women qualities that drive men crazy

Do you really want to drive men crazy in a good way? Perhaps you have (or think that you have) the qualities to attract the guy of your dreams. After all, you’ve read fantasy books. You want that extra romantic rush in your life. There is nothing that makes you feel more alive than feeling passionate about a man. You want the passionate sex life, you want the romance, you want the right attention, you want to feel like a special queen.

I know that you most likely have these instinctual qualities. The last thing that I would do as a writer underestimates the female sex. After all, you are the beautiful creatures that men fight over! In nature, over 100 million sperm compete over a single egg. 100 million sperm! Men are competitive by nature, after all. It’s in our DNA. It’s in yours to attract men. Do you want to know what we look for in a woman from a man’s perspective?

If you answered yes, I have a real treat for you. It can be your short bible for attracting men because I was one of your victims. I know what to look for in women, and I can give you the edge to catch that guy that will fulfill your life, and make your existence truly happy. Men love a challenge. We are hunter-gatherers, cavemen, we often are mesmerized by your looks, and we get hooked on women who sometimes break our hearts. Do you want to drive men crazy? Let’s analyze what makes our hearts beat uncontrollably, and what really turns us on!

1. You’re attractive and sexy

It goes without saying that men love attractive women. We’ll do anything for them. We fight over them, we’re jealous of your attention from other men. It’s superficial, I know. But what does this mean, you may ask? Well, it means that we’re going to be mesmerized by your big booty, and if you have perky breasts, that really helps. Don’t forget your hair. Men love long, wavy, and shiny hair. If it shimmers in the sunshine, even better. If it smells great, you will have him captivated. If you flip your hair and bat your eyelashes, we will often forget what we’re doing.

What was I doing again? Oh yeah… I was writing. Your body language is your true weapon to manipulate us into doing what you want. (You probably already know that). So, if you do that thing with your high heels showing off your beautiful feet, or if you do that hair flip and smile with your glowing white smile, we will probably get distracted. Another thing that we like is when you cross your legs and shake them just right, showing off your stylish new heels that you just purchased the other day.

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So use your attributes… Flaunt your stuff with confidence. Show off your nice booty with some tight jeans, show off your hourglass figure with a stylish dress. Wear these elegant earrings, that gorgeous diamond bracelet, show off those smooth legs in that new brightly colored skirt that makes you look like a million bucks. Men love this! You will see us turn our heads and you will feel our gawking stares. After all, you’re the woman, and you can do this. Men will fold under pressure to attractive women. We all want to help you. Need help with that work bag? We want to DM you… We want your attention. Keep being attractive and sexy. It makes the world a much more interesting place to live.

2. You’re fun and comfortable to spend time with

If you’re a fun gal, and easy-going, give yourself a pat on the back. Most men want this. We don’t want to deal with drama or ‘my way or the highway types… That isn’t much fun. I love that feeling when I can just hang out with my gal and be lazy together and comfortable. You should want this as well. Be kind to men, and we will be kind to you. Don’t be a ‘man hater’. Not all men are the same, and we don’t all treat women badly. In fact, many men are very sensitive and in tune with your emotions. It’s much easier to find someone dependable that you can be comfortable with. The more easy-going you are, the fewer problems you will have found a man to stay in your life.

You want to chill and have fun with your guy. After all, life is short, time goes fast, and it’s much more rewarding to enjoy your time together, rather than arguing over petty stuff that will be forgotten within a month or so. Men feel so much more relaxed with someone who is easy to get along with. You will end up being wife material, and your lonely days will be truly over.

If you’re too rigid, ask yourself, why? What’s the point? Most men hate rigid women. They make our lives miserable, they cause drama, and they put a strain on our relationship. We feel like we’re walking on eggshells with you. Ask yourself, would you want to live with and date yourself? Maybe it’s something that you want to change. It’s possible. You can adapt. Maybe you’re a super hot female who manipulates men to get what you want. Maybe it’s just a matter of toning it down. If you do, you will probably be happier, and he will be as well because you’re not nagging him constantly about little petty things all of the time.

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3. You’re kind and easy-going

This goes along with being fun and comfortable to spend time with, but it focuses on your attitude. Are you controlling and manipulative? Do you use your attractiveness to get what you want out of life? Have men been calling you beautiful since you were a teenager? Maybe you’re used to getting preferential treatment from men, but maybe your attitude sucks!

