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If you find yourself navigating the intricacies of dating with a special someone in mind, you’ve likely encountered the age-old adage: “If a man wants you, he will make it happen.”

Perhaps you brushed it off as cliché or doubted its validity. I was initially skeptical, having weathered the storm of a long-term relationship ending. Still, as I immersed myself in the dating world, I couldn’t ignore the undeniable truth behind those words. I started recognizing behavior patterns that set apart genuinely interested men from those just passing through.

From thoughtful gestures to consistent communication, we’ll explore the definite indicators that cut through the noise of modern dating, helping you decipher whether the person on your radar is genuinely willing to make things happen. So, let’s delve into the subtleties of romantic relationships and decode the signals that indicate genuine interest in a potential relationship.

1. He talks to you

When a guy wants you, and it’s the right guy, he’ll speak to you, not just Snapchat or text you every day. He will pick up his phone and make a call. He’ll put in the effort. He will want to know all about you.

The guy who cares about you will ask personal questions with meaning behind them. He will want to know all about you and see what, if anything, you have in common. He will want your attention and leave no space for another man.

A serious man won’t play mind games or send mixed signals. He will be upfront and as open as he can be about his intentions. He will keep the conversation going with effort, so you always look forward to talking with him again.

He’ll make eye contact when he talks to you in person to show he’s truly paying attention. You will see his effort when you are together. He will hear you when you speak, not just fake it. A man who wants you will make it happen repeatedly, especially if he sees you as a life partner.

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2. His actions will show it

If a man wants you, he’ll make it happen by spending time with you. He’ll show you he wants to be with you by paying attention to your likes and ensuring you know he was paying attention to you by bringing things up during a conversation. He’ll show you he pays attention by taking you places you said you liked or wanted to visit. 

He may show up with the ice cream you like, your favorite flowers, tickets to a theater show on your bucket list, or possibly indulge you with everything you love in one night. A guy who wants to be with you will tell you, but more importantly, he will show it to you.

You will not have to figure out where he is; he’ll make it obvious and won’t be afraid of courting you. You will know his intent because he consistently makes you a priority and does not make you wonder where he stands. He can admit when he’s wrong and will be open-minded to your thinking.

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3. He loves spending time with you

When a guy has genuine feelings for you, he’ll proactively seek ways to spend quality time together, whether embracing cozy indoor activities or enjoying romantic outdoor picnics. His commitment is reflected in his consistent efforts to follow through on plans, ensuring the time you share becomes meaningful and fun.

Your perfect man will ask what you like and don’t like and plan your dates accordingly. He won’t give another guy a chance to get to you first.

Spending time with you proves the man wants you, and you won’t wonder where you stand with him. He won’t be with other women, care about your past, or have trouble putting a smile on your face. You will be well aware of how he feels about you.

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When a man likes you, you will see him pursue you by making the first move, and you will notice he can’t wait to see you again. He will introduce you to his friends and make you feel like you are a part of his social life.

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4. He respects your boundaries

A guy who wants to be with you will respect your boundaries. He’ll find out what they are and do his best to be sure he does not cross them. If he does, he will quickly acknowledge it, apologize, and change his behavior. He will take the time to talk to you and listen when you tell him why you may have the boundaries you have.

He will understand that you may have been through a relationship when your boundaries were crossed, leaving you sad or upset. He will not want to put you through any of that again. Your emotional comfort will be a priority for him.

Ensure you’re clear about your limits. The man who admires you should understand your value, always treat you respectfully, show interest in your likes, and ensure you feel confident in the relationship.

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5. He keeps his promises

When a man wants to be with you, he’ll stay true to his word. If he says he’ll do something, he’ll get it done. If a situation arises and he can’t keep a promise, he’ll let you know as soon as he can, and he will make sure you understand it was not intentional.

A guy who sees the future with you will not want you to think he has let you down. Whatever the obstacle you may be facing, whether it’s timing, things feel like they may be too complicated, or if he needs to wait until you are ready, he will be sure to keep his promises.

