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Is your boyfriend’s birthday is coming up, and you want to do something nice for him? Or maybe your relationship anniversary is around the corner? Even if there is no special occasion, you can always show your boyfriend that you love him! Here are over thirty original ways to surprise your boyfriend that are guaranteed to impress him.

1. Go on a scavenger hunt

If your boyfriend is the adventurous type, then a scavenger hunt might be right up his alley. You can arrange it either in your own home or all over the town. Try to theme the hunt around all the memories of your relationship. You can look up different themes on Pinterest to give you some ideas.

Send your boyfriend text messages with little clues that will steer him to places that hold special memories for you both. Then, at the end of the scavenger hunt, you can lead your boyfriend to the place you both first met or where you made your relationship official.

2. Have a picnic at a secret spot

Do you like the idea of having a picnic with your boyfriend? Why not elevate this surprise by taking him to a secret spot nobody knows! Instead of going to the park full of other people, go to a more remote nature spot where you can have some privacy away from prying eyes.

For example, bring your picnic gear down to the secret beach near your town. Or go hiking and find a clearing where you can spread your picnic blanket and feast on tasty snacks. To take this even further, you can make a charcuterie board or bring along a teepee tent for some shelter (and a cozy place to cuddle!).

3. Give him a massage

A woman isn’t the only one who needs a pamper session every now and then. You can surprise your man by scheduling a relaxing night for him. Prepare a bubble bath, give him a massage, and maybe end it with a romantic, intimate night.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be as elaborate as that. If your boyfriend’s idea of the ultimate relaxation is to lounge on the couch while watching his favorite Netflix series, you can give him a tension-relieving shoulder massage. Consider what your partner loves to do to unwind and incorporate that into his pampering session.

4. Take him to a sports game

man watching sports game

Most guys love to watch sports, so a great way to surprise your boyfriend is to get tickets to see his favorite sports team. Of course, it’ll be best to catch a home game, but if you got tickets for an away game, you could plan a road trip around it. If you can splurge a little bit, get courtside seats or VIP tickets to make the experience more memorable.

Get dressed in the team’s jerseys, make a supportive team sign, have a little tailgate pre-game, and enjoy the match. Afterward, you can celebrate the win (or soothe the pain of the loss) at your boyfriend’s favorite bar. This will show him that you’re willing to learn about all his interests even if sports are not your greatest passion.

5. Get tickets to see his favorite band

If your man is not the biggest sports fan, you can surprise him with tickets to see his favorite band or attend a music festival. It’ll be even a more pleasant surprise if you have songs or artists that mean something to your relationship. For example, if you first kissed with a song by Bruno Mars playing in the background, try to get tickets to his concert.

Make it a special date by going out for dinner and drinks first before heading to the concert. Then, after you’ve both enjoyed the show, you can finish the night with a couple of drinks or dancing at a club.

6. Plan a romantic getaway

One of my favorite things to do with my partner is to go on a romantic getaway. The options are limitless, from a glamping weekend in the woods to a weekend getaway to the wine region.

If you feel fancy and want to celebrate a special occasion, book a cruise or a trip to an exotic island. It will allow you to discover new cultures, delicious food, explore beaches, and more. As a result, you will strengthen your bond while having fun.

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7. Arrange a staycation

Even if the idea of going away to an exotic island sounds exciting, you can also have fun without ever leaving the city. So why not arrange a weekend staycation and relax together?

Search for a stylish AirBnB or splurge on a room in a 5-star hotel. Have a candle-lit room service dinner or book a table at a fine dining restaurant nearby. Chill by the hotel pool, use their spa facilities and have breakfast in bed after sleeping in. That’s what a great staycation is all about!

8. Take a baking class together

If your boyfriend’s love language is quality time, try to surprise him with a couple’s activity you can do together. One idea is to take a baking class and bake your own anniversary or birthday cake. Even if you two have no idea how to make anything in the kitchen, it’s still a fun thing to do that will keep your relationship exciting.

Engaging in activities that require problem-solving will strengthen the bond between you two. Plus, you both will be learning new skills that you can use in the future.

9. Create a romantic video

couple watching a video

Creating a video is a great way to surprise your boyfriend if you’re in a long-distance relationship. Put extra effort to wish him a happy birthday, happy anniversary, or just to tell your partner you love him by recording a cute video.

You could compile the footage of you throughout your relationship and edit it to make a short movie. You can also write a poem, sing a song, create a painting, or write a love letter to let your boyfriend know how much you love him. Then, present your creation in person so you can see his reaction.

10. Make an affirmation jar

Sometimes, you don’t need a big gesture to surprise your boyfriend. This idea needs minimal effort, but it is guaranteed to impress him. Surprise your partner by making an affirmation jar filled with sweet messages that he can read every day. The notes in this jar will reflect your feelings and make him smile every day.

To make an affirmation jar, get an empty mason jar and fill it with love affirmations you’d want to say to your boyfriend. Write down all the reasons that made you fall in love with him or your favorite qualities about him. Then, when he’s feeling low or when he’s missing you, he can take a note out of the jar, and it’ll make him feel better.

