowing your favorite snacks and meals is one of the other signs he truly loves you and values your relationship.

guy sharing his cereal bowl with girlfriend

3. He checks to see if you are smiling

Checking your facial expressions shows that the guy loves you and cares about your well-being. A man who is serious about you will always want to ensure you are happy and having fun during any shared activity, from watching a movie to grocery shopping.

A guy who loves you deeply will want to make you smile at the things he does. Does he enjoy watching you smile after he does something cute? It only confirms he has warm feelings for you.

Another thing to look out for is his reaction when you are not smiling or look unhappy. He is dedicated to your happiness if he asks how you are or changes his behavior.

4. He makes sure you are comfortable

As well as offering protection from danger, providing comfort to loved ones is another instinct. This can be expressed in practical ways.

Sometimes a guy might offer you his jacket, so you don’t get cold. He’ll bring you blankets or switch seats with you. Surely, he wants you to be comfortable, but there is more to it. Putting your comfort before his own is one of the most common signs he cares deeply about you in every moment.

Ensuring you are comfortable involves cuddling up and holding you tight. In others, it may mean giving you plenty of personal space! You’ve hit the jackpot if you can get a man who can do both!

young couple relaxing on the couch

5. He walks on the roadside of the sidewalk

Walking on the roadside of the sidewalk may seem like a strange way of showing love, but it is a common thing to look out for.

A man is hardwired to protect his loved ones, even if it means putting his own life in potential danger. It is called hero instinct. While this is usually not as extreme as fending off attackers or diving in front of a bullet for you, this hero instinct may well show up in more normal daily interactions such as walking along the sidewalk.

If he always walks on the dangerous side of the road, his body language shows he wants to ensure you are safe. He may have a caring personality, but he wouldn’t do it for somebody who’s unimportant to him.

Men are hardwired to protect their loved ones, even if it means putting themselves in potential danger. Click To Tweet

6. He tries to please you

Listening attentively to you and caring about your comfort and happiness usually leads to specific actions and behaviors. The man who loves you will want to please you in little ways and with grand gestures.

If he lets you sit in your preferred spot on the couch or book your favorite table in the restaurant, he knows you well and tries to make you happy in every way possible.

Many men will do these things during the early stages of dating while still trying to impress and “win you over.” However, someone who continues to do these generous things throughout the relationship is likely a man who truly loves you!

couple talking in restaurant over breakfast

7. He stares into your eyes

It may seem a cliche, but there is truth in this one. We’ve all seen those classic romantic movie moments where the protagonist first catches the eye of their love interest, usually accompanied by a pretty soundtrack!

If he looks lovingly into your eyes while you are chatting or sitting at the dinner table, it means you are special to him.

Not only is looking into your eyes a clear sign that he’s in love with you but eye contact also strengthens the bond in your relationship.

8. He does things you want to do

Musicals or theatre performances might not be his thing, but he’ll do it for you. Your company is what matters to him, and he is ready to sacrifice his interests.

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If your “manly” man is happy to take you to a chick flick without complaining or take you to an art gallery, he loves you very much.

A guy who respects your interests (even if they don’t align with his own) is a keeper! However, it is important to remember that it goes both ways. You should do the same for him and respect his interests as much as he respects yours if you want a lasting relationship.

happy couple painting at home

9. He puts effort into his appearance

It may seem obvious that being attracted to someone and wanting to impress them often leads to wanting to look your best. However, this does not just apply to men at the club who want to seduce you and take you home for the night. It also applies to men you have already been dating for a while!

While getting more comfortable inevitably leads to lying around together in sweatpants, a guy who loves you will sometimes want to look his best for you.

He might start wearing that cool shirt more often or use your favorite cologne. Science confirms that this indicates he’s in love.

10. He finds joy in your joy

Indulging in your interests that he may not share is one sign your boyfriend loves you. However, this is not just because he wants to impress you or “prove himself.” When a guy loves you deeply, he will genuinely find pleasure in your happiness.

He appreciates the things you like, not because you like them, but because it makes him excited to see you happy.

If you catch your guy smiling like an idiot after watching you giggle at your guilty pleasure TV show, he could be well and truly smitten with you!

couple watching tv on the couch

11. He introduces you to his mates

When a man loves you deeply, he will want you to be included in every part of his life. Introducing you to his best friend and the rest of his pals shows that he sees you playing a big role in his future!

If you get to meet your boyfriend’s mates, there is a good chance that this is serious. He wouldn’t bring you around otherwise. When he is serious about your relationship, even if you don’t have much in common with his pals, he will likely want you to meet them at least once.

Of course, if you have plenty in common with his buddies, you can make them your friends too, which is a bonus!

