signs he wants a relationship with you

Are you seeing a guy and not sure how it is going? You might be ready to have a relationship conversation with him, but you are worried he might not feel the same way. Don’t stress over it! A man who wants to be with you will show it somehow. Here are the telltale signs he wants a relationship with you.

1. He talks about his family and friends

When a guy wants a relationship, he wants you to hear about the most important people in his life. If you wanted a long-term relationship, wouldn’t you do the same? Who is more important than our friends and family? These are the people we love the most. So he will surely introduce the closest people to you, at least indirectly, if he sees you as girlfriend material.

2. He doesn’t hide his phone

How does your love interest act when he is using his phone? Is he getting notification after notification? There could be many reasons for that. But if he acts secretive when texting, that is not a very good sign. If he has nothing to hide from you, he may even reply to his messages while you have a clear view of his phone. A man ready for a relationship will not be afraid that you’ll see his texts (unless he works in the FBI).

man showing his phone for a woman

3. He texts you often

Does he text you every day to check on how things are going with you? When I say text, I mean sending meaningful messages, not silly GIFs. A man that wants a relationship will be genuinely interested in you. Following you on social media and liking your posts is one thing, but having your number and texting you makes it feel more personal. He will stand out from the other guys you may be talking to, and it will prove his interest in you.

4. He plans for the future

Does he always call you out of the blue, whenever it is convenient for him? Then he probably does not view you as relationship material. However, if he talks about your future dates, he is likely interested in a relationship with you. When a guy makes plans with you, it usually signifies that he is in it for a long haul.

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5. He hangs out with you during the day

Do you feel that the guy is only hanging out with you at night? Then he probably doesn’t want a relationship with you but instead sees you as a casual fling. While there’s nothing wrong popping over late at night if you really miss your sweetheart, if a man is ready to commit, he would want to see you when the sun is up.

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6. He is interested in your hobbies

If he is a serious guy, he will want to get to know more about you. He will ask you personal questions about your life to get to know you better. One of the signs he wants a relationship will be him learning about your hobbies. If he shows interest in engaging in those activities, you may find out that you love doing the same things. Can there be a better foundation for a relationship?

couple hiking in the nature

7. He has you saved on his phone with a cute emoji or name

What is your name on his phone? This is a good sign if he has a cute name for you. If you can, check how he has other women’s names saved on his phone. It can help indicate if you stand out in any way. It might even just be a little heart by your name that gives away that you mean something more to him.

8. He has time for you

Finding time for you is one of the most essential indicators that he likes you. He probably isn’t interested in anything serious if he often tells you he is too busy to hang out. A man ready for a relationship will make time to see you. No matter how busy he is, he will prioritize you. And if he isn’t willing to do so, it’s time to move on.

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9. He tags you on social media

You’re clear when a guy is not worried about posting a picture of you playing mini-golf and tags you on social media. He is surely serious about you if he isn’t afraid to tell the world with whom he spends his free time. Social media can be a helpful tool to determine his intentions.

10. He knows your schedule

Does he ask you about your meeting that you only casually mentioned last week? When he shows his interest in you and what you do, he wants you in his life. He is probably also interested in knowing what you are up to and when he can sneak into your schedule.

couple sitting on a bench

11. He sends you memes

If a guy sends you funny videos or memes, he wants to make you smile. This shows he thinks of you and would like you to know it. He probably remembers what you find funny or interesting. If he has feelings for you, he won’t resist the urge to share things that he finds fun. More importantly, a shared sense of humor is tied to relationship success.

12. He asks about your day

Does he ask about your day? A man who wants a relationship would be interested in your daily life. He wants to make sure you are doing well. If things aren’t going that well for you, he would like to be the one to cheer you up. After all, your feelings matter to him. He is interested in you. Why else would he ask? Asking someone about their day and wanting a proper response shows genuine interest.

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13. He stops updating his dating profile

This sign only applies if you two met on a dating app. I will tell you, there is nothing to be ashamed about. Updating your profile and photos to get those swipes is essential when looking for new matches. If you check out this guy’s profile and see no change, this could be a sign he has stopped looking as he wants you in his life.

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14. His snap score doesn’t go up that often

Do the two of you send each other snaps? Snapchat is an easy way to show that he wants something serious. You’ll see that snap score skyrocket if a guy talks to others while chatting with you. However, he only talks to you if it raises for your snaps. This is an easy way to determine that his attention is solely on you.

woman checking her phone

15. He takes you out

Often, men will pay on dates to impress girls. While you shouldn’t expect somebody to wine and dine you, a man who is serious about you probably would want to take you out to a nice dinner now and again. This can go beyond food as well. Maybe he’s paid for some theatre tickets? Or he took you out to the concert of your favorite band? All the little things count, and if you are just in the initial stages of dating, it shows that he cares and wants to make you happy.

