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Have you ever been on a date with a good-looking guy and you’ve struggled to put your finger on what he’s thinking? I have. It’s tough. Is he just not interested or is he giving me “this is second date material” vibes? Does he like me?

Fear not, because I have been in the exact opposite circumstance too so here are my top ten signals that tell you, ladies, he is totally digging you.

1. Eye contact

Honestly, this is one of the biggest give aways. Having been in both situations, if he spends more time “taking in the surroundings”, he shouldn’t be the one taking you out. You should be the one he looks at, so if you’re twisting your neck to catch his eye, he’s not the catch for you. In fact, there’s plenty more fish in the sea who will do anything to clap eyes on you.

2. Manners

Courtesy is one of the simplest characteristics there are, but when someone opens a door for you, you notice. More importantly, it’s more obvious if they don’t. I’m not saying he absolutely must open every single door and hold your hand when you cross the road or you’ll get a taxi home and never call him again. But I am saying that being polite is thoughtful and very, very attractive. I’ll bet that when he opens the door for you, offers you beverages and is courteous to others around you, you feel like a lady. You did? Good, that’s how it should be.

3. Compliments

You’ve spent the last two days making sure you look as pristine, sophisticated and gorgeous as can be for your date. You booked your hair appointment, picked your outfit and applied your new Mac lippy – that you so did not buy just for this date – and then it’s the moment of truth. Love at first sight is a lot easier if the guy smiles at you and tells you how beautiful you look. A little later, if he asks if he’s already told you how lovely you look, this is a good thing. Don’t judge him for possibly forgetting, this is more than likely him wanting to tell you again. So, smile, take the compliment with a thank you, and tell him he looks good in his jacket too.

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4. Questions

Curiosity is key. Does he ask you questions on how you are, how your day has gone and where your favourite holiday destination would be? If he does, he’s interested. It is simple as that. They say being self-centered is a bad thing. They are right, but here’s the thing. It’s attractive when someone talks about their dream job or a life-changing experience. But if it’s just that he can’t stop talking about himself, then the question of will you be seeing him again should be an easy one.

5. Texting skills

We all know how annoying slow repliers are. Don’t even get me started on punctuation. Guys, “Gd ty, u?” is not a sufficient response to me asking how you’ve been keeping. We’re really not asking for much, but merely being inquisitive, so please use actual fully formed words. Emojis and kisses show effort. It takes one second to add a heart emoji or one kiss, so don’t make excuses for him. A big sign when it comes to his texting abilities is after you leave your date. Does he text you saying thank you for a lovely time? Did he say he hopes you’re home safe and that he’d like to see you again? No? No message is still a message.

6. Dress sense

It’s not just the ladies who put the effort in for a date. You can tell a lot about your date from their chosen attire. Shirt and jeans is the go-to outfit for a romantic drink. Tracksuit and his old trainers? Get out of here. If he asks what you’re wearing beforehand, he’s really into you. Sometimes, that comes across as the inability to dress but it’s not. It’s more that your date likes you so much that he wants to look good for you, but still let your outfit take the limelight, which it will. You never know, he might be trying to match your outfit. Let him because, as Instagram tells us,  #couplegoals.

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7. Meeting the parents

This one’s perhaps for a few dates down the line. But even so, if he mentions meeting your parents, you his, or even wants to introduce you to his brother, sister or flatmate, he sees this going somewhere. If the both of you have been dating for a good few months and he has shown no interest or intention of knocking your front door to take you out, it might be time to ask yourself what he’s really looking for.

8. Gifts or presence

Dates nowadays have changed. There’s nothing quite like being given flowers upon your meet and greet. It’s got that old-fashioned kind of romance that the twenty-first century dating game has lost a little bit. It’s safe to say that most girls envy the female lead in the old films when their date presents them with a rose. It’s only a little flower, but it could blossom your relationship. I should clarify that when I say ‘gifts’, I don’t just mean bling, bling, bling. As flattering as it might be to receive an engraved necklace or alike jewellery, it’s sometimes the simplest of gifts that matter most. If he’s all about the ‘bling’, it might be time to realise he’s just showing off the dollars in his pocket. You deserve someone who offers you a rose in their mouth and loves your presence.

9. Laughter

If you and your date can’t stop giggling, it’s clear that this is going well. The saying of laughter being infectious rings so true here. Let’s be honest, a date with rib-aching and tear-jerking laughter usually ends well. I mean, if you’re both sitting there bone idle and frowning, maybe you’re just not meant to be.

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10. Body language

If you’re still not sure whether he or she is interested, then this one really will work because it’s instinctive. Guys, hair twirling is her sign for you. I’ll admit I’ve done it and at the time, I don’t realise I’m doing it. It’s my body telling me that you’re making me feel pretty so I’m going to alert you by twisting my curls around my index finger. And girls, if he starts playing footsies with you under the table, that’s his body at work too.

So there you have it. Ten of my top signals that will indicate how well your date is going and whether or not he likes you. Hopefully, you can picture them in practice. Most of these should happen on the first date, involving good dress sense and opening the car door for you. If he’s the guy for you, it won’t take many dates at all before you start to watch them all unfold right before your eyes. A little advice my grandma once told me hits the nail on the head. A guy who beeps his horn as a signal for you to come out isn’t the guy for you. Find the one who will ring the bell and shake your Dad’s hand.

Katie is a fitness-loving blogger from Birmingham, United Kingdom. Follow her on Twitter and stay updated on her Facebook page.

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