If a man wants you, he will make it happen. If he promises you something, he will do whatever it takes to follow it through.

His actions speak volumes, reflecting a sincere dedication to making things happen and ensuring his promises are fulfilled.

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6. He will not leave you guessing

A guy who wants you and only you will never leave you guessing how he feels about you. He won’t play games with you, and make sure you feel secure with him. He will genuinely want you to feel happy and wanted.

A serious man will honestly tell you what he truly wants and hopes from the beginning of this relationship. He will not send you mixed signals or let other guys get close to you, and you will know he has genuine feelings for you.

A guy who wants to be with you will be as open and as honest as he can be, and if you are ever unsure and you ask him about it, he’ll give you the reassurance you need to feel safe with him.

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7. He treats you like a priority

You appreciate successful, happy, motivated men. So many of us do. Even though he may be busy, he has his priorities straight, and you will be one of them.

He won’t miss meetings to take your calls, but he’ll let you know what his day looks like and make the time to see you without making you feel guilty for bothering him.

A man who wants you in his life will organize his schedule so he can spend time with you and you feel like you are a part of it. If a man wants you, he will make it happen, even if that means working the dates into his busy calendar.

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8. He will be transparent

A guy who wants you will be open and honest when you want to get to know him. He will let you know his plans and when you can expect to hear or see him again. And trust me, he will find a way to make it happen if he wants to. You will know he is interested in spending time with you, even if it’s just a phone call.

But you will know he’s interested when just a call turns into deep conversations about your past, the potential future you may have, and a lot of honesty. A conversation on the phone is just as important as a coffee date as long as you feel heard and seen when you don’t have the time to meet face-to-face.

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9. He openly talks about the future

When a guy meets the one he wants, he’ll discuss the future together. First, he’ll let you know he wants to be with just you. Naturally, he will stop communicating with other women. He will begin to settle in on being with just one woman and ignore all other advances he may receive. He will no longer be concerned with what others think about his relationship.

When a man is happy with you, he will talk about commitment and eventually ask you to be his girlfriend. And as the relationship grows, he will use words like us, we, and ours.

He will show his desire for a future together but never push you to do something you may not want. The best relationships usually begin as friendships and grow into something more.

With effort from both sides, dinner dates, and fun times together, you can imagine him as a long-term partner. You may feel scared or nervous, but in the end, it will all be worth it to take a risk.

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10. He takes your opinion into consideration

When a guy wants to be with you, he’ll ask for your opinion. A man with feelings for you will want to know your thoughts on everything, from which tie to wear to help him decide about his career. While building a relationship, a man who sees a future life with you will bring you into his world, and your opinion will matter greatly to him.

A solid man is healthy enough to ask for help and opinions from a woman he values, especially for his career. He will listen to your thoughts and make the best decision possible.

During this process, the relationship is also growing into a partnership, which is essential for the success of a long-term relationship. A solid relationship starts as friends and then grows into something more as you get to know each other. Your opinion and advice will mean a lot to him, especially if your advice works out for him.

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11. He shares his favorite things with you

A guy who wants you will want you to know everything he likes. Anything from breakfast at his favorite bakery, Netflix series, or even his favorite place to work out. He’ll want to include you in his life as much as possible.

When a guy likes you, he will want to spend extra time with you. This guy will want you to be a part of his life. Once he invites you in, he will hope you have things in common, and your relationship will continue to grow into a further commitment and possibly love.

He will want you to hang out with his family and have lazy days together. Once he realizes you have great potential to become his girlfriend or someone he can see spending his life with, he will show that he wants a relationship with you.

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12. He would not want to see you cry

Not many guys would want to make a woman cry unless they are happy tears. A man who wants you will do anything to protect you and your heart.

Emotionally, physically, and mentally, a man who wants you will get to know you and try to make you happy. He will be by your side as you overcome any obstacles that may bring you down.