16. He won’t go too long without hearing from you

How often do the two of you chat? Do you find that you’re talking all the time? Does he always respond within an hour or two? Let me tell you that this is good. He is still busy with his life, yet making time to talk to you. When a man likes you, the conversation won’t end until one of you has to go to bed. If you’re on track for a relationship, it will continue when you wake up with a good morning text.

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17. He enjoys being close to you

When a guy seeks physical closeness, it is a significant clue he likes you. I’m not talking only about cuddling in bed. Instead, when you’re showing him something on your phone, does he move in closer? Maybe he even puts his arm around you? If a guy wants to be with you, he will enjoy the physical closeness, and it doesn’t have to include erotic elements.

18. He follows you on social media

A man with feelings for you would be curious to know what you’ve been up to. Where else he’d be able to find out what is happening in your life if not on social media? Of course, I am not talking about those stalkers you hardly met and who start following you on social networks and commenting on every post. Your love interest is among your followers, and he sometimes likes or comments on your posts, just like you do on his. He has probably checked your previous posts and photos to see if no other guy exists. But you did the same with his profile, didn’t you?

guy checking social media

19. He respects your schedule

This one is a biggie because it shows what kind of behavior you can expect from a man in a relationship. For example, if he knows you have dinner with your family on Sundays, he’ll respect that and give you space. He wants to spend time with you, but he also considers your schedule. A mature man with serious intentions would understand that you’re busy and wait until he can have you to himself.

20. He is up all night talking to you

Everyone loves their sleep. To this guy, you are worth losing a few hours of sleep. Sometimes, chatting with that special someone can be a reason to keep you awake. If you are up all night texting with a guy, he likes you. You can take time to ask questions and get to know each other or keep flirting with him to keep the conversation light and flowing.

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21. He invites you to places

Where do the two of you hang out? Do you find that you always end up indoors? Or does the guy take you out to dinner or movies? He would happily engage in different activities with you if he wants a relationship. A man who wants something long-term will treat you right and enjoy doing things together outside his bedroom.

22. He wants to meet each other’s friends

Does he know your best friend’s name? Maybe he has already met them? At the very least, he has talked about wanting to. Meeting each other’s friends is a big step for any relationship. A guy who wants to meet your friends is interested in getting to know you better and wants to be seen as a part of your life.

group of young people

23. He talks about his past

You must be aware of their past to build the future with someone. If the man can tell you about his childhood, it is a sign that he wants a relationship. If you feel he doesn’t talk about the past, ask him about it! But never push as he may not be ready yet. It takes time to open up to another person. If time goes by and the man still doesn’t share many details about his past, he either has some past traumas or isn’t serious about you.

24. He gives you pet names

Some men are more creative about nicknames for their girlfriends than others, but if a guy has warm and fuzzy feelings for you, he may want to call you something cute or funny. It could be a classic nickname, like “baby” or “honey.” Or something naughty he just says when you are alone together. Giving a pet name to each other is very much relationship territory.

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25. He takes photos with you

Photos with both of you in them mean the guy wants to capture special moments he spends with you. He can look at them when he misses you or show them to his closest friends. While an odd selfie now and then may not mean much, if the man wants to take photos together all the time, he wants to create memories together.

26. He buys you gifts

If he wants a serious relationship, he will most likely buy you gifts, even if there is no special occasion. It could be just a little gift now and again or something you’ve been talking about for a while. A man who cares about you would want to get you something to make you smile. And if your birthday is just around the corner, a romantic birthday gift will show his feelings (and that he remembers your birthday).

woman receiving gift from a man

27. He opens up to you

Do the two of you have long conversations about the most personal topics? Does it feel like you could talk forever? When a man does not shy away from any subject and enjoys having deep talks with you, it shows he enjoys talking to you. He wants to get to know you better and finds you a great conversation partner. The man will ensure the two of you connect intellectually and emotionally before committing to an exclusive relationship.

If you’ve just met a guy recently and see him as boyfriend material, watch for these signs to determine if he wants a relationship with you. On the other hand, if you’ve been dating for quite some time and want a definite answer on his intentions, it might be a good idea to sit and chat with the guy. Whatever happens, try not to act clingy and keep your expectations realistic. Remember that if a man wants you, he will make it happen.

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