things girls do that guys hate

While navigating the dating scene, it’s essential that you know what may turn off guys or why you get the text that explains, ‘I just don’t see a future with us.’ Ladies, there are certain things girls do that guys hate that will turn them off in a heartbeat and have them running for the hills rather than planning the next romantic date.

I’ve been on some dates with a variety of women. I’ve observed things that are good and certain traits that I didn’t like. This could serve you well… Maybe your dating game needs some tweaking, or you want more skills to land the ‘perfect guy.’

We know that you’ve been out with some prize-winners. The arrogant guy, the guy that was sloppy with no confidence, the player, the rich guy with no personality, the guy that was secretly married. Whatever it is, let’s examine this from a guy’s perspective. What are the most common things girls do that guys hate? What do you do wrong during your dates? What can you improve on? Why don’t you get that other call or that special kiss goodnight at the end of the date? I will tell you, with no filter attached.

1. You talk too much

Don’t get me wrong. Guys love to listen to women. However, if you’re talking and talking, and you don’t really seem interested in getting to know me as a person, I’m probably not going to call you again. Try reading the book ‘He’s Just Not That Into You.’ This will help you out.

You’re not asking me questions about my life, you are just talking and talking and not listening. I don’t think that I’m going to be interested in you if you are all about yourself and you really don’t care much about my life. After all, this is a mutual deal.

You didn’t get a second text? Oh… Maybe that’s because you wouldn’t shut your trap for a minute and ask him questions. He probably went home and tossed your number into the trash.

2. Your perfume smells terrible

If I first meet you, and I’m about to pass out because you’re wearing strong perfume, I will probably have to pass on the next date. I love Liz Claiborne, Juicy Couture, some Versace, maybe Britney Spears perfume? However, if it smells like some cheap drug store deodorant that is a permanent cloud of nastiness and stinks up the entire coffee shop or restaurant, I’ll have to answer an important phone call on my iPhone because I have to exit immediately.

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You can easily tell about a women’s class by judging what perfume brand they wear. This can be a HUGE TURN-ON if you wear the right perfume during the date. However, it can’t be too strong. No guy wants to date a woman that smells like his mom or grandmother.

You may want to travel to the mall and sample different perfume fragrances. They are there for a reason. Maybe you can be more subtle about how you smell and not lather it on so much. It’s hurting my eyes!

3. You stand him up more than once

I understand if your kids need to use the vehicle or forgot about the date, but if you stand up to your date, it’s just plain rude. I can get stood up once, but if it happens two or three times, you’re out! I don’t care how attractive you are. Bye!

Make it a priority to be on time or early during your dates. I know that it may take a long time to get ready with your hair, makeup, dressing, what high heels to wear, but don’t stand a guy up. It’s rude.

If you’re not interested, just tell him. Our egos can take it, and you’re not the only woman in the world. Just tell us ahead of time. We don’t want to hear that your little birdie died or that you’d rather stay home and watch Netflix.

4. You talk about all of your exes

Damn… Did you date the entire town? I’m not going to feel like a special guy if you tell me about the 20+ last relationships that didn’t work out for you. I know that you’re hot stuff, but good lord! You can find your next 20+ guys. I think that I’ll pass on this one.

You tell me about the 2 Steves, Joe, that guy Matt, the other guys that made your life a living hell. Maybe you had to file restraining orders against them. Maybe the next time I’m hanging out at your house, and your ex, Matt, decides to come over, threatening me not to come over here anymore, I’ll listen. Make sure that previous exes aren’t lurking in the background.

You see, guys hate exes lurking in the background. We also hate when you tell us about all of them. I know that you’re probably telling us about only 30% of them, but let’s not talk about all of the previous psychos because we will judge you.

5. You hate sports

Football Saturdays and Sundays will be fun while you complain about the fun games I’m watching. Then, you’ll end up complaining about how I’m spending my time watching them. Maybe you should either respect that your guy loves football or go away. Sorry.

If you don’t like sports, don’t tell a guy on the first date. Wait until he becomes romantically involved with you. Then slowly spill the beans. If you want to go shopping while he’s watching the football game, he’ll probably appreciate that over being nagged over dishes, errands, etc.

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If you love sports, good for you! You just raised his interest level by 60%! If you love sports, talk to him about the teams you root for and some of your knowledge of the game. He will love you for it.

