african american woman smiling while texting

The easiest way to pique a guy’s curiosity is by texting him. However, a simple “Hi” won’t get you far. If you like this guy, you want to get him interested and thinking about you, right? Not to worry! You don’t have to be a pro in the texting game. Here are nine texts to […]

young sad woman writing a journal

Have you found out that the person you loved never reciprocated your feelings? It’s challenging to accept the reality. But that’s how love works. You sometimes fall for someone who can’t be yours no matter what.  You might want to get over it. You may even hate the idea of love for the time being.

young woman wondering why guys dont call when they like you

So you had a great date, everything was going perfectly fine, and you both seemed to click. After that, you exchanged your numbers. And now, a few days later, you are lying in your bed in frustration, checking your cell phone from time to time, waiting for this guy to call you. But he doesn’t! 

young happy couple in a tight hug

A hug is a warm expression of positive feelings. However, not every hug means the same. The emotions you experience will differ depending on the person who hugged you, be it a friend, parent, or someone you are attracted to. Has a man you like hugged you? Are you wondering if it meant something more

cute things to draw for your boyfriend

Surprising your boyfriend with a gift you made yourself is a true sign of devotion. Even if you do have the money to buy something for him, spending your time creating a personalized gift will surely be appreciated. You can simply doodle something cute on a piece of paper or go the extra mile and

how to tell if a girl likes you

Many men struggle to interpret a woman’s signs when interested in someone. From reading a girl’s body language to general pointers on human psychology, there are many ways to discover how someone feels. You don’t need to be socially intelligent. However, sometimes paying attention to small social cues can make a big difference. It can

romantic birthday gifts for boyfriend

Shopping for romantic birthday gifts for your boyfriend can be a challenging experience. How do you even decide what to get when there are so many options out there? Luckily, I’ve compiled a thorough list of unique gift ideas for any taste. So let’s dive in and find the perfect birthday gift that your boyfriend will

signs he wants a relationship with you

Are you seeing a guy and not sure how it is going? You might be ready to have a relationship conversation with him, but you are worried he might not feel the same way. Don’t stress over it! A man who wants to be with you will show it somehow. Here are the telltale signs

love paragraphs for her

Sometimes, making your girlfriend happy is as simple as telling her that you love her. Especially if your girlfriend’s love language is words of affirmations. If you’re looking for creative ways to express love to your girlfriend, here you will find a list of love paragraphs for her suitable for any occasion! “I love you”

how to start a conversation with a guy over text

Do you want to get to know someone, but you are feeling a little shy? A guy doesn’t have to be the one to text you first! Whether it’s someone you just matched with on a dating app, or it’s a crush you’ve had for a while, these tips on how to start a conversation

ways to surprise your boyfriend

Is your boyfriend’s birthday is coming up, and you want to do something nice for him? Or maybe your relationship anniversary is around the corner? Even if there is no special occasion, you can always show your boyfriend that you love him! Here are over thirty original ways to surprise your boyfriend that are guaranteed

how to get a boyfriend

Having somebody to binge all your favorite TV shows with, make Spotify playlists for, and rant about that annoying girl in class is always fun. But how do you find a guy who’s perfect for you? I prepared some tips for you on how to get a boyfriend and navigate the dating world. 1. Determine

reasons why I love you

Letting your special someone know that you love them can be done in many ways, and heartfelt words are one of the most powerful ways of doing so. Even though you may love a person intensely, it isn’t always easy to find the right words to express this. Fear not! This collection of “Reasons why

guy saying no

Have you been seeing a guy for a while, but it isn’t developing into something more serious? Do you have feelings for him and want to be his girlfriend, but you aren’t sure if he feels the same way? Unfortunately, this is a widespread predicament, and most of us have been there. Figuring out whether

beta male traits

The beta male is often criticized or described as the kind of man you would not want to date or have a relationship with. But what if you have noticed some things about a guy you are interested in that could be beta male traits? Let’s find out the beta male meaning and why you

good night texts for him

Saying “good night” to your boyfriend before going to sleep is one of the nicest things about being in a relationship. Unfortunately, we cannot always be with our partners in the same room to wish sweet dreams in person. If you are apart, whether for just a night or for months on end, sending a

parapgraphs to send to your boyfriend

Just because you are not a natural poet, it does not mean that you don’t have the desire to express your love! Are you looking for cute paragraphs to send to your boyfriend to show him how much he means to you? Or maybe you want to send a message after an argument to make up

how to get your boyfriend back

Breakups are never an enjoyable experience. Even if the agreement to split up with each other and go your own separate ways was mutual, you could still find yourself missing your boyfriend deeply and wanting him back. If you have gone through a breakup and are now regretting it and wondering how to get your

alpha male traits

Have you met a confident, masculine man, and are finding yourself falling for his charms? Many women are attracted to alpha males, but you may have concerns about whether this guy is worth pursuing. You may know friends with horror stories of so-called “alpha males” who have led them on, played with their emotions, and

how to make a guy want you

Is there a handsome, charming guy you’ve got your eye on, but you don’t seem to be spotting any signs of his interest? We’ve all been there. Trying to work out how to make a guy want you can be tricky, and you can drive yourself crazy, trying to get his attention! If you are

good morning messages for him

When you have recently started dating a guy, it can be a little strange navigating your new role as his girlfriend. In some ways, things are as they used to be. In other ways, you might feel like you need to do a little more. One great way to bond with your boyfriend is by sending

flirty questions to ask a guy

Sometimes the easiest way to make a move on someone is to ask the right question. A good question can unearth secret desires and help you to get to know your crush or your boyfriend better. Here you will find over 120 flirty questions to ask a guy that will surely keep your conversation flowing!

cute paragraphs for your girlfriend

There are few things that most girls love more than getting romantic messages from their boyfriends. The right message can make her day and strengthen your relationship. However, it can be challenging to come up with cute paragraphs to send to your girlfriend, especially if you’ve been dating for a while and exhausted all your

Man showing signs he loves you deeply

As your relationship continues to grow, you might find yourself wondering just how serious it is. Sure, you might have been seeing this guy for a while, but when you are close to someone, it can be difficult to realize what is right in front of you. If you aren’t sure how to know if