cute things to call your girlfriend

For most girls, hearing words of love in romantic relationships is extremely important. Being given a cute nickname by the man in her life can make a girl feel loved and appreciated. However, finding the right name can be a challenge. Cute names to call her don’t always come into your mind by magic—you can sometimes end up stuck trying to find the perfect name for your sweetheart. If you are looking for cute things to call your girlfriend, here are over two hundred examples that you can choose from!

Cute classic names for your girlfriend

Often the classics are still used for a reason. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to let a girl know how you feel. Any of these classic terms of endearment can make a cute nickname for your girlfriend.

  • Adorable – she is almost certain to love this one.
  • Angel – because she was sent to you from heaven.
  • Babe – a classic name that evokes sexiness.
  • Baby – the original retro classic pet name.
  • Baby Doll – a twist on the above, this one oozes Old Hollywood style.
  • Better Half – one of the more appreciative nicknames to call her.
  • Beautiful – you can’t really go wrong with this one.
  • Boo – not “boo” like you are trying to make her jump.
  • Cookie – if she’s sweet and tasty.
  • Cupcake – similar to above, a tasty snack.
  • Cupid – the Roman god of love, because she pierces your heart.
  • Cutie – alternatively, “QT”.
  • Darling – this one is timeless.
  • Dear – because she really is dear to you.
  • Dearest – a more intense variation of the above.
  • Dearie – not just for old ladies!
  • Doll – for if she’s delicate and pretty.
  • Dumpling – if she is tasty and comforting.
  • Good Looking – this one is self-explanatory.
  • Gorgeous – because she radiates beauty.
  • Heart Breaker – because surely a girl like her must have broken some hearts over the years!
  • Honey – a classic pet name that shows just how sweet she is.
  • Honey Bunny – an extra cute variation on the above.
  • Hot Stuff – show her how sexy she is.
  • Hun – a shortened, modern variation of “honey.”
  • Kid – most famously used by Humphrey Bogart to Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca; “here’s looking at you, kid.”
  • Love – sometimes the most straightforward names are the most effective.
  • Lovebird – lovebirds are famous for devoted pair bonding, just like you two.
  • One and Only – because she really is the only one for you.
  • Other Half – because two halves make a whole.
  • Partner in Crime – because it’s you and her against the world.
  • Peach – like the princess in Super Mario.
  • Precious – because she’s more valuable to you than any diamond.
  • Queen – because she’s powerful and glamorous.
  • Rose – not just if her name is actually “Rose,” but roses symbolize love.
  • Sexy – this one is self-explanatory.
  • Sexy Thing – because she makes you believe in miracles.
  • Snookums – what this one means is uncertain, but it’s pretty popular.
  • Soulmate – what better way to show your loving devotion and soul connection?
  • Sugar – she’s sweet and has you craving her.
  • Sugar Lips – because kissing her is so sweet.
  • Sweet Cheeks – best accompanied by a kiss on the cheek.
  • Sweetheart – sometimes the classics are the best.
  • Sweet Stuff – because she’s exactly what you’re after.
  • Sweetie – because you want to eat her right up.
  • Sweetness – she isn’t just sweet, she is the embodiment of sweetness itself.
  • Sweet Pea – one of the most adorable things to grow.
  • Sweetie Pie – sounds tasty, warm, and comforting.
  • Sweetums – another variation on “sweetie.”
  • Teddy Bear – because she’s your favorite thing to cuddle at night.
  • Tiger – because she’s fierce.
  • Toots – very retro, this one may be best used in a tongue-in-cheek way.
  • Wifey – you don’t have to actually be married for this one to work.
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Cute pet names for your girlfriend

pet names to call your girlfriend

Extremely cute pet names can divide opinion; some people can’t stand them, and other people adore them. If your girlfriend is one of the latter, a sappy nickname from this list can make her whole year.