6. You think playing video games is childish

Seriously? Now we’re hating video games? Do you happen to know how many guys love playing video games? We can play them with our kids as well. I see this on dating profiles sometimes. Women complain about video games. You sound like you’re really fun. I will swipe left.

Most of the guys that I know love to play video games. They aren’t childish, you’re just too snobby. How about we tell you about our love for shoes? Whatever you do, don’t put this on your dating profile because it makes you look like a difficult woman to please. We don’t like that.

If you play video games with your man, um… You’re going to be, like, way awesome! Guys love gals who play video games with them, and this will take you a long way with potential dates if you let them know that you love certain video games.

7. You don’t take care of yourself

You looked amazing on your online profile pic, then I show up for the date, and it looks like a truck hit you! What’s the deal with your hair, and what the hell are you wearing? You don’t look anything like your profile pic. Guess we’ll just talk for a moment and waste our time, and I’ll never text you again. Good luck.

We don’t like it when you don’t look like your online dating pics. If you look different, maybe you shouldn’t be posting your younger pics and try to keep them recent. Guess what? We are superficial, just like you are!

So… Try to look sexy and pretty on the date. We love that. If you show up with 80s-style frizzy hair or look sloppy and unattractive, we’ll not want to call you again.

8. You are too rigid

Rigid women are the worst. Everything is about themselves. What I like, I’m picky, you can’t do this with me, I don’t like that, don’t say that, I don’t like it when you look at me like that, etc. You will have to deal with a lot of high-maintenance garbage and drama. My God! How is a guy ever going to be able to live with you and feel comfortable without being completely depressed and miserable? You will be history if you even think about an insult or put-down. Next. Good luck to your next whipping boy. I’m sure that he’s going to be happy with you… *cough*

No matter how attractive you are, I will not want to date you long-term if you’re difficult. I will look for someone fun and flexible and who I’m comfortable being with. You need to ask yourself, ‘Am I too rigid?’ ‘I’m I too much of a bitch to men?’ ‘Why don’t guys want to stay with me?’

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You’re too rigid and difficult, and we hate drama. You make our lives difficult, and we like things to be easy. If you’re getting jealous of his ex, or if you won’t let him do what he likes to do, he should leave you. Don’t be too rigid and difficult. It’s not attractive.

9. You are sort of boring

Uh-oh… You’re not laughing at my silly jokes, you keep eyeing the waiter, and you’re judging me and putting me on the spot. Then you talk about your job and kids, and that’s about it. What about your interests? Do you watch movies? Do you read books? Appreciate traveling? Do you do anything interesting besides talking about your boring job? I think that I’ll pass on this one. Next.

Tell a guy about books you enjoy reading or your interests. If you enjoy travel, tell him! It’s a good topic of conversation for a date. He will love to get to know you better and ask you many questions. Guys love intellectual women with class.

We will think you’re boring if you just go on and on about really boring things. Show him unique traits about you. It will not only make a date more fun, but he will most likely call or text you back, and he will want to date you more. Also, put your smartphone down during the date if you’re too bored that you have nothing to talk about. You’re not respecting his presence if you text someone else during the date.

10. You have too much baggage

Oh… You were in an abusive relationship, and you tried to commit suicide a bunch of times? You’re on drugs? Do you have a crazy ex-boyfriend who showed up with a gun while you dated your last guy? Wow! Sign me up! Sounds like a blast! On second thought, goodbye. You’re really attractive, but I don’t think so.

Guys don’t like baggage. Kids can also be a factor. If you have over 4 kids and don’t usually have alone time to date, we may consider this. Nothing against kids, but we don’t want to date Octomom. Or, maybe we do? It depends on the guy.

Don’t tell us about all of your baggage up front. Slowly let it slip out while we continue to date you, then we’ll judge whether we’re out of here or not. Baggage makes dating a challenge, but it also shows life experience, so if it’s positive baggage, it may help you! Keep the negative baggage to yourself starting.

If you have any of these traits, perhaps it’s something that you’d like to work on, or maybe you will just send me a hateful comment. I can take it if you do. If it cracks you up, then I am still doing my job entertaining you. At any rate, best of luck to you, women!

William is a graphic designer and creative writer. One of his favourite interests is reading books about relationships. He recommends ‘How to Succeed with Women’ and Doc Love’s ‘The System’. He has two adorable children that he enjoys spending time with. William is currently single and is preparing for his next relationship. You can follow him on Twitter.

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