You may be mean, conniving, disrespectful, bitchy, hard to please, high-maintenance, spoiled, vindictive, what have you… You will need to change because no matter how hot you truly are (or think that you are), men will drift in and out of your life like snow. Practice being kind and good-hearted. Smile more. Some women walk around like they want to rip your head off. Just being honest, I’ve seen it. They think that they’re such hot stuff, and they have that attitude and way that they carry themselves like they want to walk all over you.

When you’re kind and easy-going, your man will appreciate you more. He will love you more because he’s not worried about the next time that you throw your heels at him in anger while you’re both in the privacy of your bedroom. We all get angry, but practice being kind and pleasant most of the time. We don’t want dating to be belligerent and warlike. Life is too short, and there are many different ways that you can connect. Talk about interesting books and novels, movies, music, travel, food, whatever you’re passionate about. Go out for coffee, and laugh and have fun. Go out for drinks at your local swanky bar, and enjoy spending time with your guy. He will appreciate it, he will remember you, and he will absolutely desire you.

4. You’re interesting and intelligent

Men love interesting and intelligent women. If you’re very attractive and superficial, but you don’t have much more to offer, we will notice this. Well… An intelligent gentleman will notice it, which is who you should find desirable. If you want an idiot, keep doing what you’re doing, but you probably won’t be truly happy with your daily life. Most men love educated women and we respect you more if you know what the hell you’re talking about.

Take Marilyn Monroe, for instance… She read a ton of books. She not only had superbly glamorous looks, but she was classy, intelligent, she wrote a lot, and she read a variety of books. We love intelligent women! It makes you more attractive to us. If you have an intellectual side, even better. Maybe you’re into philosophy, or you have an exquisite taste in certain books or the arts. Maybe you really appreciate music or fashion. Or perhaps you are really intelligent with your spending, budgeting, and money. Maybe you’re a musician with a beautiful voice… These are all very attractive qualities to men.

Isn’t a coffee date a much more pleasing experience, when you can connect on a whole other level beyond attractiveness? Being well-read, educated, and intelligent will raise his interest level in you. Maybe you can learn about what he’s interested in, and if there’s a mutual interest, you can exploit it, and use it to your advantage. It’s mind-blowing when you can connect on a sexual and a deeper, intellectual level with someone that you’re dating.

5. You’re a flexible giver

If you’re a really flexible giver, you will have no problems finding a man who will stay. We love it when we can compromise, communicate, and be open in communication with our women. If you give us random gifts, even better! I’ve witnessed many women who are flexible givers, and they’re born with boyfriends. Why? Because guys will flock to women like this, and they make our lives easier.

Maybe you surprise him with a special gift or ticket to a concert. Maybe you plan something really special for his birthday. If he’s not an idiot, he will return the favor tenfold. It will pay dividends for you. Your relationship should be like an investment. You put value into it, and it will (and should) pay you back. Your generosity will surprise your guy, and he will think that you’re a very special woman for your acts of kindness and giving. It also makes you more attractive to him, because you are loving. He will cherish you for being sweet to him.

I’ve noticed women like this in my past, and their guys feel lucky to have them. They are not leaving anytime soon, because there is loving nature to their connection and relationship. Practice doing this, and observe how your guy will appreciate this behavior. If he doesn’t, he’s an idiot, you should probably give him the boot, and work on finding someone better. There are a lot of men out there, after all.

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6. You’re witty and funny

Guys love to laugh with their women. That’s why we love Whitney Cummings. We don’t like it when we try to go out and have a good time, and you don’t laugh at our silly jokes. Have a sense of humor. Most women do. The ones that do have a sense of humor are usually surrounded by men fighting for their attention. Guys love funny women.

Being witty and funny makes you more attractive to us. We love the thrill of joking with you so that you can put us down in a humorous fashion, and make us laugh. There is nothing wrong with poking fun at us, as long as it’s funny. This is a great quality of women. I love sarcastic, attractive, and cute women. They are more interesting when they’re funny.

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A really fun date idea is going to a Comedy Club. You will have a good time. Take your guy there. I went on a first date with an ex-girlfriend to a Comedy Club, and we had a blast! It also helped to kickstart our relationship and love together. Even better… Buy him tickets to one. Then you are a flexible giver and you’re funny! This method will work on any guy with a normal brain stem that hasn’t been chewed by a woodchuck. You will also have a fun time.