  • Angel Baby – for the cute cherub of a girl.
  • Angel Eyes – the eyes are the window to the soul, and hers are heavenly.
  • Angel Face – because her face was sculpted by the gods.
  • Apple of My Eye – a classic cute expression.
  • Baby Boo – super sappy yet can be effective.
  • Baby Cakes – because she’s your little cupcake.
  • Baby Girl – it’s not about her age; it’s because you want to protect her and keep her safe.
  • Baby Love – similar to above.
  • Babylicious – a combination of “baby” and “delicious.”
  • Bee’s Knees – a retro expression that means someone really great.
  • Bestie – because she’s your best friend as well as your girlfriend.
  • Blondie – if her hair is blonde, or she sings in a ’70s pop band.
  • Boo Bear – because she’s your “Boo” and your “Teddy Bear.”
  • Bright Eyes – because her eyes are sparkling.
  • Bubbles – no, not Michael Jackson’s pet chimpanzee.
  • Bunny – because bunny rabbits are cute and cuddly, and so is she.
  • Button – because she’s as cute as one.
  • Care Bear – just like in the children’s TV show.
  • Cheesecake – who doesn’t love cheesecake?
  • Cherry Pie – because you just want to eat her all up.
  • Chicken – a perfect cute pet name.
  • Chipmunk – because she’s small and cute and possibly hangs out with a guy called Alvin.
  • Chocolate – it is delicious and makes us happy, and so does she.
  • Cinderella – because she’s your Princess.
  • Cocoa – because she’s warm and comforting at bedtime.
  • Cuddle Bunny – like “Bunny” but extra cuddly.
  • Cuddles – because it describes what you love to give and receive from her.
  • Cutie Patootie – this one just rolls off the tongue nicely.
  • Cutie Pie – similar to “Cherry Pie.”
  • Daisy – a cute little flower.
  • Diamond – because she’s dazzling and priceless.
  • Dove – because she’s gentle, pure, and beautiful.
  • Feisty – for the badass girl who takes no prisoners.
  • Fittie – “fit” is English slang for “attractive.”
  • Flower – for if she is delicate and pretty.
  • Foxy – this one means “sexy,” but it works extra well if she is a redhead too.
  • Fruit Loop – your favorite sweet thing to wake up to.
  • Gem – because she’s precious to you.
  • Giggles – because you love the sound of her laughter.
  • Goof – for the girl who loves to play around and doesn’t take life too seriously.
  • Goofball – because she’s just a ball of pure goofiness.
  • Gumdrop – a very tasty treat.
  • Gummy Bear – for if she’s as huggable as she is sweet.
  • Honey Bear – because she’s super sweet and super cuddly.
  • Honey Bun – one of the most delicious treats out there.
  • Honey Love – because she’s sugary sweet and lovable.
  • Hot Mama – because she’s a seriously sexy lady.
  • Hot Pants – for if she loves short shorts.
  • Hottie – this one is pretty self-explanatory.
  • Jellybean – one of your favorite little treats.
  • Kissy Face – because you just want to give her face a big old kiss.
  • Lollipop – because she’s sweet and you want to give her a good lick.
  • Love Muffin – who doesn’t love muffins?
  • Lucky Charm – because she’s made you the luckiest man in the world.
  • Little – because she’s small and cute.
  • Marshmallow – soft, sweet, and you always want more.
  • Muffin – similar to “Love Muffin.”
  • Peanut – this one is pretty cute as long as you aren’t allergic to nuts!
  • Pudding – because she’s the sweet treat you can’t wait for.
  • Pumpkin – because she’s soft on the inside.
  • Snuggles – because this is what you love sharing with her.
  • Snuggle Bug – because she’s small, cute, and snuggly.
  • Spicy – because she’s damn hot.
  • Squishy – for when you love to cuddle her.
  • Sugar Plum – just like the fairy.
  • Tickles – if she’s super ticklish.

Cute contact names for your girlfriend

male hands with phone

Let’s be honest, saving your girlfriend’s number under her real name on your phone is a little unimaginative. On the other hand, you definitely don’t want her to still be saved as “Tinder Girl” after you have been dating for a few months! How about one of these cute contact names for your girlfriend?