Whether you fear something, have problems at work, or have general life concerns, this man will be your shoulder to cry on. He will do what he needs to, never to see your heart broken, and he will try to ensure you never feel hurt.

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13. He wants to be exclusive

A guy who wants you will in no way, shape, or form ever allow someone else to come in and take your attention away from him. He’ll let you know where he stands, and he will want to know the same from you. That is why he’ll want to be exclusive with you. But first, he will want you to be best friends.

Being exclusive is the welcome mat to an actual relationship. It is a space where you date only each other and see if a relationship will be the best fit for you both, and you’re both headed in the same direction.

A man who is serious about you will not want someone else to have your attention or take up space in your life. He will take this time to ensure it’s just the two of you as you begin your journey to finding love.

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14. He celebrates you

A guy who wants to be with you will celebrate you. He’ll remember your birthday and praise your accomplishments, milestones, and everything you do. He’ll be your number one fan and your biggest supporter. He’ll brag about you to everyone he knows and want to show you off similarly.

Celebrating you will look like date nights, small gifts, and many words of affirmation. He will want to see you happy and make you feel worthy, safe, and secure, not just with him but your entire life.

He will want you to be happy as he celebrates your achievements and will want to help you chase your dreams so you will feel his love while he supports you in everything you do. A man who loves you will wrap his arms around you as you lead a life you love without bringing you down.

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15. You will be a positive influence

A guy who sees you positively influencing him will want to keep you around. If he sees his life is improving since he met you and lets you into his inner circle, he will do what it takes to be sure you are right there with him and his friends. He will begin to rely on you more and more as he sees you guide him to accomplish more in his life.

He won’t have any excuses to fail with anything when he feels wholly supported at his job, with his aspirations, or with life in general. He will want to spend more time with the one that makes him feel accepted.

Sometimes, men don’t see that they need a little guidance to improve their lives. If he drinks less, works harder at his job, and keeps his place much cleaner since he met you, he will show you he wants you in his life and do what it takes to let you know he likes you by his side.

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16. He misses you

When a man realizes he is thinking about you when you are not around, wondering what you may be doing, or checking on you when you least expect it, it’s because he misses you and wants you around.

He may send a text, a funny meme, or ask a simple question to reach out and hear from you. Good morning or good night texts are a good indicator that you are on his mind all the time.

If you make him miss you, it is a good sign as it shows that he wants to spend more time with you. Although it’s not always easy to see you daily, he will commit to hanging out with you when he can. Whether that’s a date night or a quick lunch together, he will find any excuse to see you when he misses you.

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17. He keeps the relationship moving forward

A man who wants you will move the relationship forward. He will want to know how you feel about your relationship and be open to having conversations about boundaries and deal-breakers.

He’ll be respectful on social media and when you’re not around. A man who truly wants you in his life will keep you safe in every conversation, no matter what. The right man will protect you and show you you are the one for him.

If a man wants you in his life, he’ll make it happen. Men are often portrayed as mysterious creatures who keep their feelings to themselves. In reality, a man always knows who and what he wants. He may not verbalize how most women would expect it, but he tells you what he wants with his actions.

A man who is serious about you will never leave you second-guessing what he seeks. He may show you he likes you instead of telling you to because men also fear rejection. If you respond to his actions, he will be more comfortable verbalizing his feelings for you.

If you still doubt your current love interest is serious about you, the best thing is to ask him outright. It’s better to know the truth even if you hear the answer you did not want to hear. In the long run, your ultimate goal should be to be happy and in love with the right person who loves you back.

Kelly is a certified Relationship and Dating Coach and the founder of Be Brave Coaching. After being a toxic wife and then suffering herself at the hands of an abuser, Kelly found herself in a recovery program where she recovered from codependency, anger, and control issues. Years later, she released her first book 'Signs in the Rearview Mirror Leaving a Toxic Relationship Behind' which is her story of leaving toxic relationships with her mother, her ex, and herself behind.

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