How to get Her to Commit

So you’ve been dating her for a while and you are wondering how to get her to commit? Whether it’s committing to an exclusive relationship, or even if you plan on proposing to her with a shiny and expensive diamond ring, you need to know what she wants (and if she wants you). That’s important.

Maybe you’re passing a window at a jewelry store, and a certain ring catches her eye, or she may ask, “Are we exclusive now? Do you talk to other women?” You want to receive incoming signs like these from her. It proves to you that she has high interest level in you, and she envisions a future with you. Is she making future plans with you months ahead of time? Does she want to travel the world with you? But what if she’s not sending any signals? How do you get her to want to commit to you?

Look and act like a man

There’s a distinct difference between men and boys, and women know this and sense it. While you’re being a man, you are harnessing the powers of being manly. Maybe this is how you take care of your body while working out at the gym or lifting weights. Maybe you’re doing ‘curls for the girls.’ Nice biceps! It’s good to work out and take care of yourself because women will appreciate that. They want a guy who’s cut and looks like a stud. They want burly guys who look good or guys that just fit with them. I’m not saying that you need to be a meathead, but there’s nothing wrong with staying in shape and taking good care of yourself. It gives you that extra boost in confidence as well. So hit the gym, and be a man.

There's a distinct difference between men and boys, and women know this and sense it. Click To Tweet

If you don’t like working out, utilize your best skills. Maybe you’re really funny and witty or have a big personality that’s attractive to the ladies. Obviously, you can’t only be superficial though about your looks. You want to display confidence, but you also want to master being a true and real gentleman. Gentlemen are not gentle. Gentlemen have an edge to them. They have confidence but aren’t too arrogant or cocky. Sometimes, they’re bad boys, but they also know when to be genuine and kind. They know how to treat women. They are used to women coming onto them because they have ‘it’. If you want a woman to commit to you, be a guy. A real, genuine, good guy who helps out others, and cares about people. That’s attractive to women, and other guys respect you because you have a big heart.

Don’t be a wimp

You shouldn’t chase a woman, or beg a woman to stay with you. That’s wimpy behavior that will not get you anywhere. Women want to feel special, but if you’re flattering her too much with compliments, or adoring her too much, you’ll inevitably turn her off. Why? Because you’re being anti-challenge, and you’re an easy read for her. Your life is an open book to her. So don’t be a wimp. Being a confident guy means working hard, doing good things in the world, having goals in your life, and having a good work ethic. After all, what woman wants to be with a guy who looks like he’s going nowhere with no goals in life?

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There’s a huge difference between being a wimp and being a challenge. A challenging man is a gentleman as well. You want to be the guy that she dreams and thinks about. The wimpy guy will borderline harass her for his attention because he has low self-esteem. The challenging gentleman lives a life of importance; He usually has important things to do to improve his lifestyle. His woman is a bonus to him, while the wimpy guy depends on her for his own survival. His life revolves around her. Do you understand the difference? Live and build your own personal life that you can be proud of. You will be more grateful for it, and she will appreciate your life goals because big goals lead to success.

Have life goals

If you’re not going to be the ‘wimpy’ type of guy with no goals (this is a good thing), have life goals for yourself. Life is so much more exciting when you have goals to accomplish. Whether that means career goals, a certain position that you’re aiming for, a Master’s Degree, investment goals, fitness goals, or whatever you set for yourself. Women love to be with passionate and successful men! Set your goals to accumulate wealth. Start your own business, and become an entrepreneur. Travel a destination with her that you’ve always dreamed about. Go sailing with her on a sunny, summer day. The more passionate, motivated, and goal-oriented you are, the more she will love you for it. You should want to be a confident guy with goals and aspirations. Feel the freedom and the rewards of accomplishing your goals in life. There will be setbacks, but if you’re determined and hard-working, you will realize your life goals, and they will give you a sense of accomplishment.

Don’t play games with her heart

You shouldn’t lead women on, or act like you’re into them if you’re really not. It’s serving the sole intention of feeding your own ego. A woman will not commit to you if you appear to be a player. Not only is it immature, but you’re deceiving the multiple women that you’re seeing. You will only be able to fool them for so long before they figure out that you’re playing them. Maybe you’re just after sex, a serial womanizer, or even a shallow narcissist, but it will come back to bite you in a big way because karma is real. So don’t play games with her heart, and lead her on if you’re not willing to put yourself fully into your dating life emotionally, and in a genuine fashion.