  • Bae – rumor has it that “bae” is an acronym for “Before Anyone Else.” Either that or a misspelling of “Babe.”
  • Ball and Chain – a retro term for a romantic partner, this one is best-used tongue firmly in cheek.
  • Boss – because she’s in charge (or at least she thinks she is).
  • Boss Lady – bossy, but still feminine.
  • Candy – she’s sweet and tasty.
  • Captain – a silly nautical variation on “Boss.”
  • Chief – similar to above.
  • Dream Girl – this one is sure to make her go all gooey inside.
  • Girl Boss – similar to “Boss.”
  • Girlfriend – does what it says on the tin but can be surprisingly cute.
  • Knock Out – because her beauty knocks you for six.
  • Light of My Life – often abbreviated to LOML (just don’t miss out the “M”).
  • Love of My Life – also the name of a great Queen song.
  • Lover – not just a classic Taylor Swift album.
  • My Angel – certainly one of the more romantic names on the list.
  • My World – because she really is everything to you.
  • Number 1 – because she takes first place in your heart.
  • Professor – for the smart girl in your life.
  • QT – a modern twist on “cutie.”
  • Shawty – common hip-hop slang for a cool, attractive girl.
  • Sidekick – because she never leaves your side.
  • The Mrs – a classic English expression that doesn’t just apply if the two of you are married.
  • Trouble – because she leads you astray (in a fun way, of course).
  • Troublemaker – she doesn’t just lead you to trouble; she makes the trouble.
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Cute Snapchat names for your girlfriend

snapchat names for your girlfriend

Snapchat is an excellent app for keeping in touch with your girlfriend even when you aren’t with each other in person. If your girl likes to send you pics (innocent or otherwise) over Snapchat, why not give her a unique contact name?

  • Booty – if she likes to send pics of dat ass, why not use this name alongside the classic peach emoji?
  • Bubble Butt – for a soft, round butt that just pops.
  • Devil – best used with the naughty devil emoji, this one is great for the girl who doesn’t keep her snaps SFW.
  • Doodle Bug – if she loves to draw on pics, this name is perfect.
  • Eye Candy – to let her know how much you like checking her Snapchat Stories out.
  • Firecracker – best used with the fire emoji to let her know she’s hot.
  • Flame – because flames are hot, and often naked.
  • Fox – for the foxy lady in your life, why not use it alongside the fox emoji?
  • Honey Bee – a honeybee is sweet, has a big butt, and a great emoji.
  • Kitten – cute kitten or sex kitten? You decide.
  • Juicy – best used with the dripping water emoji.
  • Koala Bear – because she’s cuddly and sleepy.
  • Love Bug – the love bug is an insect famous for prolific mating sessions!
  • Love Muffin – best used with the heart and cupcake emojis.
  • Monkey – because she’s cheeky and mischievous.
  • Naughty – this nickname is perfect if she loves to sext.
  • Panda Bear – the panda is one of the classic cute emojis and works great as a Snapchat name.
  • Pretty Lady – let’s be honest, that’s what you think when she sends you pics.
  • Pup – perfect with any of the cute dog emojis.
  • Rabbit – because she’s rampant.
  • Sexy Bum – cute and sexy, all in one.

Cute superhero names for your girlfriend

superhero women

Is your girl a fan of all things super and calls you her Hero or Superman? If her idea of a great couples date is the two of you making your way through a Marvel marathon, any of these names can mean the world to her.

