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When was the last time you went on a date and couldn’t stop yourself from telling someone else how amazing your night was?

People normally focus on the wrong things on their first date; like what to wear, what time to meet, or who should pay. But what’s really important is giving the other person a great experience that nobody else can.

The day after my first date with Kamey, I remember texting my sister with the exact words “I just had the best night of my life”. And it really was.

I recently confessed this to Kamey, and we talked about what made it such a perfect first date. It was because we did so many things in one night.

Traditional vs. modern

It was creating a balance of traditional and modern dating, that made the night so perfect for both of us.

This generation of Tinder users is getting bored of pure online dating. As humans, we are craving real, in-person connection. And as millennials, we need dating to meet our traditional and modern desires.

On our first date, Kamey initially took me to a bar – sort of a traditional idea – but it was a ping pong bar! The quirkiness made it much more fun, and ‘modern’.

Variety is the spice of life

We realised it’s never one thing that makes the perfect first date. After a drink and a game of ping pong, we went for a long walk. It was so stripped back and romantic, and much more on the traditional side of dating. We talked and talked while we walked, like we could have walked to the end of the earth and not noticed.

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Something new, something old

But then we went shopping! I’ve never heard of anyone going shopping on a first date, but it was so much fun! It allowed us to be a bit silly with each other, and showed us a bit about our common tastes. We got to show off our confidence to each other. This was more than just ‘modern dating’, it’s unheard of! Try something neither of you have done on a date before.

Then we took it back to the traditional, and went for a good old fashioned meal. We bonded over our mutual love for fried chicken!

Know your audience

Kamey had realised that I was really passionate about music, so he took me to a jazz bar with live music. We danced, I swooned! Awareness on a first date is key – he paid attention to what I had told him, and then he took me somewhere he knew I would have a great time.

Take it back to basics

Then we went for another really long walk, until the early hours of the morning. We just didn’t want the night to end. It was perfect.

It was the perfect date because we did so many great things that most people would only do on one date. Some people wouldn’t even do one of these things for a first date. And some people wouldn’t do any of these things for a date at all. But we had a whole adventure of our own, doing so many fun, different things on a small scale. We created such a great connection and had such deep chemistry, sometimes it feels like we’re still on our first date!

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So for a first date, you want to make it an experience that neither of you will forget. Think about variety and adventure. Even just keeping things really stripped back and simple can work wonders. But if you can find a way to do all of this, you’re in for a night to remember!

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Sabeen is from London. She met her boyfriend Kamey at a singles event, and now they run a South Asian dating site for Sikh, Hindu & Muslim singles.

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