11. Deliver flowers to his office

Us girls aren’t the only ones who can appreciate flowers, so arrange a flower delivery straight to your boyfriend’s office. It’s a sweet gesture that says you’re thinking of him, even if both of you are busy with your schedules.

You could also be creative with the bouquet you deliver to him. It doesn’t have to be a flower bouquet; you can order a bouquet made of candy, chocolates, or even donuts these days. Don’t forget to add a touch of romance by writing a note saying how much you love him.

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12. Cook him a fancy dinner

Dinner might seem like the typical date night activity. Step up the game and make it more special by cooking something more exotic. Turn on those cooking tutorial videos on Youtube and get grinding in the kitchen. You can surprise your boyfriend by making his favorite restaurant dish or whipping up g a fancy dessert.

When the food is ready, make sure to create a fitting ambiance. Dim the lights, turn on your go-to romantic playlist, open a bottle of wine, and get dressed to the nines to make the evening even more special.

13. Help him tick off his bucket list

There’s nothing more satisfying than ticking off the things on your bucket list. If your boyfriend happens to have one, help him tick a few things off. Choose the things that are easily achieved and are something that is within reach.

Let’s say he’s always wanted to do a parachute jump. All it takes is to book the date and surprise your boyfriend by taking him to the skydiving center. Or if he always wanted to try surfing, gift him some surfing classes during your upcoming holiday. Whatever his bucket list items might be, help him achieve his dreams as a gesture of your love for him.

14. Pack him a lunch box

woman packing lunch box

If your boyfriend works long hours, pack him a homemade lunch box filled with his favorite food. We often get caught up with the business of adulthood, so it would be nice to make your partner a thoughtful, personalized lunch box.

Remember to slip in a cute little love note into it. No matter how busy or challenging his day might have been, his mood will improve once he’s read your note and eaten the delicious lunch!

15. Rent his favorite sports car for a day

One of the most jaw-dropping ways to surprise your boyfriend is to rent his favorite sports car for a day and let him drive it. If your boyfriend is a car enthusiast, this surprise will seriously impress him.

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Look up available services in your city that lets you rent a Ferrari or a Lamborghini and let your partner fulfill his Fast and Furious fantasies. He will surely have a blast racing (safely) on the highway and will be talking about it with his friends for weeks to come.

16. Make a personalized Spotify playlist

Sometimes, surprising your partner doesn’t require a lot of money or big gestures. You can impress your boyfriend by creating a personalized Spotify playlist made of meaningful songs.

Pick the songs that will help you express your feelings for him. Add his favorite musicians and bands that you both enjoy listening to together. Customize the Spotify playlist cover with a sweet picture of the two of you to make it even more special.

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17. Recreate your first date

One romantic way to surprise your partner is to take him back to the very beginning of your relationship and relive your first date together. This would be a nostalgic experience filled with wholesome memories that could remind him how it all started and how far the two of you have come.

Visit the venue of your first date night, whether it was at a restaurant, a bar, or a coffee shop. Try doing all the activities that you did back in the day, and if possible, wear the same outfit you both wore during the date. Your boyfriend will appreciate the time you spent together even more after this date.

18. Go on a road trip

Are you an adventurous couple who loves road tripping? Then, have quality time together by renting an RV motorhome and drive across the country! Look for a comfortable vehicle for you to sleep in, take a shower, and prepare food.

Imagine how fun it would be to stay in a caravan park instead of your usual motels and cook all your meals in the mini kitchen. It’s like camping, but you get to explore different cities and see different sights at your own pace. You can also plan a route based on all the scenic spots you haven’t visited before.

19. Have a thrill at an amusement park


people in an amusement park

Is your boyfriend an adrenaline junkie? Consider taking him to an amusement park! I’m not talking about going on the kiddie rides; try the adrenaline-pumping rollercoasters that will get you and your boyfriend screaming with excitement at the top of your lungs.

Academic studies have shown that adrenaline helps developing attraction between people. So try all the different rollercoasters out there and create a closer bond with your partner.

20. Get him a furry friend

Getting a pet is one of the sweetest and thoughtful surprises you can do for your man. Adopt a cute puppy or a kitten that you two can take care of together. This can also be a test before you get more serious and start planning children.

Even if your boyfriend already has a pet, he may enjoy having company for it to play with. So let him come up with a name that he likes and pick pet accessories for his new furry friend.

21. Plan a surprise party

Is your boyfriend close to his family and friends? There is no better way to surprise him than organizing a party so he can spend time with the people he loves! Invite his closest friends, siblings, and cousins to celebrate together.

This is a great idea for your loved one for his birthday, especially if he lives far from his family. If you could get all of his loved ones together in a room, I can guarantee that his reaction will be priceless.

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22. Serve him breakfast in bed

What can be better than a nice breakfast served in bed in the morning? You don’t have to book a room at a fancy resort to give your boyfriend the fancy holiday experience. All that you need to do is go grocery shopping a day before and then get up a bit earlier to prepare a tray with your boyfriend’s favorite breakfast food.