  • Batgirl – for the female caped crusader.
  • Buffy – she’ll love this one if she’s into classic ’90s TV.
  • Black Cat – one of the sexiest superheroes in comic book history.
  • Black Widow – what woman wouldn’t want to be compared to the lovely Scarlett Johansson?
  • Catwoman as in the sexy superhero, not the mad old cat lady from The Simpsons.
  • Daisy Johnson  because she’s a real Marvel.
  • Elektra – the badass female counterpart to Daredevil.
  • Hero – for the girl who always saves the day.
  • Jean Gray – portrayed by the stunning Sophie Turner in the X-Men franchise, this is a great one.
  • Jessica Jones – if she loves Marvel’s award-winning show and character of the same name.
  • Kitty Pryde – the youngest of the X-Men, but definitely not the least cool.
  • Lois Lane – it is not just the superheroes themselves who are iconic; they couldn’t do it without their love interests.
  • Mary Jane Watson – similar to Lois Lane; not a superhero but an iconic character.
  • Max Guevara – for the sexy Dark Angel in your life.
  • Melinda May – a badass agent of SHIELD.
  • Mrs. Incredible – not only is she a great life partner, but she is seriously flexible.
  • Mystique – even if she doesn’t have blue skin and walk around nearly naked, she’ll probably enjoy being compared to the lovely Jennifer Lawrence.
  • Rogue – one of the baddest girls of the X-Men.
  • Scarlet Witch – one of the original and coolest of the X-Men.
  • Storm – the girlfriend of the iconic Black Panther.
  • Supergirl – because she’s your hero.
  • Superwoman – a variation on the above.
  • The Bionic Woman – an iconic throwback from the ’70s (the character, not your girlfriend!).
  • The Invisible Woman – This character was famously played by Jessica Alba, a classic sex symbol of the 2000s.
  • Wonder Woman – perhaps the most iconic of the female superheroes.
  • Xena – for the badass Warrior Princess of your heart.
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Cute things to call your girlfriend in Spanish

couple in love

Not every guy can play the perfect piece of flamenco guitar for their loved one. However, you can still evoke some sizzling Spanish seduction with these nicknames. They are especially suitable when you are flirting with a girl over text.

  • Bella – translates to “beautiful.”
  • Bonita – translates to “pretty.”
  • Cariña – translates to “dear” or “darling”.
  • Chiquita – translates to “small” or “little.”
  • Chula – translates to “cutie.”
  • Hermosa – translates to “beautiful.”
  • Linda – translates to “pretty.”
  • Mi Alma – translates to “my soul.”
  • Mi Amada – translates to “my beloved.”
  • Mi Amor – translates to “my love.”
  • Mi Reina – translates to “my queen.”
  • Mi Tesoro – translates to “my darling.”
  • Mi Vida – translates to “my life.”
  • Pollito – translates to “little chicken.”
  • Princesa – translates to “princess.”
  • Señorita – translates to “Miss.”

Cute things to call your girlfriend in French

woman with hat

French is considered by many people to be the most romantic language in the world, which makes it the perfect language to use to describe your lady. These examples are the crème de la crème of cute names.

  • Belle – translates to “beautiful.”
  • La Mignonne – translates to “cutie.”
  • Ma Beauté – translates to “my beauty.”
  • Ma Cherie – translates to “my darling.”
  • Ma Princesse – translates to “my princess.”
  • Ma Reine – translates to “my queen.”
  • Mademoiselle – translates to “Miss.”
  • Minette – translates to “kitty.”
  • Mon Ame  – translates to “my soul.”
  • Mon Amour – translates to “my love.”
  • Mon Ange – translates to “my angel.”
  • Mon Canard – translates to “my duck.”
  • Mon Chou – a “chou” is a popular puff pastry snack.
  • Mon Coeur – translates to “my heart”.
  • Mon Lapin – translates to “my rabbit.”
  • Mon Poussin – translates to “my chick.”

When choosing a name for your lady, make sure that it suits her personality and sense of humor. The most important thing to remember is to avoid calling her something that she is insecure about. For example, “Squishy” may not be the best pet name for someone self-conscious about their weight, but it could be endearing for others.

Even if your lover girl is not like the others and is perfectly unique and quirky, there is bound to be something on this list that will make her swoon. If you want to make things even more personal to her, why not mix and match these names to create new combinations just for her? With these suggestions and your knowledge of her, you can make your girlfriend very happy.

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