7. You’re not overly judgmental

Ever been with a guy that was overly judgmental of you? Yes? Well… If you didn’t like it, don’t do it to us! Men don’t like judgmental women. It feels like you’re peeling us apart like an onion, and it makes us very uncomfortable and anxious. Being judgmental is a natural trait, but when you overdo it, guys won’t like that. I’m judgmental as well, but I can tell if you’re judging me about things. If you do it too much, I will judge you as being too difficult and will move on.

You’re not going to find your perfect man wrapped up into a nice package (no pun intended). We all have issues, things that we can improve upon, flaws, etc. I have a lot of them, but I’m learning to change and adapt to some of my flaws. It’s called improvement. You need to give your guy a chance to improve. If you’re patient with him and let him adapt and improve, it will pay dividends for you down the road.

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There’s nothing wrong with letting him know what you don’t like and wish that he’d change. I don’t believe that this is you trying to change him. It’s normal boundaries and communication about what isn’t working in your dating life or relationship. If you’re going to tell him, be tactful, let him know what really pleases you, and what you really appreciate about him as well. That way it won’t come across like you’re nagging him, interrogating him, or putting him on the spot with a ton of negativity at once. Hopefully, he will behave like a gentleman, and start to adapt and improve for you. It’s natural to get defensive about it. Guys watch a lot of football after all, and we are naturally trained to be defensive. However, a flexible guy will adapt and improve for you. Especially if you’re special to him, and he wants you to stay in his life. It’s a two-way street. Bend for us, and we’ll bend for you.

8. You enjoy pleasant conversation

So, let’s get this straight — you’re a sexy vixen and you enjoy conversation about a variety of topics? That’s a very attractive quality that guys will absolutely appreciate. Good conversation makes connections and relationships so much easier… If you’re good at talking with him and you’re a flexible giver, this will go very far in your relationship, because you will keep him happy. Arguments and disagreements are going to obviously manifest themselves. The key to this is being communicative and a good listener. We all get heated in battle, and we say things that we wish that we could take back in anger. If you both cool your jets after a heated argument and work together on improving the relationship, this will help to build your loving foundation together.

Fun topics to have conversations about include careers, passions, music, art, books, shows, celebrities, travel, intriguing destinations, upcoming events, plans, etc. Mix it up also, and try different coffee shops, restaurants, or events for an intellectual conversation with your guy. You need to CREATE romance. Be creative. If you feel connected with your partner, and try new things together, this will keep your relationship and dating life fresh.

I love that warm and fuzzy feeling inside when I feel like I’m really connecting with a woman. The conversation and laughter flow smoothly, the chemistry is electric and vibrant. Sexual chemistry is huge! Attractiveness starts with getting to know each other, getting along, spending enjoyable and quality time together, trying different places and things together, traveling together, and creating memories that you will cherish for years to come. An interesting conversation will keep your passions alive, and you will be more attractive to men if you’re easy to talk with and confide in.

9. You’re loyal and honest

This quality is enormously important to keep a healthy relationship. If you’re connecting with some other guy behind his back or confiding in someone else while you’re dating him, you’re being disloyal to him. Guys want women who are loyal emotionally. We want to count on you and depend on you. If you blindside us, it not only hurts, but it says a lot about your character as a person and your integrity as a woman and human being.

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So give him your undivided attention, don’t lead him on, or play games with him. I’ve experienced manipulative women who were dishonest and disloyal. It takes a long, long, time to earn back our trust. Don’t allow it to happen by being loyal and honest with your man. This is a very attractive quality, and you will also feel like a better person because of your good behavior. Cheating is brutal. If you feel like your interest level in your guy is plummeting, first discuss it with him. If that doesn’t work, initiate a separation, break-up, or divorce, and start moving on with your life with a clean slate. I would much rather talk about the problems and things that I can improve upon within the relationship first, rather than being blindsided with brutal cheating or a woman playing games with my emotions and head. Have a big heart, and treat others in the way that you’d wish to be treated.

