make a guy fall in love with you

I’ve decided that I’m going to timewarp out of my reality, and delve into the realm of fantasy. We all have desires and expectations that we’d like to have fulfilled for true happiness in our love life and relationships. I’m going to help you women out! Do you ever wonder how to make a guy fall in love with you? Do you want to know the attractive women qualities that no man can resist? They will put you in control, and have men always wanting to talk to you or compete with each other to be around your glowing, and radiant presence.

What are most men looking for in women? Well, it depends on the guy. Guys look for different things, but most guys can pretty much agree on who looks very attractive, and who doesn’t. As long as you master these 3 top qualities, you will get your ‘pick of the litter’ regarding men.

1. Look attractive

Most women got this down — not gonna lie. Your flowing, shiny, silky hair. Your pretty eyes, the way that your eyes pop in that dark eyeshadow, your perfume, your sexy body in that dress, the way those high heels click while you walk, those smooth and sexy legs, those full red lips that mesmerize men, that friendly, cute, white and pearly smile, etc. You know, the hot and steamy stuff.

Many songs have been created about it, and many songs will be written and created down the road. Attractiveness and sexiness is huge with men! Most men will fall for you simply for your looks alone, just the way that it is. You see it in fashion, magazines at the bookstore, advertising, films, on social media. The attractiveness of physical appearance consumes us. It’s very crucial regarding love, dating, and relationships.

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Don’t worry about age either — women can look attractive at any age. There are plenty of ‘older’ women that do just fine, and exude attractiveness and confidence. As long as you pay attention to your appearance, fashion sensibilities, and style, you will be highly successful with getting any guy that you desire, and you will intoxicate men with your alluring presence. You will put them into a trance.

Men can be superficial by nature. We want the hottest woman on the block. We want to drive the shiny red hot Ferrari, not the Volvo… (Or you may look like a Volvo, but you ride like a Ferrari — that’s cool, too). However, looks aren’t everything.

2. Be kind

Kindness and just being ‘nice’ will take you a long way with guys. Guys love kind women that they can just chill out with. There isn’t a lot of drama, and we love that. We love women that we can take out, and just have pleasant conversations together. It’s so much easier when we go out for dates, events, dinner, coffee, or drinks to just laugh together, and not have to argue about some little dumb thing that we did wrong to upset you.

Kind women are the best. They won’t throw you under the bus and won’t stab you in the back. Kind women won’t cheat on you. We want to be married or in long-term relationships with kind women. We don’t want to argue and have a toxic relationship. A stormy and tempestuous relationship isn’t much fun! Kindness will take you a long way in your love life, so smile, relax, and have fun.

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3. Be flexible

We love women who say, “No big deal, no worries, don’t worry about it…” In other words, they exude flexibility. They allow you to mess up. They give you some slack. It just makes you feel comfortable with them, and want to be closer to them. We love these attractive women qualities. Throw the rigidness out the window. Who wants to live with a difficult woman, and put up with her excessive drama for the rest of your life?

Controlling and rigid women are the worst… Guys love flexible women. Flexible women make us extremely happy in our relationships. Flexible women will also make other guys jealous; like the one who happens to be married to a real bitch. He’ll think, “God… I wish that I had her!” Flexible women will also give you things out of the blue, just to be nice, like sex. Lucky you.

Flexible women are also kind. They have it all. They are highly sought after by men, and men will fight each other until the death to get them. I’m kidding, but punches may be thrown, so look out! In other words, flexible women are the best. Flexible women rule. Flexible women are very desirable. We love flexible women. We don’t want to live with a major bitch the rest of our life and existence on earth.

This is very simple: look good, be kind and be flexible. Then watch all of the guys fight over you. If you utilise these crucial qualities, you will thrive in your love life, and you will get any guy that you want; I’m not even kidding. No guy is going to want to run, no guy will want to divorce you, rather they will want to preserve and nurture your relationship. They will also be very loyal, and they won’t ever want to leave you for another woman. You will be too high-quality for them. They will stay, and they will be comfortable with you, because you make them feel that way.

William is a graphic designer and creative writer. One of his favourite interests is reading books about relationships. He recommends ‘How to Succeed with Women’ and Doc Love’s ‘The System’. He has two adorable children that he enjoys spending time with. William is currently single and is preparing for his next relationship. You can follow him on Twitter.

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