12. You catch him looking at you

It makes sense that we want to look at those we love. This is not necessarily the same as “checking you out” — although he probably does that plenty, too! It can be more complex and intimate.

We like to look at attractive people, but we also like to observe little things about those we love, such as small mannerisms and facial expressions.

If the guy is always looking in your direction, he silently admires you.  Words are not needed for this to be obvious.

man lovingly looking at a woman with flowers

13. He takes care of you when you are sick

There is a reason traditional marriage vows include “in sickness and in health.” It is easy to be with someone when they are healthy and full of life, but caring for a sick person requires dedication and care that no one who isn’t that into you is likely to show!

Whether he holds your hair back in the bathroom or brings you soup, if he takes care of you when you feel awful, you mean a lot to him.

If you don’t get sick very often, a good way to predict how your boyfriend will treat you in the future is to look at his behavior toward you when you are on your period. If he is quick to offer to bring you a hot water bottle, a glass of water, or run you a warm bath, this is a good sign.

Whether he holds your hair back in the bathroom or brings you soup if he takes care of you when you feel awful, you mean a lot to him. Click To Tweet

14. He is proud of you

People who love you are proud of you when you accomplish something. If he celebrates your success with you, he genuinely cares.

Whether he says “well done” and gives you a hug when you get a promotion at work or buys expensive champagne, showing pride in your achievements is one of the signs he loves you deeply.

Mentioning your achievements to other people he knows, such as his friends and family, shows that he is proud of you and wants the world to know it!

students hugging celebrating graduation

15. He tries new things with you

Falling in love is a powerful chemical rush of adrenaline and excitement that can energize you and make you feel like you can achieve anything. It is common for people to behave in ways that they usually wouldn’t when they fall in love with someone. This includes trying new hobbies and activities together.

As well as the chemical explanation, associating your life with someone often makes you want to experience new things they can show us!

If the man is willing to go out and try something completely new (even if it means getting out of his comfort zone), it shows he’d be up for any adventure with you.

16. He lets you win

We all like to win, but sometimes he lets you have victory. Whether it’s an argument or sport, if he concedes, you are more important to him than his competitive ambitions.

Research suggests that men are more competitive than women. Letting you win might be even more out of your guy’s comfort zone than it would be out of yours! A man who lets you win values your company over his pride. This is one of the science-backed signs that he’s really into you.

Of course, in some cases, a man might claim that he “let you win” when you won fair and square!

playing board games

17. He creates playlists for you

Back in the mists of time when tape cassettes were all the rage, making a mixtape of songs was almost a rite of passage for any young man trying to woo a girl!

Despite music going digital, not much has changed. Is your boyfriend excited to share his favorite music with you? Listen to his playlist carefully, as it is probably an indirect message about his feelings. You might also pick up other signs from the music about qualities that are especially important to him.

While the music he sends you might not necessarily be love songs, making you a playlist clearly shows two things: he thinks a lot about you and wants to impress you.

18. He has your back

Relationships aren’t all fun and games. While it is easy for a man to be by your side for fun times, men who are less devoted to you will likely disappear when life throws obstacles in your way. True significant others won’t.

Sometimes you might need a little extra support. When the man is there to comfort you when you lose your job, argue with family and friends, and be there for you instead of having a fun night out, he is in it for the long haul.

A man who loves you deeply will want the best for you and stick by you through thick and thin.

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young couple sitting side by side embracing

19. He lets you have the last bite

Sharing the last bite with you may seem like a fairly inconsequential gesture or basic politeness, but it could be one of the signs that he loves you.

Like the hero instinct, providing food for loved ones is a deeply primal instinct. Letting you have the last bite of shared food shows that he cares more about your pleasure than his own (which is a good sign in other departments too).

Did he let you finish the last bit of his cheesecake in the coffee shop? It shows that he’d share anything with you.

20. He encourages you

A loving partner fulfills many roles, one of these being a source of motivation for you.

The sign your man loves you deeply is when he encourages you to achieve more, even if it is hard work or difficult in the short term. This is because he feels invested in your future and wants to be part of it!

He roots for you when you have something to do and don’t want to do it. You can be sure he’ll support you no matter what.

boyfriend helping girlfriend do situps

21. He’ll give you a lift in bad weather

Did you get stranded in a shopping mall when a thunderstorm started? What is it if not true love when your man drives across town to give you a lift home?

Your man doesn’t have to be able to drive to help you out here. If he books a taxi for you or shows up with an umbrella to walk you home safe and dry, this is a sign of devotion. When a man loves you deeply, he will want to do anything for you!