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Being a player only works for so long, before you find yourself in trouble with the woman that you’re deceiving. Why are you deceiving her anyway, if you’re seeing other women on the side? Is it low self-esteem? Do you need women to bolster your ego to make you feel better about yourself? Maybe the only woman that you should be seeing on the side is your own therapist.

Do you need women to bolster your ego to make you feel better about yourself? Maybe the only woman that you should be seeing on the side is your own therapist. Click To Tweet

Help her out, but don’t overdo it

You should always be there to help your woman out and treat her with respect, but don’t be her errand boy. There’s a big difference. If you’re skilled at being a plumber, help her out, but if you know nothing about plumbing or HVAC, don’t pretend to with the intention of pleasing her. She can Google the right help if she needs it. You don’t want to make a habit of bending over backward for her. It’s ok to help her out with things, and women love men who do things for them to make their lives easier but don’t end up being her doormat. You should still have your own life, managing it, and your life shouldn’t revolve around her like an orbit.

I’m not saying ‘don’t help her at all’. This behavior will only get you in trouble with her because she will complain about how you never do things for her. I’m just telling you to pick and choose your battles with her. If you don’t know how to fix something around her house, perhaps you can recommend a handy friend that knows it well. Don’t pretend to know everything, if you truly don’t. We all have different skills; Help her out with the things that you know, but recommend help for the work that you don’t know. Nothing is worse than trying to fix her plumbing while not knowing what you’re doing and having the toilet flood her bathroom. It may be a break-up waiting to happen!

Dress to impress

Have an eye for fashion. Go and buy a new shirt for a fancy date with her. Show her that you’re a man of style; You love and invest in your clothes. Go shopping with her at the best men’s stores. Ask her what she thinks about a new t-shirt that you’ve been eyeing. Her feedback will also help you to define your style. She may tell you that you look great in that suit, those jeans fit you better, or that blue shirt really brings out your blue eyes. Maybe you’ll find a new color that looks great on you. She can help you to improve your style, but you will want to demonstrate that you have superb aesthetic taste in fashion. Better yet, attend a fashion show with her! Ask her what she thinks about a new tie that you want to purchase. It can be fun when you’re bouncing ideas off of each other and shopping together to improve your wardrobe.

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You don’t need to spend a lot of cash on your clothes. There are many stores with excellent sales when the timing is right. Sometimes, you can walk out of a store scoring a great deal on a cool new shirt, or jeans that are high-quality and will last a long time.

Probe her feelings

There’s a difference between straight out asking her, and probing her emotions and feelings. If you’re uncertain about your future with her, ask her some off-subject questions about it, instead of going straight there like a typical dumb guy with no tact. Don’t say, “Hey… I really like you. Are we going out now?” Instead, you can ask her, “I was thinking about going to see a concert later this month. Wanna go?” If she’s really into you, she wouldn’t miss it. Of course, this tactic will work better for you, because you’re planning a month ahead with her, and setting a future date. Much more tactful than “Will you still like me later this month?”

You have to break her female bubble to establish an emotional connection with her to last over time and to cause her to commit to you. You need to be the guy and show her, through your love for her. If she feels love for you, you make her positively excited, and if she’s not throwing objects in your direction, she’s into you. She will commit, or she will ask you to be exclusive with her. Break her female bubble to remind her how you love to please her and make her feel loved. If you play your cards right, she will want to spend more time with you, she will want to plan your future together and you won’t have to ask yourself how to get her to commit.

You have to break her female bubble to establish an emotional connection with her to last over time and to cause her to commit to you. Click To Tweet

You can tell if she loves you by looking at her face or into her eyes. I see women all of the time who show off their men, and they have high interest level in them. They may post lovey-dovey couple profile photos on their social media accounts, brag about their strong guys, or just show the world that they really love their man. Don’t ask her to commit, and wait for her to hint around in her subtle Womanese manner.

William is a graphic designer and creative writer. One of his favourite interests is reading books about relationships. He recommends ‘How to Succeed with Women’ and Doc Love’s ‘The System’. He has two adorable children that he enjoys spending time with. William is currently single and is preparing for his next relationship. You can follow him on Twitter.

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