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More often than not, we’ve found ourselves all too prone to associate the word ‘fun’ with our amorous proclivities. However, can ‘fun things to do as a couple’ be relegated to the realm of our mischievous leanings alone?

And when you tend to misidentify ‘fun’ exclusively with sexual activities, the intensity and fervour informing your relationship with your partner go for a bumpy ride.

A survey of 450 people involved in a relationship pinned down the fact that around 46 percent of them found themselves on the receiving end of phubbing and around 22 percent of them located this as the principal reason behind causing a strain in their relationships.

After all, the essence of your association with your partner situates itself at the heart of engaging yourselves with irresistible activities, which leave no margin for distraction.

If you are under the impression that your mate is dissing you for any reason whatsoever, take note of these fat lot of inviting activities to eke out with your partner – to compliment your sensuality and to breathe some life back into your impersonal relationship.

1. Wear couples’ T-shirts

Do you find yourself running out of ideas on how to go about enhancing your outdoor experience? A study conducted revealed that 54% percent of the men find a framed photo of the two of you together to be very thoughtful and intimate and to cap that off, a photo of the two of you together wearing t-shirts with your photo can be very stimulating indeed.

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T-shirt printing can serve to add spice to your dwindling relationship, and better yet, you can flaunt your cohesive presence around with your partner by wearing your matching outfit outdoors. And if you don’t believe me already – go out, ride a tandem bike together with your boyfriend and see the impact it has on your relationship for yourself.

2. Take a walk at night

Do you find yourself agonizing over the question on whether or not your partner is the one you’ve been yearning for?

The best way to resolve this would be to go out on a walk with your partner at night along some uncharted, secluded lane – to put your relationship into perspective; and exchanging your philosophical outlooks on life can provide your relationship with the extra spring in its steps. I’m sure you’ll have your answers on your way back home while the imminent sun faintly stares down upon your enduring relationship.

3. Spend an intimate evening

Do you feel your partner has somehow made themselves inaccessible to you? Sometimes people become obstinate and withdrawn. If you are looking to work your way around this, spend an intimate evening together. Slowly proceed to relieve your partner by massaging their pressure points or better have a conversation over a glass of wine and inquire about their past experiences and hurdles.

When you get your partner to open up, the aggregate sense of fulfillment will mount up proportionately when your mate decides on inquiring about you in return.

4. Paint together

Do you find yourself worn-down after binging on TV shows and movies with your significant other?

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Painting something abstract with your boyfriend or girlfriend can be the answer to liberate your imaginative faculties to an extent previously unthought of.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a layman at painting, as long as you leave your inhibitions behind.

5. Gaze at the stars

After years of research on the dynamics of dating, studies have found that most couples are eager to enter into a monogamous relationship after 6 to 8 dates.

Do you find yourself desiring for more to move through the gears against an otherwise uneventful relationship? The solution might be promptly knocking on your door if you’re well-versed in astronomy.

Show your partner the ropes around identifying stars to revive some mystery back into your relationship. Gazing at the stars with some ambient music and pondering over the infinity and beyond with your loved one could potentially be the romantic element your relationship is missing out on.

6. Volunteer for social work

Do you ever find yourself having to bear the brunt of your pangs of conscience? And do you feel you’re being weighed down by something you cannot quite put your fingers around?

Volunteering for some social work with your mate to help out the people in need can lift your conscience – to kick some ‘fun factor’ back into all the other activities you engage in as a cople.

7. Engage in role-play

Role-playing is the elixir which will help you kick back if you’re looking to untangle yourself. I am sure we all have that particular book or show which appeals to us like nothing else, be it Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, or The Lord of the Rings.

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Assigning your partner a character you grew up to adore – by carefully chalking out the contexts and ensuing scenarios can be very entertaining, provided your significant other assigns you with a character they grew up to cherish as well.

8. Get a pet

We all let our mind wander in the lookout for the ideal person we’d like to have our children with, don’t we?

However, if you are not ready for them yet, but your relationship has reached a moderately mature stage, getting a pet together with your partner can be employed as a refreshing trail to examine your compatibility. Also, having a pet around could potentially elevate you in your moments of distress.

9. Go out on a double date

Going out on a double date could reinvigorate your take on your relationship. Sharing the elements which are working out for you as well as the elements which are not with another couple can shed some light on the things you need to work out with your loved one.

A double date stands to minimize this burdensome task of working things out with your partner by taking a jovial and light-hearted course, in the presence of another couple.

So, the next time you find yourself floundering over the question on how to add some element of thrill into your relationship and what are fun things to do as a couple, these are some points to take home with you and covet.

Jessica is a marketing enthusiast and an influencer in Fashion & FnB verticals. She is interested in the impact of visual branding on business growth.

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