When he drives across town just to give you a lift home, this is a great representation of love. Click To Tweet

22. His friends know you

When your guy is always talking about you, and his friends know you before you have even met them, you’ve made a man fall deeply in love with you. We often find ourselves talking about the person we are falling in love with — your friends have probably noticed you doing the same.

While you may think that men traditionally are less likely to share these details with their family and friends, this kind of talk with other guys does happen when men fall in love. After all, they need relationship advice too! If a guy is willing to risk getting roasted by his pals for showing his obsession with you, you mean a lot to him!

Of all the great signs that your man loves you deeply, this is one of the surest things to look out for.

young guy with group of friends

23. He knows how you like your coffee

Never underestimate the importance of a good cup of coffee. Knowing exactly how you like your coffee or tea is not only a sign of familiarity but also a sign that he has taken care to remember how you like things. If he knows how much milk you want in yours, it’s probably the real deal.

When your sweetheart offers to make you a cup of coffee or knows when you want one, he is interested in becoming a part of your daily routine.

Sometimes we all need something hot, strong, and steamy to keep us awake — and if he makes you a good coffee, too, that’s a bonus!

24. He texts you to say hi

When we are in love with someone, it is natural to enjoy simply talking to them often, even if we don’t have something specific to say!

If he is texting you just to say “Hi,” it means he cares about you, and you are always on his mind. It is important to reciprocate his attention, so he knows you are just as interested in him as he is in you.

Not every man will text “Hi” out of the blue. Some men, especially those who are not that confident, might be less direct and instead send you a funny meme, picture, or link to something they think you might like. This often has the same intent as a “Hi” message — to get your attention and begin a conversation!

girl reading text message

25. He cooks dinner for you

What could be more romantic than a man cooking dinner for you? Even if it’s simple spaghetti with Bolognese sauce, the effort itself is what counts, and he is ready to go above and beyond to impress you.

Preparing and sharing a meal with a loved one is a surprisingly intimate experience. And, of course, it gives him a chance to show off his culinary talents.

There may also be some truth to the old cliche “good in the kitchen, good in the bedroom.” Being able to cook shows creativity, attention to detail, and appreciation of sensory pleasures — all traits as useful between the sheets as at the dinner table!

26. He lends you a helping hand

Whether you need to move your furniture or to take your pup to the vet, he knows where you need help and jumps in. He wouldn’t do this if he weren’t in love with you and his actions speak louder than words.

One of the most unmistakable signs he is deeply in love with you is that he would help you with anything!

In a healthy relationship, both partners are happy to help each other with favors without expecting anything in return. If only one partner is willing to sacrifice their time, the relationship is not as respectful as it should be.

man helping woman move furniture

27. He makes you laugh

If a guy loves you, he wants to see you happy. He will try to make you laugh and giggle on every occasion.

Different men will do this in different ways. Some may crack jokes, and others may tease you playfully.

One thing is sure — we all love the sound of a loved one’s laughter. You don’t need a relationship expert to tell you when spending time together makes you feel good in this way. As long as the style of humor doesn’t damage anyone’s self-esteem, it can be a rewarding part of a committed relationship.

28. He notices your inner beauty

It is scientifically proven that men are mostly attracted — at least at first — by the visual.

However, it is not as simple as men simply being shallow! As time passes and he grows to know you more, you will see that he appreciates your personality more than your appearance.

Other men may compliment your looks, but the right guy also compliments your personality. He sees your inner beauty, which can mean only one thing: there is chemistry between you.

couple lovingly looking at each other

29. He cheers you up when you are sad

One of the best things about being in a relationship is having a shoulder to cry on.

Is he around when you feel down? Does he try to cheer you up when you are sad? If the answer is yes, it’s one of the top signs he loves you deeply.

A loving boyfriend wants nothing more than your happiness. Of all the signs he’s in love with you, this is one of the most important.

A loving boyfriend wants nothing more than your happiness. Of all the signs he's in love with you, this is one of the most important. Click To Tweet

30. He is kind to you when he’s grumpy

It is easy for most people to be kind and generous when they are in high spirits. However, it becomes more difficult for most of us to maintain this when we are upset or stressed.

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If a man makes sure to treat you well even when he is feeling down, this is a huge mark of respect. A man who doesn’t love you would not care much about your feelings.

Being able to put all the negative things aside is essential. If he had a bad day but is still nice to you, that is love.

concerned man standing by wall

31. He leaves you surprises

Most guys love to treat the special lady in their life when they can.

There are birthdays and Christmas when you will expect gifts and surprises from your sweetheart. However, receiving gifts with no occasion is one of the signs he is seriously into you.

His feelings for you are pretty obvious if he takes the time to surprise you with a box of chocolates or a bouquet delivered to your door.

