meeting the parents

“Good luck meeting the parents!” is something all newly dating couples will nervously laugh at. There’s a million and one question that springs to mind before the big introduction. What are ‘appropriate’ clothes to wear? Which ‘break-the-ice’ gift do you get to impress? With all that in mind, add “we met online” to that and you’ve got yourself […]

tinder dating

Oh, the boredom of swiping. Spend your Saturday night out on the lash and Sunday morning slowly but surely coming to the realisation of the adventures of last night. Sadly, this doesn’t involve exciting, spontaneous, one-way ticket to somewhere hotter and more exotic than Britain. You’ll be spending the pain of Sunday morning flicking through


Tinder usually is labelled as online hook up app, but my Tinderella story is an exception. I met my current boyfriend on Tinder after he’d been swiping for a few months and myself a little while longer. With all the hype about Tinder being a way to drunkenly meet the opposite sex for one night only,

relationship goals

I’ve always loved Olly Murs and seeing him in concert made me really tune in and listen to his lyrics. I’ve never not raised my hand when Olly does his shoutout to all the single ladies in the room. When I, amongst the other 15,999, heard the ‘Troublemaker’ singer introduce and serenade the arena with

who should pay on a date

Matthew Hussey recently ran a conference in which he discussed the question of “in a relationship, who should pay on a date for meals out?” with an audience of mixed genders. Matthew’s answer really got me thinking and made for an interesting conversation with my own partner. So, when a couple dines out in a

date night ideas

Sometimes it can be hard to truly enjoy a date if you are on a budget. But you’ll be pleased to know that you absolutely do not have to spend all of your savings to be happy with someone. Here’s some of my date night ideas for how to spend quality time on a budget. Find a

how to get a guy to like you

It’s so difficult when you like someone and you don’t know if the feeling is mutual, isn’t it? You’ve got your eye on that guy from the coffee shop or the guy from the gym. But how to get a guy to like you? Here’s my personal advice on how to act around that one

does he like me

Have you ever been on a date with a good-looking guy and you’ve struggled to put your finger on what he’s thinking? I have. It’s tough. Is he just not interested or is he giving me “this is second date material” vibes? Does he like me? Fear not, because I have been in the exact

is he the one

With new dating apps constantly being created, how are any of us supposed to know from the “It’s a Match!” that the person is your soul mate? Or from the moment where your eyes caught each other in the pub? Is he the one? It can be so difficult with all the what if’s and butterflies.