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10. You’re classy

Being classy involves a high IQ. You know what to wear, you’re elegant in appearance, and you command your presence with style. This is very attractive to men. Being classy with what you wear and your attitude will take you far. You will have to beat men off with a stick because they will all compete for your attention. I think that really classy women just know that they’re classy. They are confident, high-value women who command their lives, and they are focused.

Maybe it is what you wear, or how you wear it… You have a high taste in aesthetics, you read a lot of interesting magazines, Cosmopolitans, fashionable ads, you know what perfumes are the best, what makeup to wear, what will cause men to stop in their tracks to pay attention to you. You flaunt your curves, you show off your glimmering eyes, you have that confident body language, you take excellent care of your flowing, healthy, and shimmering hair. The classy woman has her pick of the litter. She can date any guy that she desires. She is a dangerous and confident vixen to tangle with and FUN!

They know the fashions, they may even own a business, they are entrepreneurs, they are attractive! Guys will fight for this woman. She is adventurous, mysterious, and unpredictable. The guys that want her will envy the guy who gets to take her out, go home, and have passionate sex with her. Classiness is superbly attractive to men!

11. You’re career-driven and independent

You may have a lot of money in the bank, you have a career that is blossoming, you are in command of your destiny on this earth. You are attractive to men! Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur, you’re successful, you do what you want to, and you enjoy doing it! You’re independently wealthy, you have that independent attitude that you don’t care what others think about you, you’re unique, you’re the one that other women envy, and the sky is the limit for you!

This woman is in control. She knows what she wants, and how to get it. You love your career, you’re always doing things that you’re passionate about, you give back to the community. You are superbly gorgeous, you have an elegant wardrobe, you wake up every morning, and tell yourself, ‘Let’s do this!’

Everyday problems are merely speedbumps for you. You know how to handle problems with your plethora of coping skills. Nothing will drag you down. You are fierce, confident, kind, and independent, and you can get guys to do whatever you want.

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12. Other men admire you

Last but not least, this is a quality that will blow men away. If you’re one of those women who have a ton of guys following you on Instagram or Twitter, liking your photos, commenting, trying to DM you, you’re a keeper. If you find yourself going out on the town, and having a ton of guys want to be around you, buy you drinks, or they are hitting on you, you are a woman that men admire. This is a very superficial, but deadly quality. You are admired by many men for your attractiveness, natural beauty, and alluring personality.

Maybe it’s that glowing smile that causes men to gawk at you. Or you walk down that street with that bouncing booty, and men stare admiring your presence and strut. When you’re at work, men flock to you, like bees to the honey, to walk with you, go out to lunch with you, or talk with you. You can have your pick at a moment’s notice. You know that you’re hot stuff, and men know it as well.

With our competitive nature, we will notice what other guys pay attention to, and who they’re attracted to. If you are a woman admired by a lot of men, you are most likely very attractive. This isn’t being mischievous or slutty. You don’t sleep with a lot of men, you are admired by them, or they hit on you. There is a huge difference. You have classy qualities, and you are sunshine in a dark forest of men. Men like what other men like. We respect each other that way, but we will get jealous or envious of a woman with these traits. If you’re admired by a lot of men, you are definitely doing something right, and I think that you probably know it to be true, because you’re confident, and nothing will stop you in life.

This is my short bible for you! I’m using this from my own experience in life, and what qualities I find in women to be very seductive and attractive. Most women with a variety of these qualities have no problem finding men. They can pick and choose from a lot of them. These are highly cultured, educated, and career-driven women who are bound to exceed and be successful in life. Maybe there’s something that you’d like to improve upon, and hopefully, I helped you. My goal is to hopefully open your eyes and reveal to you what you can improve upon, or show you what is working to get that special guy in your life.

The qualities that I discussed will help you to be the envy of men, you just need to practice utilizing them. If you already have most of these, more power to you! You are well on your way.

You want to be a lovely and confident woman, controlling your path, yet connecting with interesting men along the way. You want to get their attention, yet possess the crucial qualities to fulfill your daily life and make yourself happy. Men will be happy as well because we want more women to be like this in life. They will drive us crazy!

William is a graphic designer and creative writer. One of his favourite interests is reading books about relationships. He recommends ‘How to Succeed with Women’ and Doc Love’s ‘The System’. He has two adorable children that he enjoys spending time with. William is currently single and is preparing for his next relationship. You can follow him on Twitter.

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