32. He is nice to your family

Starting life with a new partner usually comes with extra obligations. It is not just your partner who will likely be taking a major role in your life, but your partner’s friends and family too!

While this can either be a great bonus or a difficult obstacle, a loving man will be dedicated enough to your relationship to do his best to get along with everyone.

Meeting the parents can be a real test for your relationship. When your romantic interest is nice to everybody and willing to spend time with your family, he is serious about future plans with you.

happy family dinner

33. He recognizes your needs

Everybody has individual needs, whether small or large, practical or emotional.

Did he pick up a box of your favorite cereal when you were shopping in a supermarket (the ones he finished at yours the other day)? When you don’t have to tell your boyfriend what you’d like to get done, he’s paying attention to the small things and is willing to accommodate your needs.

Conversely, doing something without being told isn’t always the right call. Your need for personal space also matters in a healthy relationship, and the inability to tell which situation calls for which approach can be a red flag.

34. He helps to solve your problems

One of the greatest displays of love is to share the burden of your partner’s struggles. If your significant other is selfless enough to do this, this is one of the clearest signs of true love.

Although men and women often respond to problems differently, showing a desire to support you is vital to a happy relationship.

His love for you is real when he treats your problems like his own and helps you solve them in any way he can.

loving embrace

35. He wants to spend time with you

When a man treats you like a priority rather than an option, this is one of the biggest signs that he has strong feelings for you. He wants to spend his free time with you and prioritizes it in his schedule.

During the first stages of dating, it is likely that your dates will be rearranged to fit around other events in his schedule. Once you become more important to him, he will start arranging other events around you instead.

Did he cancel his friend’s invitation to go for a beer on Friday night and choose to watch a movie with you? Do you need any more proof that you mean the world to him?

36. He does things without being asked

He wants to be the best man he can be for you by taking the initiative to help you. This is perhaps the most undeniable sign that he loves you deeply.

He oiled up your squeaky door and fixed your bike’s flat tire without being asked. You are important to him if he goes out of his way to make your life easier.

On the contrary, if you feel your man has to be told repeatedly to do the most basic household tasks, you might need to have a word with him!

man fixing kitchen sink

37. He calls you for no reason

You may wonder how to know a guy loves you deeply rather than merely being interested in a casual relationship. If a guy calls you just to ask about your day, this is one of the signs of emotional investment.

When apart from someone we love, we often want to hear their voice!

He can’t stop thinking of you when he calls you for no apparent reason, texts you to say good morning, or checks if you are doing okay.

38. He picks up your habits

A side-effect of trying different things and going along with your interests is that your partner may develop an interest in them himself!

He picked up your habit of watching Rick and Morty after you two got together and even started eating broccoli, which he hated since he was a child. What else is love, if not that?

As well as hobbies, it is incredibly common to pick up mannerisms and small habits of people you spend a lot of time with. When you notice your sweetie has picked up some of your habits, the connection between you two is pretty solid.

fit couple cycling

39. He respects your personal space

When you love someone, you often want to be close to them. I’m sure I don’t need to explain why most men are too eager to share physical touch with you when you want it!

No matter how deep your feelings are, there are days when you need some alone time or you want to spend the evening with your girlfriends. He respects your personal space because he loves you in a non-selfish way.

A guy who can give you physical or emotional space when you need it yet still be there for you when needed is a guy to keep hold of!

No matter how deep your feelings are, there are days when you need some alone time. Click To Tweet

40. He prioritizes your pleasure in the bedroom

Some guys are more attentive in the bedroom than others. However, if you notice your man started paying even more attention and prioritizing your pleasure in the bedroom, he is seriously falling for you.

Does your man look into your eyes while making love to you? Is he paying more attention to the foreplay? Do you enjoy him whispering sweet things into your ear? These are the telltale signs of a strong emotional connection.

When you feel cherished and respected in the bedroom and in daily life, you can be sure he loves you deeply.

41. Everyone else knows he loves you

Other people usually notice when their close friend or relative is in love. If everyone around you talks about your relationship, it means you are a part of your boyfriend’s life, and he is not hiding it from anybody.

Changes in someone’s love life are often apparent to people who come into contact with them. When guys fall in love, others can tell.

Even if your guy hasn’t mentioned it or even admitted it to himself yet, his friends and family may have noticed him showing some signs on this list!

Your relationship is a unique bond where you are growing together. Not everyone shows love similarly, so paying attention to your man’s actions and signs is important. If you tick off most of these boxes, your boyfriend genuinely and deeply loves you.

Brenda is relationships and lifestyle writer, coffee enthusiast, and a lover of new experiences. You’ll usually find her in a coffee shop with her laptop and a flat white scribbling down an article or searching for the next travel destination.

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