The idea might be simple, but it’s the effort that counts. So whip up some scrambled eggs, make some toast, brew a pot of freshly ground coffee and wake your boyfriend up with a kiss. He’ll appreciate the breakfast in bed, and he’ll start the day happy knowing that you made an effort to surprise him.

23. Send him a care package

Are you in a long-distance relationship with your boyfriend? Then, sending him a care package is a great idea! Get a few things that he likes and might not find in his city or country.

Your care package can include snacks, little souvenirs, t-shirts, and anything else that will help him remember you. Personalize the parcel with descriptions of each item. You can also video call him when he receives it to see his reactions while unwrapping the goodies.

24. Get off the grid

young couple camping

Sometimes, we can get too fixated on my phone, social media, and other digital distractions instead of focusing on our relationships. If you find yourself in this situation, you may want to surprise your boyfriend by planning a cabin getaway over the weekend where you can be off the grid.

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While on this vacation, avoid using your phones unless it’s an emergency. Learn how to enjoy each other’s company without distractions. This is an excellent activity to spend quality time with each other, especially if you’ve been in a long-term relationship with your man.

25. Tidy his house

Surprising your partner doesn’t always have to be extravagant. It can be as simple as cleaning his house for him when he’s out. If your boyfriend is a busy person who doesn’t have the time to do deep cleaning, he will surely appreciate such a kind gesture.

Other than washing the dishes and vacuuming the floor, take the time to tidy his belongings. Do his laundry, fold it neatly, make the bed, change his sheets, scrub the bathtub, and put air fresheners in the bathroom. Not only will he come home to a clean house, but a cozy home as well.

26. Create a makeshift theater

Make the movie-watching experience more memorable by creating a makeshift cinema at home. Aside from being budget-friendly, it’s also a more intimate activity because you don’t have to share the room with other people.

Pop some popcorn, chill a couple of drinks, dim the lights, and get cozy. Project your boyfriend’s favorite movie onto a wall and enjoy your evening snuggling on the couch.

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27. Write a love letter

We get so caught up with our phones and gadgets that we sometimes forget one of the most important factors of a relationship: romance. So bring it back into your relationship by writing an old-fashioned love letter for your man. Instead of texting him, use pen and paper to express how much you love him and how grateful you are to have him in your life.

If you want to make it look extra special, decorate the envelope with a wax seal. It will make the letter look like something out of a romantic movie taking place in the 1800s. Not only will it be a cute surprise, but your man will also be impressed by all the effort you took to create this letter.

28. Gift an all-day pass to do whatever he wants

If you really don’t have any ideas on how to surprise your significant other, give him an all-day pass where he can do whatever he pleases for a day. Your boyfriend can tell you what he wants to do, and you can help him make that happen.

Does he want to play games all day with his friends? Or has he always wanted to go to a batting cage and hit some baseballs? Whatever he wants to treat himself with, let him do it.

29. Spend a romantic evening on a yacht

couple on a yacht

Sailing a yacht sound rather fancy, but having dinner while cruising down the river can leave your boyfriend more surprised than ever. So treat him to a romantic sunset cruise while enjoying each other’s company.

This might be a date night that will only happen on special occasions, so dress up in your best clothes to make it truly memorable.

30. Do his chores for him

One of the best ideas to impress your significant other, which also requires little to no effort, is to do his chores. This can be taking his car to get fixed, taking his suits to dry cleaners or any other chores that you know he’s not a fan of doing. It’s a sign that you’re willing to sacrifice your time to help him out.

Whether he didn’t have the time to complete those errands or he’s been simply postponing them, he will surely appreciate you going out of your way to do help him out. Especially if your partner’s love language is an act of service, this is an idea that you should definitely consider.

31. Pay him a surprise visit

If you and your boyfriend live apart, one of the biggest surprises you can make is a trip to wherever he is. Don’t let him figure out that you’re going to show up at his door. Instead, act like you’re going on a holiday elsewhere to throw him off his tracks.

Make sure that when you’re planning this surprise, your partner’s schedule is free enough to accommodate your visit. Then, you both can plan date nights, activities, and vacations to spend quality time with each other once you’re physically together.

32. Get down on one knee

This is perhaps the most grand yet out of all the surprises you can make. It is not typical for a woman to propose to her significant other, but if you really love him and you’re ready to spend the rest of your life with this guy, then go for it.

If you’ve been in a long-term relationship with your partner and already had the marriage talk, plan a proposal based on his interests. For example, it can be his favorite place in the city, his preferred restaurant, or the place where you first met.

I hope this list of ideas on how to surprise your boyfriend will give you some inspiration, and you’ll blow his mind away. Remember that surprising your loved one does not have to be fancy and extravagant. It’s the thought and effort that counts!

Brenda is relationships and lifestyle writer, coffee enthusiast, and a lover of new experiences. You’ll usually find her in a coffee shop with her laptop and a flat white scribbling down an article or searching for the next travel destination.

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